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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two more......

As promised last time, here are the pictures of the two advent calendars we finished up a week or so ago.  They're pretty cute and really fast to make.  Sew, you still have time!  I wanted to show you one more *count down* kind of a project, but the picture didn't turn out.  The Happy Christmas Advent Calendar you see there also came with a few coordinates and another panel.  It's little stockings numbered one to twenty-five.  Harriet put them together and they are stinkin' cute!  We have them hanging in the window over the Christmas fabric.  (That's why the picture didn't turn out very well.....window behind them!)  Will take them down tomorrow and get a good picture for you.  They will work like a countdown to Christmas, or they'd make wonderful tree ornaments too!

Been a busy week so far!  Alicia and I kept busy with customers and freight yesterday.  You've got to see the Licorice Fizz group!  It looks super with a Dear Stella group that came in a week or so ago.  Today, Jan and I were determined to get focused on *finishing* some stuff we've started.....all the time talking about things we still want to do  =)  We compared notes on the stitchery project and got really excited about it!  And yes, hers does look a lot better than mine.....I need to try it again.  Tomorrow?  I'm finishing the quilting on the tumbler project Tracey started and Jan and I are finishing.  Jan's making the scrappy center to a runner and hopefully getting to the fusible applique border on it.  What are you working on?

I'm sure all of you, like all of us @ Fab-Etc, have been saddened by the destruction in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with those affected by this natural disaster.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday sunshine (kind of)....

Did you see some of the sunshine today that we had in northwest Washington?  It's true that it was brief, but it wasn't raining!  Sew....even though I wanted to sew....the outside chores were beckoning.  I confess to not cleaning out my pots yet and the leaves ~ yikes!  I got most of the pots done, but I couldn't bear to touch these guys.  I see those lovely impatiens and fuchsias every morning when I leave for work.  I know it won't be pretty when we get the first hard frost, but until then.....

How's your weekend?  Any sewing projects?  We've just been on a roll at Fab-Etc lately!  We finished the samples for the other two Advent calendars (pics soon).  And since we finished a couple of things, of course that means we HAVE to start at least two more  =)  Jan and I are *playing* with an embroidery/pieced pattern that is too cute.  I'm a little concerned, though.  She's so good at embroidery, I'm afraid you'll instantly be able to tell which blocks I did.  Oh well, I'm having fun with it already!  And when Tracey worked Friday, she cut out some tumblers to do this great flag Sharon saw and showed us.  Tracey put it together already and then Jan got it ready for some quilting....maybe tomorrow?  Oh....and there's this cool stripe from Michael Miller that I've been cutting some 60 degree triangles from and putting on the design wall.  There's a picture on the Fab-Etc Facebook page (link at the top of the blog).  It's too fun!!  And then, there's this other project ~ a scrappy runner with a holly applique at each end.   I brought some of that home too....maybe after dinner I can get a minute downstairs to sew some more on that?  Well, time to fire up the stove and fix some supper....the retired guy and I worked up an appetite raking leaves.  Hope your weekend has been wonderful!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trimmed trees.....

The trees are trimmed!  Yup, I finished the top just a few minutes ago.  This is a picture Sharon took at the beginning of the month at the Just Takes 2 group.  Turns out, she has the fabric and the pattern to make this!  Sew.....I told her she should quilt it for me, so she can *practice* on mine so she'll know how she wants to quilt hers!  I am thrilled to have it to this point.  Tomorrow, I will take it to the shop with me and look for a backing and, since I started it about 4 years ago, I need to find some binding for it.  The pattern shows red, and I think that would look good.  But I probably need to obsess over it a bit before hastily jumping into anything  =)  Since Nikki is coming for the Falling Leaves quilt sometime this week, I'll probably put the trees up in its place until its their turn under the longarm!

What a busy day it was today!  We had lots of customers; some folks renting the Accuquilt; and Jan and I were finishing machine sewing the binding on the last two advent calendar samples ~ my next *sit in the chair and hand sew* projects.  Plus, we HAD to think about starting something new too, so that required auditioning quite a few dozen fabrics!  There were lots of zippers to put away in the freight....just in time 'cuz a few people came in needing a replacement ~ the cold, wet, blustery weather makes us want to get those jackets closing up properly!  Hope your week is a good one so far.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Falling leaves....

The retired guy and I went for a walk this afternoon.....leaves falling everywhere!  Our humongous chestnut tree is starting to *shed* and oh boy, does it have A LOT of leaves.  I've been working on this batik leaf project for a while and at last it is finished ~ hooray!! Well, let me put it this way....the top is finished.  Nikki from The Country Quilter is going to quilt it for us.  But I cut some kits for it last week and I may let it hang around for a week or so before I give it to her.  I'm pretty pleased with the way it came out.  You'll have to take a look when you some in.  It's on the design wall right now.

And....you'll have to come take a look at the Bonnie's Team quilts this week.  We've gotten over 30 quilts back so far.  You might have to give me an hour or so in the morning though.  Harriet and Linda held down the fort on Saturday so we could go celebrate our grandson Cody's fourth birthday.  Too much fun!!  Anyway, they got the quilts ready to hang and started hanging a little, but I need to finish it in the morning!

Hope your weekend has been relaxing and fun.  Me?  I did some cleaning chores; cooked a little dinner; washed some clothes and now I've been playing with a new pattern we got last week ~ Spools.  Okay, enough on the computer....I have a few more things to do before bed tonight! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Two months.....

Yup....they tell me it's just over two months until Christmas.  Well, since you'd need one of these 25 days sooner than that, what better time than this to think about an advent calendar?  We've got four or five different ones this year and they're selling quickly.  Sew....yesterday Jan started putting this one together.  She left it for Harriet and me to put the finishing touches on.  Isn't it just too cute?  And....there's also a panel in this line with 25 little numbered stockings too.  We may just have to cut that out today too and make a fun garland?

What's on your list for today?  Did you know that the Lynden Craft and Antique Fair is the next three days at the Lynden Fairgrounds?  If you go, be sure to stop by Tracey and her Mom's booth and say hi!  They always have some super *stuff* to see.  Around here, we'll be putting tags on Bonnie's Team quilts so we can hang them next week.  I finished the leaf quilt top (pic on the Facebook page).  So, we may try and *kit it* later today.  Whatever you do, I hope your Thursday is a super one!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

An apple a day.....

Here kitty, kitty!  This is the newest in the Garden Patch series from Helene Knott.  Meet "Pippin Puss".  Our Diane is truly amazing.  This pattern came in late Thursday.  She popped in Saturday and picked it up.  This morning she showed up at Fab-Etc with this in hand!!  Some of my sales reps comment on how they've seen *some* of the series made up but never have they seen ALL twenty-four of them.  Thank you, Diane for making us look sew good!

Well, the Fall Fabric Frenzy Sale was great.  And thank you so much for your generous donations to our local food bank.  We had hoped to beat our record of 516 pounds from last year.  Guess how many pounds the retired guy took to the Bellingham Food Bank?  516 pounds!  You all are wonderful and I know you've made some folks' lives a little easier.  Bless you all.

This week?  Well, today Diane and I got Clearance back where it lives most of the time.  We got some cool Stonehenge fabrics too ~ looks kind of like marble in three different colors.  And 5 bolts of Kona Bay "Shadowland" ~ what vibrant colors!  Tomorrow, Jan and I are going to be working on a few samples and finishing the tidying up process.  What does your week have in store?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Still shopping.....

Okay....I am going to pop the doors open in just a few minutes.  It's the final day of our annual Fall Fabric Frenzy Sale!  We've had LOTS of customers and LOTS of fun and LOTS of donations for our local food bank.  The retired guy has taken them over 300 pounds, with more here ready to go next week.

New stuff?  Well, we got the new Maxine fabric; some hankies on fabric; the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines have landed; and there's even some sushi for you!  Hope your Saturday is a great one.  I need to run the vacuum for a few before I open the doors.  More later!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thankful Thursday.....

You guys are sew awesome!

The retired guy took what we had collected by this afternoon to the Food Bank.  He said they were especially thankful for the canned goods because they were very low.
Our goal ~ 550 lbs!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ten Eleven Twelve.....

 Tomorrow is 10/11/12!  And....tomorrow is the first day of our annual Fall Fabric Frenzy Sale.  It's also the time we have a drive for our local food bank.  These pictures are from last year.  That's right, thanks to all of you, the retired guy took 516 pounds of food to help the families in our community.  You guys are sew awesome!  Okay....here's the challenge.  Every year we have beaten last year's numbers.  Let's shoot for 550 pounds this year ~ okay?  As an incentive, don't forget that we give you a coupon for 30% off one item of your choice during the sale (one/customer).  Other than that, all of the fabric is 25% off (minimum cut 1/8 yard...includes fat quarters, charm packs jelly rolls, pre-cuts, but not kits).  There's lots of fabrics marked from $4.99/yard and down.  And...Tracey and I will be there until 8:00 tomorrow night.  We open the doors at 10:00 tomorrow morning!

Jan and I have had a busy couple of days.  We got everything set up for the sale and got our freight checked in (go to the Facebook page and see the darling bags we got today!)  We're sewing binding on a couple of Bonnie's Team quilts in the interim as well.  Okay....I have a few things to do and then it's off to bed for me.  Long day tomorrow, but a fun one with lots of *company* coming to Fab-Etc!!  Night all.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hand made......

Just popping in with a cute picture to make you smile tonight!  This was Jan's Beginning Hand Embroidery class Saturday afternoon.  Yup, we were busy in the class area Saturday ~ first Just Takes 2 and then Jan's class.  They were learning stitches and making the wonderful wool embroidery envelope we have at the counter.  It's made using a Crabapple Hill pattern, some of our wool and the 12 wt. Sulky thread instead of embroidery floss.  As you can see from the picture, everyone was having a wonderful time, plus they were learning such an enjoyable craft.  I don't know about you, but when evening rolls around, sometimes I like to have just a little something to stitch on while I'm sittin' in my chair trying to stay awake until bedtime  =)

Hope your Sunday was good.  I did get to go see my sunset this evening!  Right now, I'm finishing up an order on-line and getting my e-mails ready to send from the shop tomorrow.  Be watching your inbox!  Looking forward to a super week @ Fab-Etc.  Hoping yours is too!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Two from Just Takes 2.....

Although Just Takes 2 was originally inspired by the Red/White exhibit in New York last year, not everyone is using red and white.  Here are a couple of shots of blocks from some of the participants at this morning's session.  (Thanks again, Sharon, for spearheading this group!)  Carol is using brown and pink and Verna black and white prints.  Aren't they both super?  There are some other red/white ones too, but I didn't get any pictures this morning.

What a great day today!  Quite busy this morning, but then as the sun was beckoning this afternoon, it got a little quieter.  Diane got the rows tidied up so nicely.  I had been really busy last night after Linda left and the place looked that way this morning!  Thanks, Diane!!   How is your weekend?  Oh....Christmas tree quilt report.  I got all of the light bulbs stitched down and now I am on to the black ends of the bulbs and some of the green wire.  Progress!

The rest of my weekend?  Well, going to update the mailing list and then get an e-mail update ready to send Monday from the shop.  Did you get your postcard?  We're having our Fall Fabric Frenzy Sale the 11th-13th.  Sew, I wanted to be sure everyone knew about it.  Have a few errands to attend to and of course laundry!  But, then I was kind of thinking I might need to see a real sunset before the weather changes?  Whatever your Sunday holds, hope it is wonderful!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


These are quite literally some *really sharp* scissors!  I have been a fan of Gingher scissors since my old days as a Fabricland employee.  We each got a pair of G8's as a gift once.  OMG....I was in heaven.  Later they came out with these yearly special ones in three sizes (8", 5" and 4" embroidery).  I didn't keep up on the Gingher *Designer Series* as they evolved.  Several of my customers have begun to collect them.  This is a picture of this year's offering ~ Emily.  (Last year we gave fellow Fabette, Emily a set of Designer Series scissors when she got her RN....she loves them!  Too bad they weren't called Emily last year....how perfect would that have been?)  We have all three sizes at the shop for your pleasure.

Today was another fun filled day @ Fab-Etc.  We had our monthly Tea Party for anyone and everyone interested.  We had some new folks and some return folks and some *regulars*.  What a lot of laughs and good times we have around the table.  Later, Mr. UPS brought a few bolts of Kansas Troubles for us to ooh and ahh over.  Hope your day was just as enjoyable!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Well, the calendar says Fall, but gosh, it's not the usual Pacific Northwest Fall, is it?  I'm not complaining.....it's just *different* than usual.  However, if you are decorating a bit for Autumn, how about this quick and easy idea?  Do you remember the "Tweaked" 10 Minute Runners we did last year?  We had some similar to this, only with snowmen.  When we were cleaning the other day, Jan and I came across this and said, "Hey, we should do that runner-thingy again!"  Then.....when Harriet was here on Saturday, she took it home and actually did it!  It's sew simple to do.  Last night, I took another strip and cut out some circles and made some coasters to match.  We have the free handout on the runner and as soon as I post this, I am going to go cut some strips so they are all ready for you   =)

Diane and I are taking a quick breather since there's been a bit of a break in the action.  My goodness, we were busy up until now.  Lots of fun projects in the works!  And of course, Diane had to see the new batiks I got yesterday and try and find homes for them.  Some great chickens came yesterday as well.  Okay....off to cut some strips and tidy and get ready to set up for the Tea Party tomorrow.  Happy un-Autumn to you all!