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Monday, February 25, 2013

Let's eat......

Is this fabric fun or what?  I have personally never eaten lobster, but I love almost all things seafood, so I'm sure I'd love that too!  This fabric came a week or so ago and Linda thought it would be a good idea to replace her old pear placemat samples with these.  (It makes people crazy when we don't have the fabric in the samples....can't blame them!)  Sew, she took the fabric home and brought these back  for us to hang in the shop.  We're almost out of the Table Graces pattern that these are made from, but not to worry, there are a dozen more on their way here.

How was your Monday?  I had an appointment with a sales rep this morning (wouldn't be good if we ran out of fabric around here ~ right?)  Meanwhile, Diane was kept super busy behind the counter and I would excuse myself and jump in to help when she was swamped.  Whew....made the day fly by!  No fabric deliveries today, just some much needed notions....although most are still in the box because I had customers right until 6:00 closing time.  Linda and I will get to that tomorrow.

Hope you have a super week....more fabric fun from us later in the week!  I'm headed off to finish the binding on a project and fiddle with another one....they'll be revealed soon.....projects using the March Nifty Notion!  Night all.... 

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