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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ttiles now available.....

When I request books from Bellingham Public Library's on-line site, I get an e-mail letting me know that the *title is now available* for me.  This is your blog post to let you know that these titles are now available!  There was actually one more "101 Fabulous Small Quilts".  They arrived yesterday morning, but by yesterday afternoon the two copies were gone already.  The green sticky note on my computer is reminding me to call my sales rep, Dorothy, and ask her to get me a few more copies.  So, we should have it back in stock very soon!

Hope your week has been pleasant so far.  Things are humming along here at Fab-Etc.  Team Fab-Etc is kicking it into high gear to get our Tri-County Quilt Tour project done.  We've got a few blocks under our belts and as usual, the creativity of the Team is starting to bubble over!  The quilt will not hang in the shop until the day of the event, but you might catch snatches of it as we are putting it together.  Around my house, I'm doing my best to keep from catching the very nasty virus the retired guy has ~ lots of coughing going on here  =(  

Okay, I am off to the shop and ready to have fun with Jan today, playing with fabric.  As you've heard it said before, "May all your ups and downs today be with needle and thread!"

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