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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

See how they grow......

It was hard to move from the house we lived in for many of the years that our kids were growing up.  We had a spot just off the kitchen where we used to put a light pencil mark with everyone's height and the date as they grew.  I almost got a piece of paper and copied it to take with me when we moved into Bellingham from the county.  But they were all in college then and it seemed kind of silly.....But I digress.  This is a really cute growth chart panel ($4.99 each) that Jan put a back on, did a little quilting around and I sewed some binding on.  Wouldn't it be a great baby shower gift for someone?  Or even to have at your house to measure the little ones when they come to visit?  And it's a quick little project too.....you know what that means, right?  You can actually finish it in a reasonable amount of time!  =)

Been a super week so far here @ Fab-Etc.  We're still rolling, rolling those fat quarters for Fat Tuesday.  We've gotten some pretty cute fabrics too!  Jan quilted another panel for me and I am sewing binding on that one too.  Another cute little girl one.  Tracey's going to pick up my Hello Sunshine quilt and work her longarm magic.  I managed to get my e-mail update out yesterday.  I fished out that large stripe 60 degree project from before the holidays, sew I am anxious to finish cutting and sewing those together.  What sort of things are you working on?  Sounds like we're in for some cold (maybe a snowflake or two?)  Great sewing weather ~ right?  Stay warm!

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