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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Photo finish #3.....

As promised, here is our photo finish #3.  This was my companion camping project for the first part of the summer.  Of course, since the stitchery was on white, it couldn't go near the campfire or other spots that weren't set up for white fabrics  =)   Anyway, I finished the stitchery part a week or two ago, and just added the borders over the weekend.  The pattern is from Waltzing with Bears and is actually for a little pillow that was pretty cute.  But....I thought at my house, I'd rather have a little hanging, sew that's what I did.  We had this wonderful red print that mimics the snowflakes in the stitchery, and then I found this great little hanger from Ackfeld ~ more coming!  Now, I have another Christmas stitchery started to finish out the rest of the summer.

Those of you close by....what was that water falling from the sky this evening?  I think I heard my lawn and plants *singing in the rain* tonight!!  Well, Jan and I are collaborating on a cute *cheater* project from Anka's Treasures (Heather Mulder Peterson) "Here Fishy, Fishy" group.  It was super easy and it's gonna be super cute.  Will snap a pic for you soon.

Okay, laundry going, cinnamon rolls rising 'cuz in a weak moment I said I could be persuaded to make them for a Sunday family breakfast.  More fabric fun soon!

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