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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Let's Tour.....

Okay....this is me holding up the Fab-Etc version of "A Year in Quilts" this morning so the retired guy could get this picture of it (can you see my hands and feet!?!)  As you can see, we went with black and white and *punched it up* with bright colors.  Each of the blocks are quilted and bound with a hanging sleeve and Velcro to fasten them to the larger background quilt.  What you cannot see is that underneath each quilt is a clear vinyl pocket that you can slip a calendar into!  That way, you could remove the block; hang it on a cute hanger (we have a few!); and expose the corresponding month's calendar.  We'll also have a few patterns for sale if you'd like to create one yourself.  We're open from 9-6 just for the days of the Quilt Tour and you'll get our patterns for the months of April and May for free during the Tour.  We'll also have a cute basket charm available for free with a $10 purchase.  Plus... we got a few of our last year's charms in too that will be for sale in case you missed out last year!  The Tour is Wednesday through Saturday....we have maps available at all of the shops and more info @ www.quilttour.com  Hope you can make it!

This other picture is a pretty exciting thing that happened yesterday!  Fabric-Etc got to be the *backdrop* for a King 5 news crew doing a story on the Quilts For Newtown project I mentioned in the last newsletter/e-mail update!  Some of the gals came to the shop with their quilts and they did some filming.  They were kind enough to use the shop since we played just a tiny role in this by donating some of the batting used in the project.  Then...they went to Tracey's Sew What studio and filmed her longarming one of the quilts.  (She has quilted MANY of the quilts for this project and donated MANY hours of her time!)  Then....they went to Tangled Threads to talk to the gals there.  Thelma also donated MANY hours of work making personalized labels for the quilts.  Sew....you can see it's been a busy week already here @ Fab-Etc!

Okay....I have still got a bunch of things to do tonight to be ready for all of you tomorrow.   Have a great week everyone.  I'll try to post some pictures of our Tour guests tomorrow ~ okay?

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