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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 18.....

Here's what we've got in the Day 18 pocket of our virtual advent calendar ~ pillowcases!  Here's the deal....we've got a great pattern for you from the Fabric-Etc Dollar Menu; or we've got some super kits we've already made; or you can pick out the perfect fabrics.  Over the years, we've heard so many times how much young and old alike love these handmade pillowcases.  Many folks have told us that they made them for the *little* ones in the family, only to have the *big* ones ask, "Where's mine?!?"  I recently made some for my four grandchildren and was thrilled to be told that one of them said it was "the bestest pillow(case) ever!"  =)  The other great thing about these are that the kits themselves make a wonderful gift ~ the perfect beginning sewing project.  Harriet was busy this week getting more kits made up, so we're ready for you!

Saturday, as well as the week, is drawing to a close.  I, for one, am tired.  We have a big week ahead of us at our abode....next Saturday is the day our youngest son receives his Masters degree @ WWU.  (Picture proud parents here!)  We're hosting an open house to celebrate, so the retired guy and I are going to be grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking and fussing this week!  What's your week have in store?

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