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Thursday, January 3, 2013

If you're Happi and you know it......

No, I didn't hit the wrong key....although I do that a lot!  That's the way it's spelled *Happi*!  This is a very fun little group we got in at the end of the year.  What you're looking at here is a panel that goes with the group.  Yes, it's a *full sized* panel ~ 36" x 45".  Sew....it makes a very darling, but quick and easy, baby blankie.  Jan did the quilting and I did the binding.  Cute, huh?

Well, things are in full swing here @ Fab-Etc.  We had a super fun Tea Party yesterday with lots of good laughs and *show and tell* from the party-goers.  Today, Harriet and I will start the *dismantle Christmas* mission.  It's time to put those annual things back in the Christmas box for next year.  How are things progressing in that regard around your place?  That's all for now, but back soon with more project pics ~ okay? 

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