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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

3 Pocket Tote....

Well, this picture definitely turned out a lot better!  This is my creation from the pattern "3 Pocket Tote".  Why is it called that, you ask?  Well, let me give you the scoop.  See the flap on the front?  There's one just like it on the back and then that forms an opening in the middle section! Sew....3 pockets to put your *stuff* in.  My dilemma?  I want to put some embellishment on the two flaps.  They close with Velcro, but a little something on each side would be fun, don't you think?  I played with buttons, but couldn't find anything that was WOW, if you know what I mean.  Sew...then I thought maybe a yo-yo?  And Alicia, I think, said maybe covered buttons?  What do you think?  If you're interested, we have the patterns and that quilted fabric is double faced and very Vera Bradley-like, don't you agree?

This week has been super so far!  Maybe that's because I went camping with the retired guy and our daughter and two grandsons at Birch Bay State Park on Sunday night!  We had soooo much fun roasting marshmallows, eating peanuts in the shell and Lydia and my favorite ~ watching the sunset!  Emily, her sister Haley, and Alicia kept the shop running smoothly Monday.  We got some freight, including a super Christmas group by Sandy Gervais for Moda.  The colors are warm and cozy and most of the line would work for any time of the year.  We have a few projects we want to make....if there's anything left after the sale this week!  Today, we got some corn on the cob, lavender, strawberries, avocados, and red beets.  Looking at the avocados was making Jan and I hungry!  Also, two wide batik backings and three cute Halloween fabrics came just in time for the sale!

I just finished the August newsletter, payroll, the calendar and August bills...whew!  The watermelon is cut for the Tea Party tomorrow and the last load of laundry is ready for the dryer.  And I think I am about ready to see my pillow =)  Have a wonderful Wednesday all!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


I had another picture here to show you, but when I opened it just now in Paint Shop Pro to re-size it, etc....well, you just really couldn't see it very well  =( 
Sew....this is a fun picture that's been making the rounds in blogland and Facebook.  It made me think of the retired guy who always tells me about *having the right tool for the job*.  
Back to the matter at hand. What was the picture of?  It was the "Three Pocket Tote" made using one of our new pre-quilted fabrics.  I made it a few years ago and quilted my own fabric to do it.  I was going to let you all see it and get you to help me decide on a button vs. yo-yo for the embellishment.  Guess I'll have to snap a new picture again next week.
This has been a busy time, as it always is at the end of/beginning of the month around here.  Jan taught her Beginning Hand Embroidery class this morning.  Sounded like everyone was having a super time!  She's been fighting a summer cold and a toothache, so I'm glad she was feeling well enough to do this today ~ thanks, Jan!  We've been having such a fun time the last few weeks with visitors from all over and today was no exception.  And I was busy today sending the e-mail update about our Sizzling Summer Sale coming up this next week (August 2-4).  Hope you got your postcard about it. Should be a super fun week around Fab-Etc!  Plus....today is my daughter and the retired guy's birthdays!  Yes, she was born on her dad's birthday.  My husband was going to school on the GI bill and I like to say that I couldn't afford a birthday present, so I had Lydia!  We get to see her and her darling two boys tomorrow ~ can't wait!
Okay...it's late and my eyes are getting a bit blurry....time to hit the hay.  Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Sew....as promised, here are a couple of pics of new fabrics we have gotten in the last week or so.  The top one is of three linen prints.  Not sure what you would think to do with these, but I was thinking perhaps a top that I've made before and how about a bag with that cool chevron print?  Remember, no plastic bags after July 31st, so a bag is now a *necessity* right?!?  And how about those squirrels?  Are they fun or what?  I tried to put a picture of them on the Fab-Etc Facebook page (link at the top of here ~ like us....please!).  However, the colors don't look so hot there and even here, it doesn't do them justice.  Like I said there, I don't mind them on this fun fabric, but digging in my flower pots....not so much!

Had a visit from a sales rep today...because you know we may be in *grave danger* of running out of fabric....NOT!  She did have just a few things that I thought we HAD TO have, though  =)

Other than that, yesterday, Diane and I got quite a bit of tidying done in between waiting on a lot of fun-loving customers!  Today, Jan was going to work, but she's come down with a nasty summer cold, so Linda filled in for her this afternoon while the sales rep was here....thanks, Linda!  It was fun to see Linda look around the shop and see all of the new stuff we've gotten ~ including the new credit card processor!  She's been gone almost two months in Alaska where they had a wonderful time.

Tomorrow?  More straightening will happen and I'll be setting up for Diane's Hunter Star class Thursday morning.  (There's room for just one more, if you are interested.)  I'm getting braver and might tackle the quilting of the sunflower.  Some have expressed interest in a kit...might happen.....would have to write directions, so that might slow me down a bit.

Hope you are having a good week.  I hear the sun will shine abundantly tomorrow ~ enjoy!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


These two projects are from the latest Quilting Celebrations.  Aren't they fun?  I have held off putting these pictures up here because we've been sold out of the magazine and I didn't want to make any of you crazy over it!  But, we just got a dozen more magazines with a dozen more coming.  That bottom one has black tulle over it....makes it look really great!  There are still other projects that we'd like to try in the magazine too.  We may just have to place an order for still another dozen at this rate!

Well, today was just a fun day at Fab-Etc.  The Applique Society met this morning.  I just love to see their *show and tell* and hear the laughter in the class area.  I kept busy trying to straighten up things and wait on customers. Had a customer from California come in who had stopped by in April to get some fabric for her first quilt.  It was a baby quilt for her soon to be granddaughter.  Well, she had to pop in today and show me pictures of the baby and the quilt.  She got bit with the quilting bug and has made 8 (yes 8!) quilts since she was here ~ great job!

Next week we'll be continuing the fabric shuffle to make room for the mountains of fabric that seem to be arriving lately.  I'm going to try and get there a little early and clean some more before Diane gets there!

On a personal note...this is a picture taken today of our grandson, Lukas.  Today is his 11th birthday.  I know many of you ask about him.  We are so blessed to still have him here with us.  He finished his latest round of chemo in an experimental study last September.  This is the most stable he has been in 9 years ~ no tumor growth in 9 months!!  He's still extremely impacted by the tumors, but is a real fighter.  Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support.  Our family really appreciates your kindness.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here comes the sun.....

Have you been enjoying seeing the sun the last couple of days?  Doesn't it just make everything seem a little brighter?  Do you or any of your neighbors have sunflowers planted?  Sharon brought us some sunflowers the Saturday that the Just Takes 2 group had their sew-in.  It got me thinking about a batik sunflower project I had gotten started last month when we had the EZ Dresden ruler as our Nifty Notion.  I got Jan to help me cut some gold/yellow/orange strips to make blades in two sizes.  I made a bunch and then we picked more colors and I made a bunch more.  I made the center, but just couldn't get it *right* if you know what I mean.  So when we had to clean up for a class recently, it all went into a box.  Fast forward to last Thursday when Emily worked with me.  I told her about it and how I was thinking about just cutting down all the blades to the same size and making a runner out of them.  Well.....she pulled them out and laid something like this on the table and I went, "Oh....that's what I saw in my head!  THANKS!"  Sew.....I've been putting them together and stitching them to a background.  Now to add a little stopper/flap and a batik sunflower border and quilt it.  Don't you just love it when a plan comes together ~ it truly does *take a village* around here at Fab-Etc.  I am so blessed to have the best staff ever!!

Well, we've been getting fabric like crazy around here.....I'll have to snap a few pics tomorrow and show you.  I'm also working on a little pattern we had years ago.  I've got some of those patterns coming next week....it's called the "Three Pocket Tote" and it's made using quilted fabric.  That's right, folks.....we have two bolts of quilted fabric with coordinates!  They remind us a little of Vera Bradley prints.  I'm on the home stretch with it, so a picture will be blogged very soon!  Today, Jan and Alicia worked on a project that Emily and I started a week or so ago.  It's on the design wall and looking pretty good!  Guess I need some pics of that too!

Okay...it's late...I'm tired (love the nice weather, but sometimes it makes it a little difficult to sleep).  Enjoy your week...pop in if you need anything!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday = ahhhhhh......

 It's Saturday!  Okay....so that's no surprise to any of you ~ right?  Well, Saturdays are usually my Fridays.  In other words, I have tomorrow off!  Ahhhh..... Not that I don't love being @ Fab-Etc, but when you get such fun fabrics almost every day and there's never much time to actually *play* with them.....well, you get the idea, don't you?  These are just two of the fabulous fabrics we got this week.  We had freight everywhere on Friday, as a matter of fact!!  I did get most of it put away, but there are still a few things that remain *homeless* shall we say?  The top one is a reprint done by Clothworks of that stupendous poppy print they had out a few years back.  It is just as gorgeous in reprint and the coordinates are new and wonderful too.  The other picture is of the first of our Riley Blake Chevrons to come in.  The chevron look is very hot right now as you've probably noticed.  I'll try and put up a few more pics of fabrics next week for you 'cuz we really did get some great ones.

Today?  I tried to tidy things up a bit in between customers.  Think I may have gotten a project we have on the design wall just about ready to sew together.  Have another project ready to put on its background piece ~ yay! Sew....since it's my Friday, I may have a couple of extra minutes tomorrow to play with fabric!  Oh....and I get a children/grandchildren *fix* tomorrow too!  I understand our Miss Ellie has started really walking since we last saw her.  Can't wait to see the whole family.

How about you?  What does your tomorrow hold?  Here's hoping that it's pleasant!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tippy Toes......

Look what came today!  It's called "Tippy Toes" from Henry Glass Fabrics.  Is it just too stinkin' cute or what?  I am thinking maybe a bag....or maybe one of those tumbler block quilts?  Or maybe just putting it someplace so I can look at it 'cuz it makes me smile?!?  What do you think?

It was a lovely day today, wasn't it?  The weather was gorgeous and everyone had a smile on their face at Fab-Etc today.  We've had lots of *out of towners* the last few weeks!  We've had visitors from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Texas, Montana, California, Oklahoma, New Jersey and points in between!  What fun to meet and greet new folks.  Jan and I had a good time today at the shop.  She was working on, what else....Christmas stockings from a panel.  They're turning out sooo great.  Up until Mr. UPS came, I had all the fabrics scanned in for the flash drives.  I can catch up tomorrow ~ right?  

Tomorrow?  Our resident RN, Emily will be helping me.  We're working on a project on the design wall....it's coming out great!  In fact, I am headed down to the sewing room to make a few more scrappy blocks so we can *obsess* over placement for the next few days....consider yourself warned, Emily and Tracey (our Friday girl this week)  =)  Hope your week is going well.  Pop in for a visit if you are in the neighborhood!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pinch me.....

Did you get the e-mail update this weekend?  If so, you know that these cute girls are the Nifty Notion this month!  Some of you came right in Saturday afternoon to get yours....some of you bought a lot of them to hang onto for gifts.  The regular price is there in the picture ~ $2.25.  BUT....the Nifty Notion price is just $1.50 for July only. This is a limited offering to me.  I bought as many as I could, but don't wait too long to get these cute gals ~ okay?

Is the weather in the Pacific Northwest anything short of glorious lately?  It was well worth waiting for, wasn't it?  What did you do this weekend?  Saturday, the gals from the Just Takes 2 groups had a *sew-in* back in the class area.  Lots of fun was being had!  Later in the day, I even had a chance to get my machine out and join the fun in between waiting on the customers.  And today....I sat on my patio and stitched the binding onto that chevron quilt hanging over the cash register.  That's right ~ the binding has just been pinned to the back for the last few weeks  =)  Now in the morning, I can hang it back up completely done.  And this afternoon, the retired guy and I went over to the airport and took a peek at the B-17.  Didn't go in, but it was cool to see it.

Tomorrow?  I have to confess to Diane that I didn't do much straightening on Saturday.  So....we'll be cleaning up the rows to make things pretty again and working on a few ideas we've got for future projects.  It's getting late, and tomorrow will be here before I know it.  So, off to bed soon if it isn't too warm upstairs.  Night all!  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stonehenge....not the monument....the wallhanging...

I just finished the binding on this hanging that Jan quilted.  It's from the Stonehenge collection. It's a panel and all we did was do some quilting and sew binding on it!  Looks like more, huh?  It's not huge, so it's a great addition for the holidays when you want to add something on a blank wall or on top of a table, on the back of a chair, on the door, etc.  Quick and easy!

How's your week?  For those of you in the U.S.....how was your Independence Day celebration yesterday?  In the Pacific Northwest, we got to see sunshine!!  Yay!!  Our day was pretty low-key around my house, at least until dusk when the neighborhood seemed to come to life  =)

Then, it was back to work today.  But I kept getting confused as to what day it was ~ which seems to be happening more frequently lately.  It felt like a Monday, but it was Thursday.  Oh dear.  I was working by myself today, so didn't seem to get a lot accomplished since I had quite a few customers.  Got a couple of bolts of fabric ~ that fabric Jan made the cute 60 degree runner out of with the snowmen in contemporary colors is back!  Hooray!  And some notions arrived as well.  We sold scads of the patterns for the Little Quilts Squared that hang by the door and I am happy to report that almost all are back in stock again.  

Tomorrow?  Well, Alicia and Harriet are letting me have the afternoon off.  Not sure what the retired guy and I might do....but the sun is going to be shining and who knows where the road will lead?  Then, Saturday, Sharon and the Just Takes 2 gang will have a *sew-in* to play with their blocks.  Sounds like a fun day!  Hope your weekend is a good one too!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Shasta.....not the mountain....the quilt....

This isn't the best picture, but I forgot to get a good one before I hung it up the day prior to Shop Hop.  This line of fabric is called "Shasta" by Clothworks fabrics.  When I ordered the fabric, I wanted to make the project that came with it.  I didn't get to it right away, but did manage to finish it. Then, since we no longer had anything that Nikki (The Country Quilter) had longarmed, we asked her to professionally quilt it for us.  I know on Saturday, there was a very admiring customer studying the wonderful job she did on the quilting.  Thanks, Nikki ~ you do excellent work!!  Sew, there is a free pattern on the Clothworks website for this   http://clothworks.com/  plus, we have a few kits made up for your pleasure.  It's just the right size to cuddle under on some of these cooler Pacific Northwest *summer* nights!

Diane and I were very busy today at the shop!  Guess the cooler weather has folks thinking about sewing.  Got a couple of bolts of batik in today that are beautiful lighter colors.  That was the only freight, so I wasn't buried in fabric like so many days of late.  Still trying to find homes for a few things that came in last week....maybe tomorrow?  Jan and I will be fiddling around with a some projects that are started, so it should be a fun day!

How's your week going so far?  Guess the sun is supposed to come out later this week...I'm looking forward to that.  It's Independence Day here in the U.S. on Wednesday.  Do you have plans?  All of the rest of our family is busy, so the retired guy and I will probably just have a quiet day around here....maybe a bike ride and then sitting in the backyard watching the weeds grow for a while  =)