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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday.....

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Countdown to Christmas.....It's Today!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Fabric-Etc!

I hope you have a lovely day today, however you choose to spend it.  The retired guy and I have had a pretty quiet day...a nice dinner and a few movie classics like It's a Wonderful Life and White Christmas.  We'll be doing the *gift thing* with most of the rest of the family in a week.

This time of year often gives pause for reflection.  I want to thank all of you who frequent the shop and the blog.  Your kind, encouraging words and your willingness to share your creative lives with us is inspiring.  My hope for you is that you will continue to enjoy the pleasure of creating with fabrics!  With regard to *the big picture* in life right now, my hope is that we can remember the words written so long ago, "Be ye kind, one to another."  I think all of our hearts have been touched by recent events in life.  The retired guy was a volunteer firefighter/chief for over 25 years.  I do not like to think how many times he went out in the middle of the night to help a neighbor in need.  My daughter and youngest son are both employed in school settings right now.  So, as this year draws to a close and we begin a new one, I for one, will try to love more, to look more deeply and more compassionately at those who are in need, and above all, be kind one to another.  Merry Christmas my friends in blogland!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 2.....

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  If you still need to *wrap* anything...how about one of our Santa Bag kits?  Think there are a couple of them left.  We provide the burlap, directions, bells and you just add the fabric.  They sew up in a jiffy and the best part is that they are reusable!

I am at the shop right now....pretty quiet to start off so I am vacuuming and straightening.  Then, I'll move on to some more fun stuff and sew a little on a sample I am working on.  Going to be quiet at our house too, since we aren't celebrating for another week with the extended family.  Planning on some yummy homemade turkey soup tonight....what's your Christmas Eve look like?  Hope it's filled with loved ones and good times of enjoying one anothers company.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 3.....

As the retired guy said today, I guess this is Christmas Eve's eve ~ right?  Right you are!  Well, I can tell you we have sold a lot of these in the last few days.  Wonder if you'll find one with your name on it?  I won't tell!  Okay....I will be at the shop until 4:00 tomorrow in case you'd like to purchase one of these or anything else.

Hope your Sunday has been lovely.  We took a leisurely stroll through the shops in Fairhaven this afternoon.  It was fun!  Now?  Well, working on a sewing and knitting project and watching the Seahawks whomp the 49'ers!  How about you?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 4....

In the Day 4 virtual advent calendar pocket is this Cling-On.  Do you remember these from before?  They are a two part magnetic *cling on* that holds your pins or needles or small scissors, or really, anything magnetic.  (FYI....for obvious reasons you cannot wear one of these if you have a pacemaker.)  There are quite a variety of colors and designs to choose from.  They're pretty cool and would make a great last minute gift or stocking stuffer if you need one.

How are your holiday preparations coming?  Jan and I kept busy with customers today and with some *Santa's Secret Workshop stuff* we were each working on  =)   Hope your Sunday is good!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 5....

It's the weekend!  Do you have parties to go to, or are you staying with relatives or friends?  You might need a hostess gift then.  Well, in the Day 5 pocket of our virtual advent calendar are these great ideas.  Plus, they're quick and simple to do....add a bottle of wine and you're good to go.  Both of these projects are from our Dollar Menu patterns ~ the Wine Glass Coasters and the Wine Gift Bag.  Neither one takes a lot of fabric, but they're a couple of the most popular patterns we have.  I have to tell you that one of our customers said that her daughter (recipient of the coasters) told her to be sure to tell people to put the coaster on the bottom of the wine glass *before* you put the wine in  =)   Sew, there you have it....a quick project for the weekend!

Linda and I were super busy today.  Our missing roll of cotton batting arrived along with the newest Mary Janes Farm magazine.  Lots of gift certificates bought today ~ will you be one of the fortunate recipients?  My lips are sealed!  Tomorrow, Jan and I will be all set to help you navigate any projects you may still have in mind.  Hope you have a very pleasant weekend!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 6......

Here's something fun in the Day 6 pocket of your virtual advent calendar.  How about a little *bling* in your holiday?  These are great for anyone that might need to wear a name tag at work.  Me?  I like to have my little scissors on mine....comes in super handy when I need to clip the threads when I am sewing.  They were one of our Nifty Notions this year, so they are at a special price until the end of the month.  the regular price is $10, but they're on for $6.95 right now.  Would be a good stocking stuffer, wouldn't it?

Well, it was a quieter day today @ Fab-Etc.  Harriet and I got busy tidying and making room for the fabrics that have come in, but hadn't found a *home* yet.  Of course, then the UPS truck came and brought about 10 more bolts....sew, Linda and I won't be bored tomorrow   =)   I could hardly believe it when I kept writing 12/20 on people's Frequent Buyer Cards today!  WOW....that kind of snuck up on me.  But our family isn't really celebrating until New Year's Day, so plenty of time to get ready ~ right?!?  Tonight I'm going to sew a little on the binding Jan put on the panel she quilted for us last week.  Might take a minute or two to play with another project I'm working on for a store sample, too.  Okay....I'm off to do that.  Day 5 tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 7.....

Day 7....how about something quick and easy to pick up?  I know, how about some charm packs?  We've got a number to choose from, and I just now thought about one of our Dollar Menu patterns that is a cute charm square hourglass topper or could be a baby quilt too.  You could combine a charm pack and the pattern for a quick gift or maybe to encourage a new quilter.

Well, Jan and I kept busy today.  I am on a mission to get fabric up off of the floor, so I am cleaning a row or two each day.  What does that mean?  Well, more fabrics getting boxed up for Fat Tuesday and more fabrics headed to the Clearance aisle and 99 cent bin.  In the meantime, we kept busy with customers and a few holiday projects.  How about you?  What kept you busy today?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 8....

You're going to like Day 8!  This is a *treat* you can either make for a gift, or make to wear to that last party or get together.  And....it's probably going to take you more time to pick out which fun fabric you want than it is to make it!!  Do you like it sew far?  This is our newest Fabric-Etc Dollar Menu Pattern ~ the Circle Scarf.  These are some of the ones Harriet, Jan and I have made.  They're made using rayon, knit or rayon batik.  The wider fabrics only take about 1/2 yard.  Out of 1 2/3 yards of the 45" wide you get 2 scarves!  There are just two seams and it's quick as a wink to make and wear tonight.

Jan and I had a super day today!  Lots of fun customers in delightful holiday spirits.  And hey, what about the white stuff falling from the sky intermittently?  Didn't that just put you in the *mood* for festivities?  The UPS driver even brought a treat today ~ the 2013 Sew Expo flyers!  We've got lots of them, but they go fast.  Tomorrow?  Well, I'm working on a sample for a new Riley Blake group we recently received.  And Jan and I have some grandchildren projects we're scheming about too  =)   Hope your week is a good one.  More fun tomorrow!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 9....

Day 9....what's in our virtual advent calendar for today?  Books, books, books!  We've got a whole bookcase full of them @ Fab-Etc.  Books are a great resource and make a great gift.  We have lots of titles to choose from in case you'd like to pick one up for someone this holiday season.

Today was another great day over here on Birchwood Ave.  Diane and I kept really busy helping folks with their projects.  I tried to make some headway on Fat Tuesday and we did get some rolled and boxed up, but there's lots more to get ready for you.  Freight?  Well, mostly just some *basics* but we did get a darling kitty cat print with matching lime green paw prints....too cute!  Hope your Monday was a good one.  I'm off to work on a project for one of the grandkids.  Have a lovely evening, whatever you are doing.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 10....

Day 10 everybody!  Look inside this pocket....see what we have for you?  How about a cute little tin with a $5 Fab-Etc gift card in it?  We throw in the tin for free....and you can buy as many $5 cards as you want to put in there!  Great for a stocking stuffer or secret pal gift, don't you think?
Hope you've been enjoying your Sunday.  I slept in and have been fiddling with *stuff* all day.  My ironing board cover was quite ugly, sew I took the old one off and decided to use it for a pattern to make a new one....think I need to add another layer of batting underneath it too  =)  Ever make a new cover?  I've done it a few times.  I just use the old one, or trace the top of the ironing board.  I get some heavier fabric ~ home dec weight or a duck.  I cut it out using the pattern (making sure I have enough to cover my board and go under it an inch or two.  Then, I just take 3/8" or so elastic and stretch and zig zag it onto the wrong side of the raw edges.  You can also add enough to make a casing (or use single fold bias tape to finish the edge) and add a string to pull it tight.....guess I'm just too lazy to do that.  Then, just like that, you've got a pretty new cover.

Okay....tomorrow, Diane and I will be all ready to help you with those last minute projects.  If you don't come by, then I guess we'll just have to tidy, tidy and get some more Fat Tuesday fat quarters boxed up ~ yup, less than two months away!  See you soon!   

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 11.....

Here's Day 11.....remember the Folded Star Hot Pad?  Well....this is the Folded Star Pincushion.  It's very cute and a nice size to put next to your machine or favorite chair.  We didn't make this one, the designer of the pattern was at the shop and got this fabric to make us a sample.  But, one of our customers made over a dozen of them so far and says it's quite easy.  Sew....there's still time left to make one (or two or three) for a gift.  We have the pattern, plus extra templates if you're interested.

Okay...I'd be lying if I said I wasn't really tired right now.  Had 20+ folks over to the house after watching our youngest son join the company of his sister in getting a Masters Degree with all A's.  Proud parents!  The party was great...lots of food left over and one pretty exhausted momma.  Think I'll head to bed and get ready for another fabric filled fun week @ Fab-Etc.  Enjoy your Sunday!

Countdown to Christmas....Day 12.....

Okay.....don't look at the time this posted....I'm late by about 15 minutes.  Just had to mop the kitchen floor before little kiddos are here tomorrow!  Today's pocket has something to help you keep track of the days and your appointments plus gives you something cool to see at the same time.  We've got wall calendars, pocket planners, journals, desk calendars.  Everybody needs a new one of these in just a few weeks ~ right?

Today was fun @ Fab-Etc.  We got some straightening up done and things set up for the Applique Society tomorrow.  Tomorrow morning, I'll set up the shop and then the retired guy and I will head up to WWU for graduation.  Harriet and Emily will hold down the fort for you.  Guess I better head to bed ~ going to be an exciting, early day tomorrow!  Night!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 13......

Okay...these definitely won't fit in the pocket of an advent calendar!  Wasn't sure we'd get them before the end of the year, but 8 of them arrived today ~ 4 large and 4 medium sized.  These *Miracle Mats* are from Moda/United Notions.  They sent us one last year at the holidays as a gift and we really have liked it.  I don't know about you, but last time I had to replace a cutting mat, I was disappointed in the quality.  These are heavy and thick.  They are self healing and ours has lasted a long time.  And hey....they're red!!

Today, Harriet and I kept busy with customers and a new group of fabric we got from Riley Blake ~ Hello Sunshine.  I got all of the new fabrics scanned for the virtual fabric flash drives and we moved all the Christmas fabrics to one happy spot in the back and tidied things up for the weekend activities.  Hope the end of your week is good!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 14....

Okay....these cuties will fit in just about any advent calendar pocket!  They are the Fashionista Tweezer girls.  I know the tag says $2.25, but remember....they were a Nifty Notion this year and sew they're on sale at their Nifty Notion price of just $1.50.  Now wouldn't they make a super addition to someone's stocking, or just an *add on* gift?  I have mine next to my machine and she's come in handy more than once!

Whew.....what a week.  In the fabric game, at the end of the year all of the folks in the warehouses tend to look for anything and everything we have on order so they can get it out of their place and into our stores so they don't have to count it, but we do.  Hence, fabric overload!  After over 15 years, you'd think I would be used to this....oh well.  Jan and I kept busy today with *stuff* we were working on...including the new fabrics arriving.  She layered a darling little girl panel and quilted it.  Just needs binding stitched down.  And speaking of darling girl fabric....Stitched Garden from Camelot came today and it is super cute!

On the home front, I just finished making my Tiny Cheesecakes and am waiting for them to cool so I can pop them in the freezer for the graduation celebration Saturday.  At least nothing ended up on the bottom of the oven this time  =)  I only make cheesecake when we are having company because it yells at me in the middle of the night.....think I'll be safe if it's in the freezer waiting for its blueberry topping, though.  BTW....did you know you can't find zwieback toast any more?  Who knew?  It's the crust for my cheesecake so I had to improvise.  Think it'll be edible  =)   Okay...I am rambling....time to go to bed.  Night all!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 15....

Day 15.....I don't really want to think about what that means in terms of the things I should have ready for *the day* that's coming.  Anywho....here's a great idea for you in the day 15 pocket of our virtual advent calendar ~ tree napkins!  These are very popular and also very easy.  They make great gifts or a wonderful way to decorate your table for the holidays.  We've got a free handout available on how to make them at the shop.  You can add a *trunk* for the tree if you want or an embellishment at the top as well.

Jan and I had a fun day today @ Fab-Etc.  It's only about 9 weeks until Fat Tuesday (20 fat quarters for $25).  Sew....that means we're kicking it into high gear to get ready for the shoppers that crowd the parking lot at 6 am.  And then we decided to work on a darling panel we got in the other day for a baby quilt.  Jan layered it up before she left and started quilting it.  It's going to be super cute and super simple ~ great combo, don't you think?  Tomorrow?  Well, I have a sales rep coming early and then we'll be playing around with that panel and getting the new fabrics scanned in for the virtual fabric drives.  Hope your week is good so far!  Night all.....

Monday, December 10, 2012

Countdown to Christmas.....Day 16......

Be careful with the treat in Day 16...these are sharp!  We have a super selection of scissors for you to choose from.  There are the 2012 Designer series from Gingher in all three sizes.  And, we've got pinking shears, stork embroidery scissors, thread clips...we've really got something for everyone.  Sew, if you're needing a *sharp gift* we've got it for you!  Hope your Monday was a good one.  Diane and I kept busy today with a lot of customers working on projects and gifts.  Seems like quite a few folks were buying Christmas fabrics today.  I took a number of empty boards to the recycle bin!  Not to worry, though, if you still need Christmas fabric, we've still got some left!  A few new fabrics came in late today, but I didn't get much of a chance to look at them.  Jan and I will be cutting the traditional first half yard from each and getting them out on the floor for you.

Around our house, I got back on the horse, and made some more carrot cake/bread for the celebration Saturday ~ success this time!  Been cleaning and fussing around....company is always a good excuse to do some serious tidying  =)    Off to bed....more tomorrow!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 17.....

Day 17 everyone!  Look in that pocket....are these just too cute or what?!?  I confess to having 3 of these darling pincushions  =)   I've got one at the shop that looks great sitting by my Featherweight and one by my other machine and one by my chair in the living room.  They are not just pretty to look at, they're ever sew useful too!  We've got a great selection right now if you'd like to pick one up for a gift, or for you.

Hope your Sunday has been a good one.  Mine?  Hmmm....how do I say this?  Lots of stuff didn't work out the way I planned.  The last straw was the carrot cake/bread that I put in three pans instead of the four I had all greased and ready, and it ended up spilling over onto the bottom of my oven.  Okay....I get it, I'm done for the night.  But, tomorrow's another day, and I can always buy some more carrots and eggs ~ right?  Have a super week.  Back tomorrow with more virtual fun for you! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 18.....

Here's what we've got in the Day 18 pocket of our virtual advent calendar ~ pillowcases!  Here's the deal....we've got a great pattern for you from the Fabric-Etc Dollar Menu; or we've got some super kits we've already made; or you can pick out the perfect fabrics.  Over the years, we've heard so many times how much young and old alike love these handmade pillowcases.  Many folks have told us that they made them for the *little* ones in the family, only to have the *big* ones ask, "Where's mine?!?"  I recently made some for my four grandchildren and was thrilled to be told that one of them said it was "the bestest pillow(case) ever!"  =)  The other great thing about these are that the kits themselves make a wonderful gift ~ the perfect beginning sewing project.  Harriet was busy this week getting more kits made up, so we're ready for you!

Saturday, as well as the week, is drawing to a close.  I, for one, am tired.  We have a big week ahead of us at our abode....next Saturday is the day our youngest son receives his Masters degree @ WWU.  (Picture proud parents here!)  We're hosting an open house to celebrate, so the retired guy and I are going to be grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking and fussing this week!  What's your week have in store?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 19.....

These were some of the biggest hits during the Holiday Open House last weekend.  They're hiding in the Day 19 pocket of our virtual advent calendar.  Tea towels make a wonderful stocking stuffer, hostess gift or a great addition to your kitchen!  Yes, we sell toweling by the yard.  Our newest addition is the Birdseye diaper cloth as toweling.  It's really economical.  For about 3/4 of a yard, you get two.  And at only $5.99/yard, that's a bargain.  Unlike some of the other toweling, you'll have to hem the sides as well as the top and bottom, but given its nature, it's very absorbent as a dish towel.  We've embroidered on it and added fabric to it.  The prairie point additions were very popular last weekend.  There's a little freebie handout from the gal that designed the folded star hotpads on how to put the prairie points on.  Jan did ours, and says it a slick method!

It's almost the weekend!  Do you have big plans?  We'll be at the shop tomorrow if you need anything.  We've had some super *show and tell/bring and brag* lately.  We'd love to see your projects or help you get what you need to start or finish one!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 20....

Sew....how about this for the Day 20 pocket?  You can make one of these wrist pincushions in a jiffy.  They don't take much fabric and they'd be a super gift for your sewing group or friends.  The picture isn't the greatest, but trust me, they're cute  =)  These come in pretty handy too when you're sewing away and don't want to lose track of your pins.  We've added this to our Dollar Menu patterns, so guess what?  The pattern's a buck!

Today was wet here in the Pacific Northwest!  But that just makes for super sewing weather.  Harriet and I got busy with a few projects and had someone *playing* with the Accuquilt Studio cutting for a quilt.  I'll be showing you what we were doing.....probably tomorrow if I get the pics done.  Not much fabric today...a few basics and a bolt of breads!  Yup, bread fabric....we're thinking of roll basket liners....don't you think sew too?  I'll be back tomorrow with more *treats* for you in our virtual advent calendar!  Have a good evening.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 21....

Ready for the next *treat* we have for you?  No sewing required today!  I've been waiting for these to arrive and today was the day.  We had the bigger cosmetic bag, but these darling coin purses have been on backorder for almost a month!  They are obviously from the Laurel Burch collection and they're cats with little ears that stick up on both sides!!  The coin purses have a strap with a clasp so you can hang them from something and a secure zipper across the top.  The cosmetic bags are vinyl lined and also have a zipper across the top.  We only have a few of the cosmetic bags left, but there are more headed our way.  There are several styles of fabric for each bag.  Know any cat lovers on your list?  Or maybe for you, since you've been such a good kiddo this year!  =)

Well, today was a fun day!  There were lots of Tea Party participants and many a laugh was to be heard.  Linda, Jan and I kept busy all day with customers and filling tea pots and washing tea cups.  We just love our first Wednesday of the month Tea Party.  No new fabric today...just some notions.  Hope your middle of the week is good.  We've been playing with a scarf idea....hoping to fine tune it in the next day or so and share it with you.  Can you say "Quick and Easy"!?!  Okay....washing clothes, so must toss last load in dryer.  Another treat for you tomorrow ~ okay?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 22.....

Well, you can probably see from looking at this....it won't fit in any pockets of any advent calendars I've ever seen  =)   But then, maybe that one you built in your mind's eye was a lot bigger than mine!  It looks kind of silly with that little tree, but it's a new Dollar Menu pattern we have for a 60 Degree Tree Skirt.  We usually get a few folks in at the last minute, hoping to make a tree skirt in a hurry.  Sew....Harriet remembered one I made a few years back and we revived it.  There are actually two of them ~ one is a striped fabric that is very cool looking as well.  They are pretty quick and easy to make....you can bind or not.  Anyway, that's what we have for you on the day 22 countdown.

What a busy day we had today!  Jan and I were just hopping, this morning especially.  Then, Harriet brought in her special Christmas dishes and we set the table for the monthly tea party tomorrow.  I've been trying to *unbury* the back store room....ugh. The new fabrics from yesterday?  WOW....we got the Hoffman Challenge fabric and some coordinates; and if it's December, you know we are starting to get Valentines Day fabric!  There were a few new batiks, because we are in grave danger of running out of them, you know!

Around home?  Retired guy and I just got back from grocery shopping.  So, I'm going to get things tidied up and sew on something for a little while.  Hope your Tuesday was a grand one....be back tomorrow!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 23.....

Ready to see what's in the Day 23 pocket?  It's Snap Happy!!  These are really quick and easy to make.  And once you do one, you can see that they can be made in many sizes.  Lots of folks come up to us and ask what is in there to make it snap back?  Simple....and not expensive....it's a metal carpenter's tape!  Sew....if you have a broken one at home, don't throw it away!  Linda's been making a lot of these for a craft event she's got ongoing at The Lavender House on the Pole Rd.  They would make a great gift...just put something fun inside, like a gift certificate or movie tickets or *goodies* and you'd make someone pretty happy....Snap Happy, as a matter of fact!

Well, today Diane and I started straightening up some of the Open House stuff.  We left most of it up and visible for you, but we tried to get started on clearing the table so we could set it tomorrow night for the Tea Party on Wednesday ~ usually an overflow crowd for the December gathering.  And a bunch of fabric came too!  Didn't get much of a chance to look at it....Jan and I will have to take a peek tomorrow and I'll let you know what we think  =)

Have a lovely evening....I'll be back tomorrow with more!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 24....

Okay, it's me again!  Do you still have that picture in your head of your advent calendar?  Did you change the design or color?  Here's what's hiding in the day 24 pocket.  These are darling little folded star magnets.  They're from the same folks that do the folded star hotpad patterns.  As you can see, they're just $2.99 each, so they'd make great stocking stuffers or gifts for secret pals or your sewing group friends!

How was your Sunday?  I slept in a bit this morning!  WOW!  Then, read the newspaper and got to work on paying all of the bills, etc.  Now, I'm ready to go back to my embroidery project and watch 60 Minutes with the retired guy.  I'm working on a Christmas stitchery from This and That.  I had high hopes of it being done by now, but not so far!  I did my To Do list for next week and it's looking a little lighter than usual, sew maybe I can get some other projects started/done?  Hope your day was a pleasant one.  See you tomorrow for Day 23!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Countdown to Christmas....Day 25.....

When we were setting up for the Holiday Open House we just had, I had an idea when we were moving the advent calendars.  Why don't I have a *countdown to Christmas* advent-type calendar on my blog?  Okay, imagine a really cute advent calendar....make it in any color you want  =)  Each day you get to take a peek at a *treat*.  Only, this advent calendar is for us fabric-loving-type people!  Sew....each day you get to see a treat from the shop. 

In the first pocket with 25 days to Christmas, there's this idea that was one of the ideas we featured at the Open House.  Mug Rugs are pretty popular projects in the sewing/quilting world.  We made a few of them and it was hard to stop at just three!  The basic concept is something to put on the table to protect it from your cup of *whatever* and a little snack.  And the fun part is, they're small so they're easy to finish and fun to quilt!  We've got a little info sheet with ideas and quidelines if you're interested.  They'd make great gifts or stocking stuffers or just something to set around your house to decorate for the season!

Open House was tons-o-fun!!  LOTS of you stopped in to see what we had.  Thanks so much.  We'll be leaving it up for the most part until we need to set the table for Wednesday's Tea Party.  I must confess that after getting things set up combined with the end of/beginning of the month *stuff* I am one pooped kiddo tonight.  So, forgive me if I toddle off to bed in a bit ~ okay?  Have a super Sunday!!