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Monday, April 1, 2013


A few months ago, Sharon shared a photo with me from a friend of hers' blog.  It was a really cool
looking Dresden fan using stripes and chevrons from Michael Miller fabrics.  Later, we found out that American Patchwork and Quilting had picked up the project and it was coming out in a magazine.  Sharon wanted to try and re-create it using some of our fabrics, and then be ready to put it up as a sample and give a class when the magazine came out.  However, her friend had since been sworn to secrecy by the magazine, sew we put our heads together and did our best at figuring it out.  What you see here is Sharon's version.  There are way better pictures on her blog http://grassrootsquilting.blogspot.com/  Isn't her quilting phenomenal?  I've also put a picture here of what the quilt looks like in the magazine.  Unfortunately, we have not gotten our magazines yet, but Alicia subscribes, so she was kind enough to bring hers in for us to show folks.  Ours should arrive any day now we hope!  I'll be getting the retired guy to put this class on the website later tonight or tomorrow morning.  It's going to be Saturday, April 27th.  I'm going to have to miss the class......our Miss Ellie turns two that week and Grandma Carol cannot miss her birthday party that day in Lynnwood  =)

Hope your Monday was good.  We were busy in spurts today.  I am determined to get these two bigger projects DONE!  What are they?  One is the Urban Abacus pattern using last month's Nifty Notion the Quick Curve Ruler.  And the other is that hexagon project all cut from the large stripe (do you recognize it in the Dresden fan project from the magazine?)  Both are at least half complete....but DONE would be better.  Speaking of which, I am headed down to throw some clothes in the wash, so I'll be sewing more Urban Abacus blocks together while the laundry is going.  What are you doing tonight?

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