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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday sunshine (kind of)....

Did you see some of the sunshine today that we had in northwest Washington?  It's true that it was brief, but it wasn't raining!  Sew....even though I wanted to sew....the outside chores were beckoning.  I confess to not cleaning out my pots yet and the leaves ~ yikes!  I got most of the pots done, but I couldn't bear to touch these guys.  I see those lovely impatiens and fuchsias every morning when I leave for work.  I know it won't be pretty when we get the first hard frost, but until then.....

How's your weekend?  Any sewing projects?  We've just been on a roll at Fab-Etc lately!  We finished the samples for the other two Advent calendars (pics soon).  And since we finished a couple of things, of course that means we HAVE to start at least two more  =)  Jan and I are *playing* with an embroidery/pieced pattern that is too cute.  I'm a little concerned, though.  She's so good at embroidery, I'm afraid you'll instantly be able to tell which blocks I did.  Oh well, I'm having fun with it already!  And when Tracey worked Friday, she cut out some tumblers to do this great flag Sharon saw and showed us.  Tracey put it together already and then Jan got it ready for some quilting....maybe tomorrow?  Oh....and there's this cool stripe from Michael Miller that I've been cutting some 60 degree triangles from and putting on the design wall.  There's a picture on the Fab-Etc Facebook page (link at the top of the blog).  It's too fun!!  And then, there's this other project ~ a scrappy runner with a holly applique at each end.   I brought some of that home too....maybe after dinner I can get a minute downstairs to sew some more on that?  Well, time to fire up the stove and fix some supper....the retired guy and I worked up an appetite raking leaves.  Hope your weekend has been wonderful!

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