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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Have a heart......

Okay, the next big holiday on the horizon happens to be Valentine's Day.  Sew....yesterday afternoon Linda and I started to think about what we could do for a Valentine's Day table runner.  We took our Easy EQ Runner pattern from the Fabric-Etc Dollar Menu and *tweaked* it a bit.  I put it together this afternoon.  It's not quilted or bound yet, but think it turned out pretty cute!  I'm thinking the same solid-y red for the binding...what do you think?  Not sure you can tell from this picture, but the background of these prints is a gray.  I don't think I'll be able to do much more with it right away, so it's going up on the wall tomorrow sans backing, quilting and binding.  (As much as I love my 5 year Christmas tree quilt, it's coming down tomorrow!)

Saturday was a busy day @ Fab-Etc.  We had the Applique Society meeting there in the morning with lots of super show and tell!  They always seem to have such a great time.  And Linda and I kept pretty busy helping customers.  Tomorrow, Diane and I will be moving a few samples around and tidying things up.  Imagine most of you have gotten your postcard about the Anniversary Sale coming up this week (Thursday-Saturday).  I'll be sending a reminder e-mail this week and we'll be getting that set up Wednesday.  Sew....we've got a big week ahead of us!  How about your week?

Okay, I have a binding to finish sewing down before tomorrow morning.... Tracey did a super job of quilting my Hello Sunshine!  It's going up on the wall tomorrow.  Night all!

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