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Monday, August 26, 2013

Here Fishy, Fishy......

 Do you go fishing?  I still remember the first time my Dad took my sister and
me fishing.  I'm not sure what lake we went to, but I vividly remember fishing from our rowboat with a *bobber* on our lines.  We were catching sunfish as I recall, and I'm pretty sure Dad baited our hooks and cleaned the fish for us  =)   It was pretty exciting to see that bobber all of a sudden go below the surface of the water and then to reel in my catch!  Years later, I would have a lot of fun catching salmon and even win 2nd prize in a fishing derby with a salmon....but that first *bobber experience* has remained very special all of these years.  That's what I thought about when this line from Heather Mulder Peterson (Anka's Treasures) came into the shop.  It's called, Here Fishy, Fishy.  Jan and I collaborated using a *cheater print* to make this really simple little boy's quilt.  We just used the print with the squares on it, added a couple of borders and voila....quick little guy quilt!  Don't you love the piping addition Jan added to the binding?  And, we used a leftover strip of squares to make the backing wide enough...too fun!

How is your week so far?  Around Fab-Etc, we've started cutting some 1/2 yards to take to the EverGreen Quilt Show coming up in just over two weeks.  It's going to be at the Birchwood Presbyterian Church September 13-14.  We have the info at the shop if you're interested.  It's always a great showcase for these talented guild members.  We'll have a booth there, so we hope you can stop and see us along with the many quilts on display.  Tomorrow, Jan and I will be cutting a few more 1/2 yards and *playing* with a wonderful Stonehenge project.  Hope your week is shaping up to be a fun one!

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