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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 6......

Here's something fun in the Day 6 pocket of your virtual advent calendar.  How about a little *bling* in your holiday?  These are great for anyone that might need to wear a name tag at work.  Me?  I like to have my little scissors on mine....comes in super handy when I need to clip the threads when I am sewing.  They were one of our Nifty Notions this year, so they are at a special price until the end of the month.  the regular price is $10, but they're on for $6.95 right now.  Would be a good stocking stuffer, wouldn't it?

Well, it was a quieter day today @ Fab-Etc.  Harriet and I got busy tidying and making room for the fabrics that have come in, but hadn't found a *home* yet.  Of course, then the UPS truck came and brought about 10 more bolts....sew, Linda and I won't be bored tomorrow   =)   I could hardly believe it when I kept writing 12/20 on people's Frequent Buyer Cards today!  WOW....that kind of snuck up on me.  But our family isn't really celebrating until New Year's Day, so plenty of time to get ready ~ right?!?  Tonight I'm going to sew a little on the binding Jan put on the panel she quilted for us last week.  Might take a minute or two to play with another project I'm working on for a store sample, too.  Okay....I'm off to do that.  Day 5 tomorrow!

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