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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 12.....

Okay.....don't look at the time this posted....I'm late by about 15 minutes.  Just had to mop the kitchen floor before little kiddos are here tomorrow!  Today's pocket has something to help you keep track of the days and your appointments plus gives you something cool to see at the same time.  We've got wall calendars, pocket planners, journals, desk calendars.  Everybody needs a new one of these in just a few weeks ~ right?

Today was fun @ Fab-Etc.  We got some straightening up done and things set up for the Applique Society tomorrow.  Tomorrow morning, I'll set up the shop and then the retired guy and I will head up to WWU for graduation.  Harriet and Emily will hold down the fort for you.  Guess I better head to bed ~ going to be an exciting, early day tomorrow!  Night!

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