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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Primitive Quilts magazine.....

This is something I did bring back with me from Quilt Market.  Plus....it's something that's going to keep on giving!  We will now be carrying the Primitive Quilts magazine.  This is the Spring issue that came out a little while ago.  Sew....I only brought a few back with me.  The next issue is the Summer issue that will be coming out in July.  I know *primitive* isn't everyone's cup of tea.  But there are some wonderful projects in here and the photography is wonderful as well.  You might take a peek at one next time you're in.

Well....it's starting to happen....Christmas fabric is descending upon us.  We got a darling group from Henry Glass that we'll be making a project from soon.  Then, today, the new Basic Grey Christmas group *Aspen Frost* came in.  There's a super pattern that goes with it....hoping to get that going soon as well.  Jan made a 60 degree runner from another cute group and I made up the Advent calendar.  Both of them just need binding now ~ I LOVE sitting in my chair in the late evening and sewing binding!  How about you?

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