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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two more......

As promised last time, here are the pictures of the two advent calendars we finished up a week or so ago.  They're pretty cute and really fast to make.  Sew, you still have time!  I wanted to show you one more *count down* kind of a project, but the picture didn't turn out.  The Happy Christmas Advent Calendar you see there also came with a few coordinates and another panel.  It's little stockings numbered one to twenty-five.  Harriet put them together and they are stinkin' cute!  We have them hanging in the window over the Christmas fabric.  (That's why the picture didn't turn out very well.....window behind them!)  Will take them down tomorrow and get a good picture for you.  They will work like a countdown to Christmas, or they'd make wonderful tree ornaments too!

Been a busy week so far!  Alicia and I kept busy with customers and freight yesterday.  You've got to see the Licorice Fizz group!  It looks super with a Dear Stella group that came in a week or so ago.  Today, Jan and I were determined to get focused on *finishing* some stuff we've started.....all the time talking about things we still want to do  =)  We compared notes on the stitchery project and got really excited about it!  And yes, hers does look a lot better than mine.....I need to try it again.  Tomorrow?  I'm finishing the quilting on the tumbler project Tracey started and Jan and I are finishing.  Jan's making the scrappy center to a runner and hopefully getting to the fusible applique border on it.  What are you working on?

I'm sure all of you, like all of us @ Fab-Etc, have been saddened by the destruction in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with those affected by this natural disaster.

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