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Sunday, April 28, 2013

A week....really.....

A whole week went by without a post?  Really?  What's the deal here, anyway?  Well.....these are pictures of our Miss Ellie's Excellent Second Birthday Party Adventure!  She's the daughter of our youngest son, Dave and his wife Nikki. (Dave's the one who just got his master's degree with a 4.0 average in December and a job he starts this week at Division of Vocational Rehabilitation in Bellevue, says the proud momma!)  Okay....back to the week. I needed to finish this little sundress that matches the hat I showed you a couple of weeks ago.  I knew that with all of the excitement of a birthday party, I wouldn't get Miss Ellie to model for me. Sew, we'll have to be content with this picture until Nikki can get a better one.  The fabric is from the Riley Blake Ladybug Garden line and the hat is a Kwik Sew pattern and the dress from a McCall pattern.  Both are easy peasy to make.  Oh....and then Friday night I found the cutest flower sunglasses to complete the ensemble!  This last picture is her eating birthday cake with her butterfly spoon and fork off of the butterfly plate her Grandpa John (aka the retired guy) found for her!  Oh...and do you recognize the bib?  It was a fun day yesterday that I got to enjoy thanks to Harriet and Linda who held down the fort for me.

Things have been humming along at the shop.  The next big thing on the radar is the Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop in June.  The first fabric shipments will start to arrive in a week or so....that means cutting for our nearly 2,000 kits to give out for the Hop.  In the meantime, I am sewing binding on my Urban Abacus project that Sharon (Grass Roots Quilt Studio) beautifully quilted for me.  I got the binding on the runner Jan made from the American Patchwork and Quilting project too.  Going to have fun thinking of new *stuff* to do around the shop in the next few weeks, as well as going to Quilt Market in Portland, OR the middle of May!

Okay....got some paperwork and binding calling my name.  Have a lovely Sunday! 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Cleaning Sale Day 3.....

Up early this morning to head over to the shop for Day 3 of Fabric-Etc's Annual Spring Cleaning Sale.  It's been tons 'o fun sew far!!  This morning the Applique Society meets in the class area.  So....yesterday afternoon, Harriet, Linda and I started moving the Clearance *stuff* over to the other side of the shop where it will live for the rest of the sale.  Emily, Harriet and I will get there early this morning to finish the move and get the coffee going for the group.  It's promising to be another fabric-filled day with lots of customers and laughs and good times!!

This is a picture of a runner I managed to get done right before the sale.  It's from a new book from Martingale (That Patchwork Place) called "The Blue and The Gray".  The projects in the book are done using Civil War fabrics.  Well....I don't have a lot of Civil War fabrics in the shop, since Two Thimbles in Bellingham specializes in them.  Sew.....I had these wonderful fabrics from the French General designers and they worked pretty well, don't you think?  There are lots of great quilts in the book both big and small....I know our Tracey who loves Civil War prints was eyeing some of them!

Okay....got to run....hope to see some more of you guys today.  But whatever you do this weekend ~ ENJOY!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday....sale starts tomorrow.....

Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Runner.....

We were sew excited to get our American Patchwork and Quilting magazine this time.  Remember, we had that great Dotty Dresden project Sharon made and is teaching the class for?  (FYI....class on April 27th is full, but we are talking about an *overflow* class on May 11th if you're interested.)  Anywho....we were thrilled to finally unveil that project to lots of ooohhhhs and aaaaahhhhhs.  BUT, Jan and I saw this Bonus Project included with the magazine and got right on it.  Isn't it just great?  I still have a few copies of the magazine left and am hoping to be able to order just the Bonus Project sheet.  I'll know next week if that's going to happen.  It is designed by Sherri Falls of This and That.  Don't you think it came out lovely?  Jan put it together and now we just need to quilt and bind it and it will be a done deal!

Tracey and I are hopping here @ Fab-Etc right now.  Just took a quick break to put this blog post up.  Lots of shoppers today and right now the gals who do commissioned quilts through EverGreen Quilt Guild are meeting with a client.  FYI, these gals do fabulous work if you are ever interested in commissioning a quilt.

Okay....customers!  Have a super Friday!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Quilts For Newtown.....

Here's the link to the news program about the Quilts For Newtown that some of our staff and customers were involved with.......very touching.....honored to play a tiny part by donating batting to this effort.


Sunday, April 7, 2013


Remember the present I said I was working on for our Miss Ellie's 2nd birthday?  Well....this isn't a super picture, but isn't it stinkin' cute?  The fabric is Riley Blake's Ladybug Garden and the pattern is from Kwik Sew.  Don't rush in tomorrow to buy the pattern because I sold the last one yesterday!  But, I do have some more on their way....it'll just take a few days to get them.  The hat isn't completely done ~ there's Velcro that goes on the chin strap and the opening in the lining where I pulled it right sides out needs to be stitched shut.  Now....I'm thinking at the very least some really fun sunglasses to go with this.  Maybe a sundress?  Hmmmm......can't wait until the end of the month and I can see if she'll put it on for Grandma and we'll update this with her cute two year old face!

How's your Sunday?  My goodness, what a difference a week made in the Pacific Northwest!  I think it's 20 degrees cooler this Sunday and really wet compared to Easter Sunday.  But, you know what that means!  Great sewing weather!  I have all the hexagon blocks laid out on my design wall to get sewn together, but a funny thing happened on the way.....this book came in last week "The Blue and the Gray ~ Quilt Patterns Using Civil War Fabrics".  Okay, I don't have lots of Civil War Fabrics, but there was a runner in the book that looked like something fun to make.  It's hourglasses.  I grabbed some French General fabrics and have been making hourglass blocks in between bookwork, laundry, pork chops and a few other various and sundry activities.  Going to finish squaring them up at the shop tomorrow and lay it out on the design wall. 

This week?  Well, I need to get a Shop Hop block sent to In the Beginning by the end of the week, sew that will be something I need to focus on right away.  Otherwise, it's the usual fun with fabric @ Fab-Etc.  Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Birthday by Eric Carle......

We've been looking at this Eric Carle Very Hungry Caterpillar Happy Birthday panel trying to figure something good to do with it.  I think I showed you a Happy Birthday runner Jan made using the stripe you see on the border of this.  There was a cute pattern at the Andover website, but it was more than what we wanted to do.  Well.....it finally came to us!  Sew....we came up with this.  What do you think?  It's pretty doggone simple, but effective.  Jan put it together and Tracey quilted it and I sewed the binding on.  Don't you just love teamwork Fabette style?!?  I'll get the measurements together for you in case you're interested in doing this.  Our Miss Ellie will turn 2 later this month....this would be a fun thing to have for just such an occasion, don't you think?

How has your week been?  Things have been hopping over at Fab-Etc!  We had our monthly Tea Party Wednesday with lots of laughs, scones and good times.  I managed to finish the top of the Urban Abacus pattern and got the hexagon quilt to a stage where I could take it home to the design wall here and try to get the last couple of rows together!  HOORAY!!  Today, I started a birthday present for the aforementioned Ellie.  I'll show it to you when I get it done....think it's safe, since I don't think she's reading Grandma Carol's blog yet  =)

Jan's working on a runner that came as a *bonus* insert with the latest American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.  It's going to be a winner!  Speaking of the magazine, Sharon's class at the end of the month is full already....the one with the quilt I showed you the other day.  And tomorrow, Diane's Beginning Quilting class will have their layering lesson ~ they are almost done and are doing such good work!!

Okay....some paperwork to do and then I think I may just put my feet up for a bit....hope you have a lovely evening!

Monday, April 1, 2013


A few months ago, Sharon shared a photo with me from a friend of hers' blog.  It was a really cool
looking Dresden fan using stripes and chevrons from Michael Miller fabrics.  Later, we found out that American Patchwork and Quilting had picked up the project and it was coming out in a magazine.  Sharon wanted to try and re-create it using some of our fabrics, and then be ready to put it up as a sample and give a class when the magazine came out.  However, her friend had since been sworn to secrecy by the magazine, sew we put our heads together and did our best at figuring it out.  What you see here is Sharon's version.  There are way better pictures on her blog http://grassrootsquilting.blogspot.com/  Isn't her quilting phenomenal?  I've also put a picture here of what the quilt looks like in the magazine.  Unfortunately, we have not gotten our magazines yet, but Alicia subscribes, so she was kind enough to bring hers in for us to show folks.  Ours should arrive any day now we hope!  I'll be getting the retired guy to put this class on the website later tonight or tomorrow morning.  It's going to be Saturday, April 27th.  I'm going to have to miss the class......our Miss Ellie turns two that week and Grandma Carol cannot miss her birthday party that day in Lynnwood  =)

Hope your Monday was good.  We were busy in spurts today.  I am determined to get these two bigger projects DONE!  What are they?  One is the Urban Abacus pattern using last month's Nifty Notion the Quick Curve Ruler.  And the other is that hexagon project all cut from the large stripe (do you recognize it in the Dresden fan project from the magazine?)  Both are at least half complete....but DONE would be better.  Speaking of which, I am headed down to throw some clothes in the wash, so I'll be sewing more Urban Abacus blocks together while the laundry is going.  What are you doing tonight?