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Monday, June 10, 2013

Break's over now.....

Sorry about not posting anything for almost a week  =(   Things have been pretty busy around Fab-Etc; and then the retired guy and I took the little trailer out Sunday for its maiden voyage of the year.  We went up to Birch Bay State Park and spent the night.  I think I've told you before that I am kind of a sunset girl.  The years we lived out in the county behind a large hill were difficult ones ~ gorgeous sunrises over the Twin Sisters, but alas, no sunsets.  (And our daughter, Lydia has a *thing* about sunsets too....sorry you weren't with us this time for the sunset you see pictured here.  It was a good one!)  The water was this beautiful blue/purple and the sky lit up in pink and yellow!  Plus, we rode our bikes, read books, had campfires and did some beachcombing.

But....break is over now....time to really kick it into high gear and out my nose to the grindstone!  Have all the campfire-smelling clothes in the washer and the *stuff* out of the trailer and the dishes in the dishwasher.  Now....Shop Hop starts one week from this Wednesday.  I'll pretty much be working the next two+ weeks straight.  Lots of things to get ready for all of those Hoppers.  Word is that *they* are working around the clock trying to get the temporary bridge up over the Skagit, just in time for the Hop.  Regardless, we will be ready!  Okay, break is over and we return you to our regularly scheduled quilting/sewing programs  =)

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