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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Prime number day.....

As I was adding totals today to Frequent Buyer Cards, all of a sudden it dawned on me ~ this was a *prime* date!  7.....11.....13.....they are all prime numbers (you remember ~ those guys that cannot be divided by any number other than themselves and the number 1).  Anyway, it just made me think that it was a *prime fabric day* here at Fab-Etc!  And in keeping with the number theme, Harriet was working today on this new advent calendar we just got.  The colors are very contemporary, as is the layout.  And...the numbers are all in order (some folks don't like the ones that have the numbers all jumbled up!)  She just got started, sew hopefully, sometime next week we'll get it all done.

Other *prime* examples of fabric fun?  Well....some fabulous poppies came in yesterday and some flags and red hat fabric, as well as few new batiks.  I'm down to the last two sets of borders on a quilt called *Snow White* made from the Lakehouse Sweet Treats line ~ we all keep wondering why it's called Snow White.  At any rate, it's pretty doggone sweet!  Pictures after borders are on!   And, I am sewing binding on that little flag quilt I showed you last week.

Tomorrow, Alicia and I will be making room for some of the new fabrics and she's going to be in charge of fixing our new doll's hair, so I can take her picture in her first outfit Harriet made for her using the Let's Play Dolls panel.  Will blog that next.  Hope you are having a *prime* day!!

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