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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Save the Selvages......

No.....it's not an endangered species thing like *save the whales*....but.....if you DO save your selvages, look what you could make!  Tracey has been saving selvages for a while and when we saw this new book at Quilt Market a month or two ago, she thought this would be a good one to use some of her *collection* on.  The book has an interesting premise ~ you make *foundations* of selvages on muslin squares (around 8"-9" I think).  Then, all of the projects in the book are made using those foundations.  Sew....that means you don't need to have great big long selvages to make some very fun projects!  We still have a few books, with a few more coming, so you might want to take a look.

Things have been good at the shop.  I took a couple of days off ~ thanks, Harriet, Diane and Jan!  The retired guy and I sat on the beach at Bay View State Park and did some bike riding and some *just doin' nothin'* time.  It was nice!

Jan's been working on a Fab-Etc version of a pattern we have using some Christmas fabric....she and Harriet collaborated on what we think is a pretty darn cute little hanging.  Pictures coming!  Diane has finished the top of Paradise Island....it is gorgeous!   I'll try and get a picture of that tomorrow for you.  A few fabrics have arrived....a fun ice cream group....perfect for this weather!  The newest Primitive Quilts magazine is here with some wonderful projects.  Okay....got to run.....more fabric fun soon!

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