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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 10....

Day 10 everybody!  Look inside this pocket....see what we have for you?  How about a cute little tin with a $5 Fab-Etc gift card in it?  We throw in the tin for free....and you can buy as many $5 cards as you want to put in there!  Great for a stocking stuffer or secret pal gift, don't you think?
Hope you've been enjoying your Sunday.  I slept in and have been fiddling with *stuff* all day.  My ironing board cover was quite ugly, sew I took the old one off and decided to use it for a pattern to make a new one....think I need to add another layer of batting underneath it too  =)  Ever make a new cover?  I've done it a few times.  I just use the old one, or trace the top of the ironing board.  I get some heavier fabric ~ home dec weight or a duck.  I cut it out using the pattern (making sure I have enough to cover my board and go under it an inch or two.  Then, I just take 3/8" or so elastic and stretch and zig zag it onto the wrong side of the raw edges.  You can also add enough to make a casing (or use single fold bias tape to finish the edge) and add a string to pull it tight.....guess I'm just too lazy to do that.  Then, just like that, you've got a pretty new cover.

Okay....tomorrow, Diane and I will be all ready to help you with those last minute projects.  If you don't come by, then I guess we'll just have to tidy, tidy and get some more Fat Tuesday fat quarters boxed up ~ yup, less than two months away!  See you soon!   

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