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Monday, December 17, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 9....

Day 9....what's in our virtual advent calendar for today?  Books, books, books!  We've got a whole bookcase full of them @ Fab-Etc.  Books are a great resource and make a great gift.  We have lots of titles to choose from in case you'd like to pick one up for someone this holiday season.

Today was another great day over here on Birchwood Ave.  Diane and I kept really busy helping folks with their projects.  I tried to make some headway on Fat Tuesday and we did get some rolled and boxed up, but there's lots more to get ready for you.  Freight?  Well, mostly just some *basics* but we did get a darling kitty cat print with matching lime green paw prints....too cute!  Hope your Monday was a good one.  I'm off to work on a project for one of the grandkids.  Have a lovely evening, whatever you are doing.

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