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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Two from Just Takes 2.....

Although Just Takes 2 was originally inspired by the Red/White exhibit in New York last year, not everyone is using red and white.  Here are a couple of shots of blocks from some of the participants at this morning's session.  (Thanks again, Sharon, for spearheading this group!)  Carol is using brown and pink and Verna black and white prints.  Aren't they both super?  There are some other red/white ones too, but I didn't get any pictures this morning.

What a great day today!  Quite busy this morning, but then as the sun was beckoning this afternoon, it got a little quieter.  Diane got the rows tidied up so nicely.  I had been really busy last night after Linda left and the place looked that way this morning!  Thanks, Diane!!   How is your weekend?  Oh....Christmas tree quilt report.  I got all of the light bulbs stitched down and now I am on to the black ends of the bulbs and some of the green wire.  Progress!

The rest of my weekend?  Well, going to update the mailing list and then get an e-mail update ready to send Monday from the shop.  Did you get your postcard?  We're having our Fall Fabric Frenzy Sale the 11th-13th.  Sew, I wanted to be sure everyone knew about it.  Have a few errands to attend to and of course laundry!  But, then I was kind of thinking I might need to see a real sunset before the weather changes?  Whatever your Sunday holds, hope it is wonderful!

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