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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just Takes 2 finale......

The Just Takes 2 gals met for the last time yesterday.  I didn't get pics of everything....got busy at the counter with customers.  But, I did manage to get these two pictures of Cherie and Carol's quilts.  Aren't they super?  I missed a picture of Verna's black and white, but it's looking fabulous too.  These ladies have persevered and have a wonderful project to show for it.  Good job!!  And special thanks to Sharon for leading the group for the last year.  She kept everyone motivated; and along the way they all shared many, many tips and techniques with one another.  Watch for another *first Saturday of the month* group coming in a couple of months ~ okay?
Last week was a good one @ Fab-Etc.  We managed to get the place put back together after the Anniversary Sale.  And we've pretty much got all of the fat quarters ready for Fat Tuesday February 12th.  I was just reminding myself that I needed to get ready for that early alarm wake up call!  It's always a fun, fun day around here.  Speaking of early wake ups....tomorrow I have to get out of here early and head out on the freeway to Everett for our Tri-County Quilt Merchants' Assoc. meeting.  It's the one we hold to finish the planning of the Quilt Tour coming up March 20-23.  That's the event where we all design a block, pass around the patterns and then each shop makes a quilt using all of the blocks.  This year's theme is *A Year in Quilts*.  It's always a lot of fun to see how different each shop's quilts are!  Sew....that's the next big thing on the horizon @ Fab-Etc!

Hope your weekend has been good.  Been watching snatches of the Super Bowl and working on a project at the same time.  Hope your upcoming week is a good one!

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