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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The day after......

There were actually a few more crates than just these left, but considering how the whole classroom area was FILLED with fat quarters, there was just a fraction left standing.  What a fun day it was.  I must confess that I might be getting too old for those 13 hour marathons....or maybe I just need to up my vitamin intake?  Thanks to everyone who came and *played* with us on Mardi Gras ~ Fat Tuesday.

Today?  Well, as you can imagine, it was let's get this place cleaned up and put back together again!  Jan and I got it pretty well done, although I was kind of slow.  My dear Mom used to have a saying....she would tell me she *felt like she'd been drug through a knothole backwards*.  That kind of described me today.  But we managed to get most everything tucked away.  And what's next?  Well, it has to be full steam ahead on the Tri-County Quilt Tour project.  I have an idea to try out, so I'm hoping it will all come together quickly and easily.....that would be a first!

Going to go fiddle around in my sewing area.  The retired guy has a bad cold/cough and I am trying hard not to get it, so I'm keeping my distance tonight.  Hope you have a lovely evening!

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