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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 21....

Ready for the next *treat* we have for you?  No sewing required today!  I've been waiting for these to arrive and today was the day.  We had the bigger cosmetic bag, but these darling coin purses have been on backorder for almost a month!  They are obviously from the Laurel Burch collection and they're cats with little ears that stick up on both sides!!  The coin purses have a strap with a clasp so you can hang them from something and a secure zipper across the top.  The cosmetic bags are vinyl lined and also have a zipper across the top.  We only have a few of the cosmetic bags left, but there are more headed our way.  There are several styles of fabric for each bag.  Know any cat lovers on your list?  Or maybe for you, since you've been such a good kiddo this year!  =)

Well, today was a fun day!  There were lots of Tea Party participants and many a laugh was to be heard.  Linda, Jan and I kept busy all day with customers and filling tea pots and washing tea cups.  We just love our first Wednesday of the month Tea Party.  No new fabric today...just some notions.  Hope your middle of the week is good.  We've been playing with a scarf idea....hoping to fine tune it in the next day or so and share it with you.  Can you say "Quick and Easy"!?!  Okay....washing clothes, so must toss last load in dryer.  Another treat for you tomorrow ~ okay?

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