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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Can you say Mooshka......

The Urban Dictionary (whatever that is?) defines mooshka as: "A term of endearment. A small being that's both sweet and adorable."  Well, this Mooshka is now living at Fab-Etc.  It's from the newest fabric line from Julie Paschkis who designs for Clothworks.  Diane made this little cutie from a panel that includes the Mooshka kitty and his quilt.  Here he is being the *guard cat* looking out for Sandy's pincushions!  Diane went a step further and trapunto'd (sp?) around some of his kitty body parts to make him stand out more.  We also have several bolts of coordinates that came with the panel.

How's your week going?  Took a couple of days, but we've pretty much gotten the store put back together after the Anniversary Sale.  My desk and the back room, however, is another story.  What a mess!  Well, that's what tomorrow is for ~ right?  Have a group meeting there first thing in the morning and then Harriet and I will whip things more into shape.  We've got over 30 boxes of Fat Tuesday fat quarters ready, so we're just about ready for that event in just two weeks.  I am itching to get some of my hexagons cut from a big bold stripe sewn together.  I'll show you a picture when I make some progress.  First, I need to get off here and work on my payroll, bills and February newsletter and calendar.  Hope things are sew happy with all of you!  Night!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Okay.....I don't think I've worn a skirt like that since I was in college but that's what I did last night when I got home ~ put my feet up!  The Anniversary Sale was tons of fun with LOTS of shoppers ~ but I was pooped by Saturday night.  Retired guy and I split our usual Saturday night foot long Subway sandwich (he even measured....it was a foot!)  Then, I took my shoes off and sat in my chair for most of the evening until it was bedtime.  Today I've been doing some of the things I didn't quite have the energy to do last week.  Got the 4th quarter taxes done (yay!) and some laundry and a notions order and worked on the February schedule and I picked up a few groceries so we don't starve in the next couple of days ~ like we couldn't probably eat quite nicely for a few weeks on what's here already!  I fiddled a bit with a project that's been on the back burner and started knitting a hat on circular needles.  I am not much of a knitter, but it's nice to keep my hands busy during 60 Minutes  =)

Sew....tomorrow Diane and I will be slowly cleaning things up after the sale.  Good thing we kept her in reserve (she didn't work during the sale).....don't tell her, but it's kind of a mess in a few spots!  Then, it'll be back to filling those last couple of boxes for Fat Tuesday.  And there's a project using a 60 degree ruler and striped fabric I've got on the design wall that I'd like to get done.  Plus, the new Dr. Seuss panel...I have an idea for that too.  Plus.....okay, that's enough already.  Hope your weekend was a good one!  More fabric news soon!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

We're ready......

We're ready for you guys!  Yesterday, Jan and I finished setting things up.....marking down some more fabric and finding some great *stuff* that you might be able to use at a great price!  There are some super buys on books and apparel fabrics and lots of quilting cottons at a great price!  I'm hitting the shower in a minute and then it's off for a fun filled day of fabric and laughing with our creative customers!  Tracey and I will be closing the place down tonight, but not until 8:00 (just tonight....regular hours of 10-6 Friday and Saturday).  Sew....you know what I'll be doing today.....what's your day hold?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday.......

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Can you take another Valentine post?  Remember the post about the Folded Star Hot Pads and Pincushions?  Well, this is a little free tutorial you can get from the designer http://www.plumeasypatterns.com/media/PrairiePointBorder_FreePattern.pdf 
It's a super way to put prairie points on the bottom of a towel.  Remember the ones Jan did in Christmas fabrics?  Well, here's some done in Valentine fabrics ~ super cute!  There's another towel she did that matches the runner I showed you last time.  It's hanging behind the counter.

How's your week so far?  We've been busy here helping customers and getting things ready for the Anniversary Sale that starts on Thursday.  Today, in between customers, Linda and I started *the move* of the Clearance Dept. back into the class area.  Seems like I always think I can get things done a lot faster than it actually takes.  Do you so that?  Sew....this time, I decided to get a head start!  Good thing 'cuz we were really busy today.  Tomorrow, Jan and I will finish the set-up so we are all ready for you at 10:00 on Thursday morning!

Okay....got my laundry going, so I'll sign off for now.  Night all!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Have a heart......

Okay, the next big holiday on the horizon happens to be Valentine's Day.  Sew....yesterday afternoon Linda and I started to think about what we could do for a Valentine's Day table runner.  We took our Easy EQ Runner pattern from the Fabric-Etc Dollar Menu and *tweaked* it a bit.  I put it together this afternoon.  It's not quilted or bound yet, but think it turned out pretty cute!  I'm thinking the same solid-y red for the binding...what do you think?  Not sure you can tell from this picture, but the background of these prints is a gray.  I don't think I'll be able to do much more with it right away, so it's going up on the wall tomorrow sans backing, quilting and binding.  (As much as I love my 5 year Christmas tree quilt, it's coming down tomorrow!)

Saturday was a busy day @ Fab-Etc.  We had the Applique Society meeting there in the morning with lots of super show and tell!  They always seem to have such a great time.  And Linda and I kept pretty busy helping customers.  Tomorrow, Diane and I will be moving a few samples around and tidying things up.  Imagine most of you have gotten your postcard about the Anniversary Sale coming up this week (Thursday-Saturday).  I'll be sending a reminder e-mail this week and we'll be getting that set up Wednesday.  Sew....we've got a big week ahead of us!  How about your week?

Okay, I have a binding to finish sewing down before tomorrow morning.... Tracey did a super job of quilting my Hello Sunshine!  It's going up on the wall tomorrow.  Night all!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bagless in Bellingham.....

As many of you are aware, we are *bagless in Bellingham* since the August plastic bag ban went into effect.  Yesterday, these bags arrived ~ look.....Kaffe even signed them  =)   These are wonderful bags in a nice weight reinforced plastic with super pockets inside.  I couldn't get a good picture of the inside, so you'll have to take a look-see when you're in.  They have expanding pockets and even a three section one that will hold bottles!  Sew....no reason to be totally bagless!

How's your week been so far?  The sun was shining today here....was very nice to see and the temperature even warmed up a bit.  We've been plugging away at our Fat Tuesday boxes ~ 27 boxes with a few more to go.  One side benefit to this is that the 99 cent bin overfloweth!  When we get to the ends of our bolts, that last 6" or so gets rolled up with a colored rubber band and tossed into the 99 cent bin.  There are some great ones in there right now!  Jan and I played a bit with a couple of projects.  She's working on a book we have the panel to make.  Sew, after all the panels are sold, she can take it home so her grandson, K, can *read* it with Grandma!  Me?  Well, I got the binding done so when Tracey brings back the Hello Sunshine quilt, I'll be all ready to rock and roll.  And, I'm writing directions for another Dollar Menu pattern ~ Red and White Delight.  All right...back to work.  Night all!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hot buns.......

You'll want to have some *hot buns* tonight if you're in the Pacific Northwest.  Brrrrr.....it's going to get COLD!  Anyway, the catchy title was to feature our Valentine basket liner.  Jan whipped this up Wednesday using a couple of our darling Valentine prints.  The pattern is one from our Fabric-Etc Dollar Menu.  It goes together in nothing flat and you have a great basket liner to put your *hot buns* in for dinner!

How's your week been?  Things have been fun around here @ Fab-Etc.  We've gotten some pretty great fabrics of late.  The newest one is the latest from Robert Kaufman's Celebrate Seuss lines.  The feature fabric is "Oh the Places You'll Go!"  It just arrived yesterday, sew we haven't had much time to *play* with it yet.  Diane and I kept pretty busy today....finished box 26 of our Fat Tuesday fat quarters...we are definitely on track to have LOTS of fat quarters for you to choose from on  February 12th.  And, we're fiddling around with another idea that we'll work some more on come Monday.

Hope you're having a super weekend so far.  I'm going to head down to the living room and stitch some binding in a few minutes.  How about you?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

See how they grow......

It was hard to move from the house we lived in for many of the years that our kids were growing up.  We had a spot just off the kitchen where we used to put a light pencil mark with everyone's height and the date as they grew.  I almost got a piece of paper and copied it to take with me when we moved into Bellingham from the county.  But they were all in college then and it seemed kind of silly.....But I digress.  This is a really cute growth chart panel ($4.99 each) that Jan put a back on, did a little quilting around and I sewed some binding on.  Wouldn't it be a great baby shower gift for someone?  Or even to have at your house to measure the little ones when they come to visit?  And it's a quick little project too.....you know what that means, right?  You can actually finish it in a reasonable amount of time!  =)

Been a super week so far here @ Fab-Etc.  We're still rolling, rolling those fat quarters for Fat Tuesday.  We've gotten some pretty cute fabrics too!  Jan quilted another panel for me and I am sewing binding on that one too.  Another cute little girl one.  Tracey's going to pick up my Hello Sunshine quilt and work her longarm magic.  I managed to get my e-mail update out yesterday.  I fished out that large stripe 60 degree project from before the holidays, sew I am anxious to finish cutting and sewing those together.  What sort of things are you working on?  Sounds like we're in for some cold (maybe a snowflake or two?)  Great sewing weather ~ right?  Stay warm!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hello Sunshine......

No, you're right, there wasn't much sunshine outside today here in the Pacific Northwest!  But, if you're a Seahawks fan, there was sunshine all over the place this afternoon when they beat the Washington Redskins to advance in the playoffs.  Go Hawks!!  (I'm really not a very good fan....I can't even stand to watch when the going gets tense!)  Anyway....this is a picture of the "Hello Sunshine" project I've been working on the last few weeks.  I got pretty far, and then the holidays happened, sew I just got the last borders sewn on this afternoon.  I used the EZ Dresden ruler to make the free project from this Riley Blake fabric line.  Now, I am going to get some batting and backing and hand it off to Tracey to work her magic on the longarm!  Then, after I get the binding on, it's going behind the counter at the shop.

How was your weekend?  Yesterday, Jan and I had a quiet moment, so we started a little growth chart panel project.  Of course, as soon as we got our machines out and started working, it got really busy.  But that's okay.  Jan managed to get the binding sewn on and I took it home to sew it down by hand, but haven't had any time to do that yet.....maybe tonight while the retired guy and I watch 60 Minutes?

Should be another fun filled week @ Fab-Etc.  Pop in and see us if you're in the neighborhood.  Just take a minute, pet some fabric, and get a *color fix* for the week!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

If you're Happi and you know it......

No, I didn't hit the wrong key....although I do that a lot!  That's the way it's spelled *Happi*!  This is a very fun little group we got in at the end of the year.  What you're looking at here is a panel that goes with the group.  Yes, it's a *full sized* panel ~ 36" x 45".  Sew....it makes a very darling, but quick and easy, baby blankie.  Jan did the quilting and I did the binding.  Cute, huh?

Well, things are in full swing here @ Fab-Etc.  We had a super fun Tea Party yesterday with lots of good laughs and *show and tell* from the party-goers.  Today, Harriet and I will start the *dismantle Christmas* mission.  It's time to put those annual things back in the Christmas box for next year.  How are things progressing in that regard around your place?  That's all for now, but back soon with more project pics ~ okay? 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013.....

Happy New Year everyone!  Sorry I haven't posted in almost a whole week....guess things have been a bit busy around here.  The retired guy and I just got back from celebrating with most of the family at our daughter's place in Kenmore.  What a fun day and a great way to start the new year!  Hope you had a wonderful first day of 2013.  Of course, now we're all going to have to try hard to remember to write 2013 ~ right?

This will be short and sweet with more to come tomorrow.  I still have to finish payroll checks, bills and the new newsletter tonight.  And....tomorrow is the first Tea Party of 2013, so I need to get there extra early and finish cleaning and setting up.  It's going to be another fun and fabric filled week @ Fab-Etc.  I've got some great things to show you....so more pictures tomorrow ~ okay?