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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Let's Play Dolls.....

Did you play with dolls much as a kid?  I really didn't a whole lot.  I just remember two of my dolls ~ I had a *Saucy Walker* and a *Betsy Wetsy* (she *piddled* if you gave her a bottle of water!)  I had a toy Singer sewing machine that I made some doll clothes with, but I remember playing with paper dolls and creating clothes for them, more than my other dolls.  Anyway, I digress.  The 18" doll is VERY popular with youngsters today ~ that's the American Girl Doll size.  Andover fabrics is releasing several doll clothes panels over the next year.  This picture is just one of the two we have currently that Harriet made up this week for our doll.  (Her name was Abbey on the box, but I'm not too sure she looks like an Abbey ~ what do you think?)  We have a couple of patterns for clothes that will fit young girls in the same style as the doll panels too, as well as the matching purses....plus, as you can see, we have the matching fabrics!  Cool, huh?  They've been pretty popular already this week.  We'll try and make the other outfit to show you as well....it's a dress, jacket and purse.

Well, today was busier than I thought it would be!  (These gorgeous summer Saturdays usually call our customers to be outside, rather than thinking about sewing....who can blame them?!?)  But I was working by myself and managed to bury myself in fabric behind the counter more than once today.  And part of the Raffle Quilt Committee from Moonlight Quilt Guild was using the back class area to finish up their raffle quilt today ~ you are definitely going to want to see this.....and buy tickets!  I guess its next stop is with Tracey to do the quilting.  We'll keep you informed about ticket sales.  I still have one and a half borders to do on my Sweet Thing quilt, but I'll get those on next week!

Well, it promises to be another spectacular summer week...hope you get a chance to enjoy it!  More sewing fun from us soon.

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