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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

On the first day.......

Sorry.....but it's another Christmas 2013 project post.  Remember, I said I was on a mission to get as many samples done as quickly as possible from the fabrics that are arriving.  I promise the next one won't be Ho, Ho, Ho related  =)

Anyway.... the 12 Days of Christmas panel from Henry Glass is in the center of this wallhanging.  The project is free from their website and now all it needs is some quilting and binding!  Several folks have asked if we are kitting it.....we'll try and get that done before Shop Hop.

Haven't posted in a few days because we've been busy at Fab-Etc.  I am happy to report that the nearly 1800 Shop Hop Block kits are happily tucked in their bags and into numbered boxes awaiting the arrival of Hoppers.  Today, Jan and I sewed on a few other projects.  And tomorrow at the tea party she's going to work on the binding for our Hop block that we worked up to hang by the stamp station in just two weeks!  We're working on a couple of *ideas* using our block (did you see a light bulb go off over the Fabettes' heads?!?)  I'll show them to you as soon as we get a finished, workable sample.  No new fabric today.....just some basics and a few notions and re-order patterns.

Sew....are you loving the weather if you live in the Pacific Northwest?  It's been gloriously sunny, hasn't it?  Jan and I thought about sitting outside this afternoon when it quieted down, but then decided that the hexagon quilt I was binding would be too warm to be under!  Whatever your day holds tomorrow, I hope it'll be a good one!

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