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Monday, August 12, 2013

Photo finish #2.....

This was a number of *seasons* in the making, but  it.is.finished.  Hooray!!  The pattern is by Alex Anderson and called "Holiday Lights".  I started it quite a few years ago and brought it out each holiday season and worked a bit more on it.  Then, when my Mom was in the nursing home 3 years ago before she passed away, it was my companion as I sat and appliqued the lights down.  Sew....there are memories that come with this project.  When you come in, you'll have to look at the quilting Sharon from Grass Roots Quilting did....I LOVE IT!  She's got the *fixings* to make this quilt too, so I managed to convince her to *practice* on mine first  =)  And, speaking of Sharon....she won some pretty amazing awards at the Northwest Washington Fair this year.  She got a Blue Ribbon; Best of Division; Best of Longarm Quilting and Judges Award for Best Professional Quilting 2013 ~ WOW!!!  So, not only is my little tree and light project finished, but it's quilted by an award winning quilter!  Thanks, Sharon and congrats on the recognition....you deserve it.

Tomorrow, Jan and I will be fiddling around with some new things!  I took today off and it looks like Harriet and Diane were kept hopping over there.  I think I also saw some gorgeous fabric that arrived too.  What's your week looking like?  Are you going up to the Fair?  Don't think we will be able to make it this year....would love to see the quilts and eat some Fair food, but it's shaping up to be a pretty hectic week at my house.

I actually have another *finish* to share later this week....aren't you proud of us Fabettes?!?  Wishing you a lovely week.

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