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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight......

How about one of these pillowcases for a sweetheart in your life?  Isn't it fun?  Harriet made this and dropped it off before the Tea Party this week.  We put it right behind the counter to give everyone a smile!  We've got yardage and a couple of kits made up if you're interested.  There's also a pretty good selection of Valentine prints left.

It's a fun day here @ Fab-Etc.  Diane has a great group learning the Rapid Fire Hunter Star Ruler in the class area.  Linda and I are helping customers and tidying up.  Alicia and I moved some fabric around yesterday, so we're going to be making that look pretty too.  Which brings something up....when we were moving the fabric we discovered a bag of yarn someone has lost.  It's got two skeins of beautiful hand dyed yarn it looks like.  I know there was someone in last week or the week before that had lost something like that.  If any of you know who that might be, please tell them we've got it safely tucked away ~ thanks!

Okay...break is over.  Got to cut some fabric for a customer and finish sending the e-mail update about Fat Tuesday next week.  Have a super weekend!

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