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Monday, February 25, 2013

Let's eat......

Is this fabric fun or what?  I have personally never eaten lobster, but I love almost all things seafood, so I'm sure I'd love that too!  This fabric came a week or so ago and Linda thought it would be a good idea to replace her old pear placemat samples with these.  (It makes people crazy when we don't have the fabric in the samples....can't blame them!)  Sew, she took the fabric home and brought these back  for us to hang in the shop.  We're almost out of the Table Graces pattern that these are made from, but not to worry, there are a dozen more on their way here.

How was your Monday?  I had an appointment with a sales rep this morning (wouldn't be good if we ran out of fabric around here ~ right?)  Meanwhile, Diane was kept super busy behind the counter and I would excuse myself and jump in to help when she was swamped.  Whew....made the day fly by!  No fabric deliveries today, just some much needed notions....although most are still in the box because I had customers right until 6:00 closing time.  Linda and I will get to that tomorrow.

Hope you have a super week....more fabric fun from us later in the week!  I'm headed off to finish the binding on a project and fiddle with another one....they'll be revealed soon.....projects using the March Nifty Notion!  Night all.... 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Birthday runner......

I just finished sewing the binding on this runner Jan made last week.  She *created* her own stripe using a couple of the Eric Carle Happy Birthday prints and then used the 60 degree triangle to make this table topper.  We have some baby ric rac by the yard, so she accentuated the center with that.  Didn't it turn out darling?  It would be a great thing to have on hand every time someone has a birthday, don't you think?  Can't you just see a cake perched in the middle with birthday candles?

Sew.....how's your week been?  It was wet, cool and windy here in Whatcom County today!  Alicia and I kept reminding the customers that it was great sewing weather!  We kept quite busy most of the day.  And in between shoppers, we fiddled with some design/fabric choice issues in our Tri-County Quilt Tour project.  Think we made some progress!  And then, we cut some more tumblers to make more Tumbler Flag kits.  Oh....and some very cute fabric came from Riley Blake ~ Ladybug Garden.....just as cute as the name sounds!

Tomorrow?  Well, Jan and I will make some more headway on THE QUILT for the Tour.  And we'll be ready, willing and able to help you with your fabric needs!  Hope you have a super weekend!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ttiles now available.....

When I request books from Bellingham Public Library's on-line site, I get an e-mail letting me know that the *title is now available* for me.  This is your blog post to let you know that these titles are now available!  There was actually one more "101 Fabulous Small Quilts".  They arrived yesterday morning, but by yesterday afternoon the two copies were gone already.  The green sticky note on my computer is reminding me to call my sales rep, Dorothy, and ask her to get me a few more copies.  So, we should have it back in stock very soon!

Hope your week has been pleasant so far.  Things are humming along here at Fab-Etc.  Team Fab-Etc is kicking it into high gear to get our Tri-County Quilt Tour project done.  We've got a few blocks under our belts and as usual, the creativity of the Team is starting to bubble over!  The quilt will not hang in the shop until the day of the event, but you might catch snatches of it as we are putting it together.  Around my house, I'm doing my best to keep from catching the very nasty virus the retired guy has ~ lots of coughing going on here  =(  

Okay, I am off to the shop and ready to have fun with Jan today, playing with fabric.  As you've heard it said before, "May all your ups and downs today be with needle and thread!"

Thursday, February 14, 2013

We love our Fab-Etc customers........

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The day after......

There were actually a few more crates than just these left, but considering how the whole classroom area was FILLED with fat quarters, there was just a fraction left standing.  What a fun day it was.  I must confess that I might be getting too old for those 13 hour marathons....or maybe I just need to up my vitamin intake?  Thanks to everyone who came and *played* with us on Mardi Gras ~ Fat Tuesday.

Today?  Well, as you can imagine, it was let's get this place cleaned up and put back together again!  Jan and I got it pretty well done, although I was kind of slow.  My dear Mom used to have a saying....she would tell me she *felt like she'd been drug through a knothole backwards*.  That kind of described me today.  But we managed to get most everything tucked away.  And what's next?  Well, it has to be full steam ahead on the Tri-County Quilt Tour project.  I have an idea to try out, so I'm hoping it will all come together quickly and easily.....that would be a first!

Going to go fiddle around in my sewing area.  The retired guy has a bad cold/cough and I am trying hard not to get it, so I'm keeping my distance tonight.  Hope you have a lovely evening!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The morning of.....

Okay....have to go and count FQ's for a customer.....a good time being had by all....coffee, donut holes, and most importantly FAT QUARTERS OF LUSCIOUS QUILTING COTTONS!! 

Having fun, wish you were here!

Monday, February 11, 2013

The night before......

'Twas the night before Fat Tuesday and all through Fab-Etc, not a fat quarter was stirring, not even a thread.  They were all nestled so snug in their beds, while visions of quilters danced in their heads.

Yup....it's the night before our 11th annual Fat Tuesday Sale ~ 20 fat quarters for $25.  As promised, here's a picture of some of the bins of fat quarters......there are another 1,000 or so beyond this picture!

Will try to remember to get an *after* picture for you tomorrow.  Right now?  I need to go and set an alarm clock!  Night all.....

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Seeing stars......

Saturday, Diane taught the Rapid Fire Hunter's Star Ruler class again.  These are just two of the stars I had a chance to get pictures of.  The ruler is sew slick ~ let's you make these Hunter's Star blocks with now Y seams....yup, you heard me right, no Y seams!  The gals had a great time sewing and chatting all day.  She's teaching a similar class on the Lemoyne Star ruler, but I think it's already full.  We're always happy to try and schedule additional classes if there is enough interest, so let us know!

Well, I'm taking my vitamins and getting myself ready to set the alarm for zero early-thirty tomorrow night!  That's right, boys and girls....Tuesday is Mardi Gras....Tuesday is our 11th annual Fat Tuesday Sale.  We have over 35 boxes of specially rolled fat quarters we're selling from 6 am to 6 pm....20 fat quarters for $25 (must buy 20 to get sale price, but after that, each one is just $1.25!!)  I think this year's is the best selection we've ever had...lots of batiks and great fabrics to be had.  Tomorrow is *set up* day.  As you might imagine, even with all of us working at it, it takes hours to put out thousands of fat quarters!  But both Monday and Tuesday are very fun days for all of us.  I'll try and post a picture tomorrow of *before* and then another one Tuesday of *after* so you can see what happens!

Hope your weekend was a good one....retired guy and I just got back from meeting most of the family at the midway spot ~ Red Robin in Smokey Point.  What a fun evening!  Hope yours was as enjoyable as mine.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight......

How about one of these pillowcases for a sweetheart in your life?  Isn't it fun?  Harriet made this and dropped it off before the Tea Party this week.  We put it right behind the counter to give everyone a smile!  We've got yardage and a couple of kits made up if you're interested.  There's also a pretty good selection of Valentine prints left.

It's a fun day here @ Fab-Etc.  Diane has a great group learning the Rapid Fire Hunter Star Ruler in the class area.  Linda and I are helping customers and tidying up.  Alicia and I moved some fabric around yesterday, so we're going to be making that look pretty too.  Which brings something up....when we were moving the fabric we discovered a bag of yarn someone has lost.  It's got two skeins of beautiful hand dyed yarn it looks like.  I know there was someone in last week or the week before that had lost something like that.  If any of you know who that might be, please tell them we've got it safely tucked away ~ thanks!

Okay...break is over.  Got to cut some fabric for a customer and finish sending the e-mail update about Fat Tuesday next week.  Have a super weekend!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sew what.....

Okay....I thought I'd get a few rows sewn together on this today, but it just did not happen.  This is a quilt made using one fabric....can you see the bolt off to the right in the picture?  Well, you take the striped fabric and cut lengthwise strips. And then using a 60 degree triangle, you can cut the wedges for the hexagons.  I found if I was careful, I even will get the binding from the same fabric (the orange I have just kind of pinned to the sides).  I have to get some rows together at the top, though, because I am out of room on the design wall!  Isn't it going to be cool?!?  Maybe after the Tea Party tomorrow I can sew a row or two? Or not?

Jan and I had a great day today!  I had on the *To Do* list for her to try and cut a 60 degree runner out of the new Dear William fabric line.  (Guess it was kind of a 60 degree day!)  Not only did she cut a runner, but she cut some hexagon toppers too.  If you hop over to our Facebook page (link at top of blog) you can see how pretty they are.

How's your week sew far?  Retired guy and I just got back from shopping at Old Farts' Night at Fred Meyer....first Tuesday of the month is 55 and older discount day.  Groceries are put away and kitchen cleaned up.  Think I'll go take my shoes off and sit a spell.  What do you have planned this evening?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just Takes 2 finale......

The Just Takes 2 gals met for the last time yesterday.  I didn't get pics of everything....got busy at the counter with customers.  But, I did manage to get these two pictures of Cherie and Carol's quilts.  Aren't they super?  I missed a picture of Verna's black and white, but it's looking fabulous too.  These ladies have persevered and have a wonderful project to show for it.  Good job!!  And special thanks to Sharon for leading the group for the last year.  She kept everyone motivated; and along the way they all shared many, many tips and techniques with one another.  Watch for another *first Saturday of the month* group coming in a couple of months ~ okay?
Last week was a good one @ Fab-Etc.  We managed to get the place put back together after the Anniversary Sale.  And we've pretty much got all of the fat quarters ready for Fat Tuesday February 12th.  I was just reminding myself that I needed to get ready for that early alarm wake up call!  It's always a fun, fun day around here.  Speaking of early wake ups....tomorrow I have to get out of here early and head out on the freeway to Everett for our Tri-County Quilt Merchants' Assoc. meeting.  It's the one we hold to finish the planning of the Quilt Tour coming up March 20-23.  That's the event where we all design a block, pass around the patterns and then each shop makes a quilt using all of the blocks.  This year's theme is *A Year in Quilts*.  It's always a lot of fun to see how different each shop's quilts are!  Sew....that's the next big thing on the horizon @ Fab-Etc!

Hope your weekend has been good.  Been watching snatches of the Super Bowl and working on a project at the same time.  Hope your upcoming week is a good one!