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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Star struck.....

Diane taught the Lemoyne Star class again this week and these are some of the blocks the gals created....aren't they great?!?  The class is taught using the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Ruler from Studio 180 Designs.  It utilizes a technique that eliminates those pesky Y seams....hooray!  She has a quilt hanging over the batiks made from the pattern that comes with the ruler.  Got to see another one of these Linda brought in this week that she finished at her retreat....a beautiful wedding gift!

How's your week going?  Mine?  Well, I am writing this in the early morning hours because I've been awake waaay too long.  I don't usually suffer from insomnia much anymore, but I just couldn't turn the brain off early this morning, so sometimes the best thing is to just get up and avoid the tossing and turning  =(

THE QUILT is coming back this morning and I'll be sewing the binding on later today.  We won't be hanging it until the night before the Quilt Tour, sew that's going to be Tuesday.  There are still a few unfinished little details on THE QUILT to attend to (might account for the sleeplessness.....that, and I still don't have all of my tax *stuff* ready~ Yikes!!)

We've gotten a bit of freight this week.  The black/gold batik fabric has almost all arrived, so I thought Tracey and I could get a few kits started today for the leaf quilt.  And I cut some more tumblers yesterday for the flag kits we keep running out of!  Some super soft flannel came on the UPS truck yesterday and we'll be putting that out this morning.  Have a sales rep coming in today around 11:00, so my day is looking pretty full!  But I get to spend it enjoying our creative customers and fabric....doesn't get much better!  Have a super Thursday all!

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