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Friday, August 31, 2012


These are two panels we recently received.  Are they not absolutely stunning?  They're the creations of Stephanie Brandenburg and are from Camelot fabrics.  I heard you...yes, there are coordinates that go with these, plus some other big and beautiful flowers.

How's your week been?  I took this afternoon off and the retired guy and I went out for lunch and then for a walk on the boardwalk by Boulevard Park.  What a perfect day for that!

At the shop, we've been trying hard to squish fabrics.  The Christmas fabrics moved up to the front windows yesterday, along with a few other rearranges.  Tomorrow, I'll keep trying to move, clean things up, and re-hang some of the samples I took down for the quilt show last weekend.  We've added a few new fabrics to Clearance, so you might keep checking that out, as we'll be doing more of that in the next few weeks in preparation for the September 28th-29th 91 Mile Yard Sale that we annually do with the Tri-County Quilt Merchants' Association. 

Okay....need to finish the newsletter and payroll.  Hope your long weekend is super!

Monday, August 27, 2012


 The Moonlight Quilt Guild's show this last weekend was just wonderful.  The bargello heart quilt that Dani made was a joy to look out on for two days from our Fab-Etc booth.  I had to take a pic of the heron quilt for the retired guy 'cuz he always teases me when we see one and calls it a *blue herring*.  There were hundreds of great quilts at the show!  And the Tea Room....Rose and her crew did a phenomenal job of turning a hallway into a relaxing, beautiful place to enjoy a spot of tea and goodies.  Next to our booth was Northwest Handspun Yarns from downtown Bellingham.  Meg, the owner, has been a customer of ours since the Barkley Village days.  She had these super baskets for sale in the booth (and at the shop downtown).  I got one for me and one for my daughter, the teacher.  And then, there's a picture of Duane from The Sharp Cut.  He was sharpening scissors for folks while they looked at the quilts.  If you drop your scissors off at Fab-Etc, he's the one who brings them back sharp, sharp, sharp for you!  It was great to spend a couple of days in the company of beautiful quilts and wonderful quilters!

But......I have to admit that after getting everything ready to take to the show and setting up and working the show and tearing down....I was in need of a little R&R.  So, after we got everything hauled back to the shop, we hooked up the trailer on Sunday morning and headed up to Birch Bay State Park for the night.  We sat on the beach and saw this seagull.  Look how it's camouflaged itself into the rocks!  There was a whiter one further down that had settled itself into the whiter rocks.  Anyway, we enjoyed the beach, built a fire, ate peanuts in the shell, read, rode our bikes and did a lot of *nothin* for a day or so!  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Diane and Harriet kept thing running smoothly and put away most of the *stuff* I dropped off there Saturday night from the show.

Tomorrow, Jan and I will have more fun with fabric, and hopefully, get the rest of the things put away.  And we'll be setting up for her 60 degree runner class Wednesday afternoon.  Hope your week is off to a good start too!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Quilting By the Bay" Quilt Show.....

Well, today was the set-up for the Moonlight Quilt Guild Show "Quilting By the Bay".  The show is from 10-7 Friday the 24th and 10-5 on Saturday the 25th.  It's at the Bellingham Boys and Girls Club at 1715 Kentucky St.  We went out Iowa St. (you know, where all of the auto dealers are) and turned north onto Pacific, then right onto Kentucky.  It's up a few blocks on your left.  It doesn't front right up to the road, so watch for the sign and the driveway.  Things were well under way when we arrived.  The retired guy and I got the booth set up; went and grabbed a bite to eat and then came back to *fine tune* things.  I still need to do some tweaking in the morning, but I think I am ready for you!  We've got some 1/2 yard cuts at the wonderful price of just $4.00.  There are other *Quilt Show Specials* like the Fashionista Tweezers for $1.95; Dresden Ruler for $6.00 and Cling-Ons for $9.95.  Plus....if you stop by, you can get a coupon good for 25% off one item only at our storefront good through next Saturday, September 1st.  The top picture is Carlotta and Linda working on getting quilts onto the standards.  The bottom one is a little blurred, but how things were looking when I left.  I know there is also a Tea Room that Rose and Sherry were setting up when we got there.  And there will be demos given from time to time.  Think Tracey is giving one on hand applique tomorrow morning.  And the show gets its name this year from the guild's phenomenal raffle quilt.  You may have seen it at various places around town where they were selling raffle tickets.  It's a Baltimore Album quilt with a modern twist.  Think you can still buy tickets....drawing is at the end of the show on Saturday.

Okay.....I need to make a few signs for the booth and finish my other chores. Hope to see lots of you in the next couple of days!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bag it.....

Okay...this is a much better picture of the bag that Linda made from the pattern in the latest "Quilts and More" magazine.  The other two little ones there are something you could put coupons or cards in.  That pattern is also in the magazine and she made them from her scraps.  Linda said the directions were very good and the bag was easy to make.  (Anyone remember American Bandstand?  "It has a good beat and it's easy to dance to!"  Geez, I am a *classic* aren't I?)

Oh. My. Gosh.  It has been soooo busy this week at the shop!   Diane worked for Jan today, so she and her hubby could take his folks to the airport.  Being the self-proclaimed "Monday Girl", partway through the day Diane asked me, "Is it always this busy on Wednesdays?!?"  We have had lots and lots of visitors from all over the U.S. and Canada.  Plus, other folks who had just *discovered* us.  What a great day!

Tomorrow, Diane has the first session of her Beginning Quilting class.  That's always fun.  She talks about fabric ~ colors, texture, patterns, value and then turns them loose in the shop to "play" with fabric selections.  Me?  The retired guy will be coming over around noon to help me load up everything for the quilt show.  We'll head over and set up the booth while Linda and Harriet hold things down at the shop.  Hoping it goes smoothly.  Booth set up is not my forte, so wish me luck!

Hope you can make it to the show**.  And another thing I need to share with you is that if you need scissors sharpened be sure to bring them to the show.  Our * guy* from The Sharp Cut will be set up there to sharpen your scissors ~ how cool is that?  Okay, I need to hit the hay....tomorrow will be a very busy day!

**Thursday morning addition!  When I read this again, I could just hear all of you saying, "What show?  When?  Where is it?"  It's the Moonlight Quilt Guild Show "Bellingham By the Bay".  The show is this Friday and Saturday, August 24-25 at the Boys and Girls Club in Bellingham at 1715 Kentucky Street (we have maps at the shop or there's info at the guild's website  http://www.moonlightquilters.org/)  I'll grab some preview pics today and try and whet your appetite ~ okay?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Never too early.....

It's never too early to think about a new calendar, is it?  Hope not, because we got the first of our 2013 calendars from Martingale (That Patchwork Place).  Sew....if you're thinking ahead about 4 months, we've got you covered  =)

How was your weekend?  A bit cooler than last week, wasn't it?  I know, we can be kind of *wimpy* here in the Pacific Northwest when it comes to HOT.  But, then that's just one of the reasons we like to live in the Pacific Northwest....'cuz it doesn't get HOT a lot!

We've been having fun at the shop this week so far.  Diane and I were really busy today.  Guess the cooler weather allowed a lot of you to think about sewing projects!  We kept hopping all day long with regular customers and fun visitors from all over the place!  In between helping them, we were trying to cut some 1/2 yards to take to the quilt show this weekend.  Since Diane (the Queen of Batik) was here today, I had her choose the best of the batiks to take with me to the show ~ thanks, Diane!  Freight?  Just got a few Laurel Burch Basics today.  Speaking of which....the Laurel Burch Felines will be back December 1st!!  Tomorrow, Jan and I will get some more things together to take to the booth.  Should be a fun day!    Linda brought me a darling bag she made from the latest Quilts and More magazine.  I took a picture, but the way the handles were....well, it just didn't show it off right, so I'll take another one tomorrow ~ okay?  

It's getting late, so I am heading to bed.  Night all!

Friday, August 17, 2012

By the sea, by the sea....

This is a picture of one the fabrics we got on Wednesday.  Its name is *weather appropriate* for today ~ "Seaside Cottage" by Heather Mulder Peterson.  Don't you wish you could be relaxing at a seaside cottage today with the cool breeze coming off of the ocean?  Ahhhh.......but I digress!  The colors are fun and Linda and I made a home for it yesterday, so it no longer has to live on the floor underneath the front counter  =)

Yesterday, we managed to not have a *freight intensive* day for once!  We got a few of the fabrics into new homes, and we also started cutting some half yards to take to the quilt show next week.  This morning, I need to run a vacuum over part of the floor.  Then, Alicia and I can put our heads together and figure out just what samples to take for the walls of the quilt show booth and cut more half yards.   Later, I'll be setting the tables up for The Applique Society gals who will be meeting here tomorrow morning.  Hope your Friday is a wonderful one.....remember to stay hydrated in this heat!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to.....

Here's something you could work on during our hot streak of weather that might help you think *cool*  =)    This little cloth book came in a few days ago and Jan whipped it up yesterday for us.  Isn't it just too cute?  It would be fun to read to a little one this winter.  And maybe reading it now, we could imagine cold, snow everywhere?  Yeah, guess that's a stretch, huh?

We were busy yesterday at the shop.  I had a sales rep there in the morning ~ after all, you know we might be in grave danger of running out of fabric ~ NOT!  In fact, seeing the amount of freight that our friendly FedEx/UPS drivers have brought this week, I think I may need an intervention!  Or at least someone to sit me down and explain just how many square feet are in this shop.  Yikes.....I have fabric stacked everywhere at the moment!!  I took some pictures of a couple of the new groups I'll share in the next few days.

Today, Linda and I will start getting some of our *stuff* together to take to the Moonlight Quilt Show that's happening next week.  It's at the Boys and Girls Club on Kentucky St.  We have flyers and maps at the shop.  So, right now, I better get my morning chores done and hit the road for continued fabric fun!  Remember, we are air conditioned, so if your house is too warm, feel free to come and sit a while in the classroom area ~ okay?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Just a quick note before I leave for the shop this morning.  The weather folks say it is going to get HOT here in Whatcom County at the end of this week.  Please, know that we are air conditioned here at Fab-Etc.  If your home is too warm to stay in, or you just need a cool down, please feel free to come on over and sit in the class area for a while.  We have some new magazines to peruse, or bring something you're working on....even your machine and a project you are working on.  We always love to have *company* here at the store.  Promise you'll take us up on this if necessary ~ okay?  We will return you to our regularly scheduled programming with fabric news shortly!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


This picture isn't as good as it should be.  I was too lazy this afternoon to take a bunch of stuff off of the design wall so I could put it up and take a picture.  I just set it on the floor and cropped the tips of my shoes out  =)
Remember how I said not to tell Jan about asking her to make this?  Well, I confessed and true to her fun-loving nature, she was instantly on board!  Sew, she had this all done in nothing flat.  Looks like it just needs a bit of binding and it'll be good to go for the next birthday celebration around here!  There are 4 other coordinates to this, including a darling cupcake print!

Wasn't summer worth waiting for here in the Pacific Northwest?  It's just been glorious!  The retired guy and I took the trailer to Bay View State Park this week.  Between Harriet, Jan, Linda and Emily the place ran ever so smoothly for a couple of days.  We had a great spot with a view of Padilla Bay.  We even got to see the International Space Station go over both nights.  

*Back at the ranch* the gals got a couple more of the Riley Blake chevron prints, some new books from Martingale and several new magazines including the latest Quilts and More.  I grabbed them all tonight and plan on perusing them for some ideas tomorrow.

Hope you are enjoying summer.....we've had ever so many visitors this year.  Have you visited any great quilt shops this summer?  We always love to hear about your travels.  Stop by and fill us in....we love vacation pictures too!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another braid....

I'm taking a few minutes to sit down and share the latest and greatest with you.  Here's another sample Harriet made using our Nifty Notion for this month ~ Fons and Porter's Hexagon ruler.  Isn't it wonderful?  Remember there's a link on the opening page of the Fabric-Etc's website to show you how to make the braid!

Things are hopping here at Fab-Etc.  We're still cleaning up after the sale and moving *stuff* around!  We got a great new panel for a nursery rhyme book in bright primary colors.  Hoping to make that up soon.  There's a super new *guy* group with ducks, elk, etc.  Diane is making samples to show you some of the great things that you can do with them.  Don't tell Jan, but we got a Happy Birthday stripe that I am going to ask her to make into a 60 degree runner  =)  Wouldn't that be sew much fun to have as a traditional runner to use whenever there's a birthday celebration in the family?  It even came with a cupcake fabric!  Pictures soon!!

Hope you are enjoying the little bit cooler weather.  Lots of you must be thinking sewing because we've been very busy this week.  Break's over... back to work!

Monday, August 6, 2012


 OMG....OH. MY. GOSH.  The retired guy and I went to the one day *Pop Up Store* at the Whatcom Museum on Sunday morning.  The antique quilts were absolutely amazing!  I've always wanted to do a Grandmother's Flower Garden and I am thinking maybe something like this with the green path around it?  And that next one, I just thought that the block was really neat, along with the setting 
blocks.  That whole cloth one next ~ WOW!  That's about the point that I ran into Deb and Sharon T who has a longarm business, teaches our Beginning Handquilting class and leads the Saturday Just Takes 2 group.  It was really fun to see things from a professional quilter's view.  She saw so many things that I would never have picked up on.  Back to the wholecloth piece.  We figured it was probably three layers.  The piece had been trapunto'd and we could see where the maker had used a clothesline cord to make the ridges ~ 
 all by hand, of course!  The more we looked at it, we wondered if it hadn't been cut out of the center of a larger piece, since the edges around it were raw.  The last picture was one of my favorites.  It had been in the Esprit Collection and was dated about 1880.  It's a Log Cabin done on foundation using some cotton, silk, and velvet.  The logs finished at about 1/2".  It was so incredible....would love to make something like that!
Sew....the rest of the afternoon, I just kept thinking about the creators of these quilts.  Sharon noticed that in one of the quilt, the maker had changed greens out on two of the borders, and then added one odd green leaf to one of the blocks in the middle.  (Of course as the shop owner, I told her that the lady came back and we were out of that green, so she went with another one and made it work!)  And then I wondered if years in the future anyone got a hold of some of my *creations* what would they say about them.  (Might be a lot of head scratching and "I wonder what she was thinking...")  Of course, mine might be some of those little clusters of blocks that just never quite made it into a quilt (I really need to get those 120 Jacob's Ladder blocks out and finish that!)  And it was so wonderful to see quilts that were used.....how many times have you given someone a quilt only to find out that the recipient thought of it as *too good* to be actually used?  Many of these were made to keep someone warm at night; to comfort a child who was ill; and to wrap the ones we love in the arms of a quilt when we cannot be there.  It made me ever so thankful to get to play just a tiny part in all of your creative, loving endeavors.  Thank you sew much.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rulers rule....

I confess to being somewhat of a *ruler junkie*....what can I say?  The retired guy has been telling me for years that having the right tool for the job always makes things go more smoothly  =)   Sew....this little braid doll quilt is one of the samples that Harriet made for us using the Fons and Porter Hexagon Ruler.  And, guess what?  It's the Nifty Notion this month!  The ruler will cut hexagons in lots of sizes, but it also cuts these *half hexes* that you put together in braids.  There's a link on the opening page of the website to a video that shows you how to do this.....I'll try to put the link here  

Today is supposed to be a scorcher for us here in Western Washington.  I know it's not as hot as some of you in other parts of the U.S. and Canada  And today is the last day of our appropriately named Sizzling Summer Sale.  I'm just finishing up my morning chores and then off to the shop.  It was pretty busy at the close of the day yesterday, so I left myself a mess to clean up this morning before Emily and Alicia get there.  Plus the floors could use a quick vacuum!  Don't forget that we are air conditioned if you need a spot to come and cool down.  Tomorrow, I was hoping that the retired guy and I could ride our bikes downtown to the exhibit and one-day pop-up store at the Whatcom Museum...link here  Might be too warm for the bikes?  Whatever you are doing this weekend, hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Nuff said.......

I'm out the door....