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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 25.....

When we were setting up for the Holiday Open House we just had, I had an idea when we were moving the advent calendars.  Why don't I have a *countdown to Christmas* advent-type calendar on my blog?  Okay, imagine a really cute advent calendar....make it in any color you want  =)  Each day you get to take a peek at a *treat*.  Only, this advent calendar is for us fabric-loving-type people!  Sew....each day you get to see a treat from the shop. 

In the first pocket with 25 days to Christmas, there's this idea that was one of the ideas we featured at the Open House.  Mug Rugs are pretty popular projects in the sewing/quilting world.  We made a few of them and it was hard to stop at just three!  The basic concept is something to put on the table to protect it from your cup of *whatever* and a little snack.  And the fun part is, they're small so they're easy to finish and fun to quilt!  We've got a little info sheet with ideas and quidelines if you're interested.  They'd make great gifts or stocking stuffers or just something to set around your house to decorate for the season!

Open House was tons-o-fun!!  LOTS of you stopped in to see what we had.  Thanks so much.  We'll be leaving it up for the most part until we need to set the table for Wednesday's Tea Party.  I must confess that after getting things set up combined with the end of/beginning of the month *stuff* I am one pooped kiddo tonight.  So, forgive me if I toddle off to bed in a bit ~ okay?  Have a super Sunday!!

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