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Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm a fan.......

I've been wanting to show all of you this project I'm working on.  I held off until now 'cuz I thought you might be interested in the ruler/template I used. Why?  Well, it's the June Nifty Notion on sale for $5.50 instead of $7.75!!  It's Darlene Zimmerman's Dresden Quilt Ruler from EZ International.  I cannot tell you how super simple it was to make this Dresden fan.  You just cut strips; use the ruler to cut the *blades*; sew them across the top; turn them right sides out and press.  Then you sew the raw edges together and place it on your background fabric.  It even comes with a bamboo point turner and a pattern for a quilt if you're interested.  I added the scrappy stopper border and outer border to this.  I stitched mine down by hand, but there's no law against stitching it down by machine!  Since I did it by hand, I am thinking I might want to hand quilt it.  Hmmmmm......might have to ask Sharon ~ our Beg. Handquilting teacher who happens to be here this Saturday for Just Takes 2 ~ for some suggestions on how to quilt it.  Or....Tracey works tomorrow....she's been doing a lot of handquilting lately!  Not sure what to bind it with either ~ scrappy strips of the blade fabrics or the blue dot from center and corner blocks or.......it's never easy for me, is it?  I just must love to obsess over these things.  Should have named the shop Fabric-Obsession instead of Fabric-Etc!!

How's your week been?  Gosh, we've been really busy around here this week.  Of course, I was on that end of/beginning of month thing with payroll, bills, schedules.  Then, throw in Shop Hop preparations and the beginning of all of my sales reps back from Quilt Market who want to show me new fabrics.  Whew...I need a breather.

Tomorrow, Tracey and I will work some more on Shop Hop block kits and don't tell her, but the place is a mess!  Harriet and Jan were busy this afternoon and freight came and customers came and a sales rep came and fabric was being chopped for kits.  Sew....my plan is to try and get there early and get a few things tidied up before Tracey gets there  =)  Have a good night!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Rolling, rolling, rolling.....

Remember me saying that Emily cut some jelly rolls for us a week or so ago?  Here's a picture of a few of them.  Aren't they just yummy?!?  These are batiks.  We have one more set to cut of the batik ones.  She also did the "Apple of My Eye" fabrics from Riley Blake.  We get requests almost every day for jelly rolls.  I know some of you are doing that 1600 jelly roll project and I'm not sure if that's the same as the jelly roll race one I've heard about.  Anywho....we've got some jelly rolls!

How was your long weekend? (At least here in the U.S. ~ last week was the Canadian long weekend.)  The weather turned out nicer than what I thought it would be.  Translation ~ I just felt like enjoying the weather outside instead of doing some of the things inside that I should have been doing.  Today is a special day that we honor those who have given so much for our freedom and for our country.  As the wife of a former Marine, I am aware of the depths of their service and am truly thankful for the sacrifices that these men and women make.

Tomorrow?  Well, I have a sales rep coming to show me some fabric!  Wouldn't want to run low now would we?  Jan will be there to help and we'll be cutting some more fabrics for our Shop Hop kits.  There are a few other things we are *playing* with, so it should be another fun filled fabric day @ Fab-Etc.  Have a super week all!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cat in the Hat......

As promised, here is a picture of the cuddly blanket Jan made using the Cat in the Hat panel in the middle.  She says that her grandson, Kaleb, can have it on the Fridays when he's at her house, but the rest of the time it's hers  =)
She used the panel in the middle and then bordered it with the blue print and the red dots....she's letting us hang it for a while before it goes to her house to live, so you might want to stop by and *pet* it.  It's made from Minkee and is sooooooo soft!

Sew....it's the start of a long weekend for lots of you!  I get two days in a row off, since we are closed on Sunday and Monday.  Do you have plans?  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous today (already is).  Diane and I will be working on a few things at the shop today, including getting some more of the pieces cut for our Shop Hop block kits.  I'm just at the last bit of sewing the binding on the "Shasta" quilt Nikki quilted for us, sew I'll finish that today at the shop and then take it home to hand sew the rest.  Oh...the Shop Hop posters arrived late yesterday.  We only have a limited number, so don't wait if you want one.  We also will again be selling the smaller 8 1/2" x 11" laminated posters with The Quilt directions on the back.  Large posters are $7.95 + tax and small are $3 (includes tax).

Enjoy your weekend....I'll be at the shop until 6:00 in case you need anything to work on!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A banner day......

It's a "banner day" around here @ Fab-Etc!  Jan finished this banner that comes as part of the panel I showed you the other day with the Advent Calendar from Riley Blake.  I just noticed when I went to crop the picture that the lights we have around the lattice show up....how apropos.  Sew....the banner says "HOLIDAY CHEER" and was super simple to make ~ well, easy for me to say, since I didn't make it!  But Jan assured me that it truly was easy to make.  We attached it to some JUMBO red ric rac and used some of our fun little clothespins for accent.

Today was another fabric-filled day!  We had a customer cutting both large and small tumblers with the Accuquilt Studio in the morning and several customers from out of town.  We had gotten a lot of fabric, so I managed to get that checked in and sort of find homes for most of it.  Jan was playing with a bright floral stripe and the 60 degree ruler.  Guess what?!?  They've come out with a longer 60 degree ruler ~ makes it great when you want to make the project a bit wider to accommodate the print of the fabric.  I'll definitely be ordering more of those!  And I've been working on a couple of things and have one of them ready for the "layering" stage!  Then, Nikki from The Country Quilter, brought back my "Shasta" quilt ~ it looks super.  Just need to sew the binding on and up it goes!  Pictures soon.  Oh, and Jan brought in the Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat minkee panel all made up.  I wanted to get a picture of it, but lost track of time.  Tomorrow ~ okay?

Hope your week has been a good one so far.  I have some *stuff* I have to take care of tomorrow afternoon, so Harriet and Jan will be cutting fabric for you then.  Okay....another project calls.  Night all!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Maiden voyage......

I've been mentioning to folks the last few weeks that we were going to take our *new to us* camping trailer on her maiden voyage yesterday.  Turned out that the word "voyage" was perfect ~ there was most definitely water involved!  OMG....it hadn't rained here in nearly three weeks, but as we stopped at Fab-Etc Sunday on our way out of town the first raindrops started.  And they pretty much kept going until we got back home this afternoon.  We only went as far as Birch Bay State Park, but we did have a super time, even if it did rain!
I put a picture of these magazines up because this is some of what I brought to occupy my time.  Seems like I never get a chance to really look at the magazines when they come in.  I didn't read all of them, but I did have a good time leisurely thumbing through some of them.  Even got some ideas for projects we might have to try this week!!  We really have a great selection of magazines right now, including the newest Quiltmania (not pictured here).
Harriet and Diane held down the fort today ~ thanks, ladies!  Looks like we got some new fabrics today, too.  Tomorrow, Jan and I will be working on a few things, including tweaking our Shop Hop block and getting serious about cutting 1600 Shop Hop block kits!  She's been playing with the Dr Suess Cat in Hat panel done in Cuddle (minkee fabric).  I'll try to get a picture for you ~ okay?
I'm going to finish putting things back where they belong here tonight and wash a few clothes.  Happy Monday everyone!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


This morning was the monthly meeting of The Applique Society.  It was also the morning of the big surprise for Margo (pictured on the right). She is the new Mommy to Alec and the gals in the group had been secretly making a baby quilt to give her.  Jan got her to help with "show and tell".....everybody *owned up* to which block was theirs and surprised her with the gift.  This quilt is absolutely darling and will be a treasured memory, I am sure.

Other than that, Alicia and I stayed busy helping customers and tidying the place up after our busy day yesterday.  Things look not too bad tonight and should be ready for Monday, Monday.  We figured out the placement for one of my latest projects and helped Alicia pick borders for her 4th of July runner ~ it's going to be very cool!  Can't wait to see both of our finished projects.
Hope your weekend is a good one!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday already.......

Okay, can someone explain to me how it got to be Friday already?  Geez....where did this week go, anyway?  Well, this is a picture of one of the things that happened at Fab-Etc this week.  We are determined to kind of keep up with the *new* stuff as it comes in since our sale a couple of weeks ago.  This is an Advent Calendar from Riley Blake.  It's a panel and is laid out really cool ~ you just fold up the fabric to make the pockets.  And then, you can make what they call *softies* to put in the pockets.  Instead of candy, they represent an activity to do that day, like make cookies, decorate the tree, cut out snowflakes.  Of course, you could add candy or a mixture of activities and candy.  Jan made this for us and it's hanging at the shop.  There's also a banner to make on the same panel and we've started on that too!  Hope you're duly impressed  =)
Today was a fun and very busy day.  Our fav RN Emily has offered to work every now and again when we need her ~ yay!!!  Sew, today she and I worked together.  We were super busy with customers, but she managed to help me get 15 jelly rolls cut and wait on customers too.  At the end of the day, we had our annual visit from our mother/daughter duo from Issaquah!!  They take the train up to Bellingham, hop on a tandem bike (with a baby carrier cart on the back for fabric) and come visit.  As I closed tonight, they were pedaling back to Fairhaven to catch the evening train home.  Thanks for coming again!!
Tomorrow will be good ~ Applique Society in the morning and then, obsessing over a project I'm working on in the afternoon.  I'll probably drive Alicia nuts getting her to help me decide colors!
Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you too!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Vista Quilt Club....

I wanted to share something sew cool with you all.  One of our customers, Mary, is principal at Vista Middle School in Ferndale and some of our other customers either still work at the school or have retired from there.  Anyway....rewind to last fall when Mary announced to the school that they were going to have a new *sport* at Vista - Quilting.  There was LOTS of interest and things got off to a fantastic start with a dozen or more quilters finishing projects before Christmas.  Now, fast forward to the current issue of Ricky Tims' and Alex Anderson's "Quilt Life" magazine.  Through an interview Mary did, Ricky Tims' staff discovered what was going on at Vista.  As it happens, the magazine had an article already in the works about quilting in schools.  Mary got a call from them and did another interview and sent lots of pictures and info that was used in this 6 page story!  I believe that Vista Quilt Club is currently in its third session with new machines donated by Brother and Wild Rose Quilt Shop in Orting.  There are some pretty excited young people (both guys and gals) who are having a blast learning how to sew with the help of the community and a small army of volunteers.  Way to go Vista Middle Schoolers, staff, and volunteers!
Diane and I had a great day @ Fab-Etc today.  I managed to scan all of the new fabrics for the May flash drives ~ we've gotten 35 new batiks already this month!  And today, we got some new wide backs, flamingos and Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat minkee fabric!!  It's wonderful....there's a panel and a few coordinates.  I'm putting the last borders on a project and then getting the batting and backing to send off with Nikki from the Country Quilter.  (I told her that I just took down the last sample I had that she'd quilted, so we needed to have another one!)  Jan will be there tomorrow and she'll be finishing up a Riley Blake Advent Calendar called Alpine Wonderland.  It's cute as all get out and has a banner on the panel too that might have to be the next project!
Hope you had a wonderful Monday enjoying the glorious sunshine!  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just checking in to wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day!  This was the scene in our backyard this afternoon.  After lunch (everybody brought *stuff*....yum!), Grandpa John aka the retired guy, informed these two that Grandma Carol could use some help watering her plants  =)  Let the fun begin!  Let's just say that it's a good thing that it was a warm sunny afternoon and their shorts would dry quickly hanging on the fence!
Hope you enjoyed the day and the beautiful weather we were having in the Pacific Northwest.
More fabric news tomorrow....need to tidy the kitchen up and get ready for another fun-filled week @ Fab-Etc!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

PUL prints.....

I just realized I forgot to share this with all of you in *blogland*.  I put a picture of these up on the Fabric-Etc Facebook page last week (link at the top of this page...."like" us ~ okay?)  They came in during the sale and I managed to put a picture up using my phone.....thanks for the help, Emily!  What are they, besides cute?  Glad you asked!  They are PUL prints.  You know, the polyeurethane laminate that is being used for diaper covers, bibs and anything you want to be cute and waterproof at the same time =)  Before, they just came in solid colors, but recently, prints have started to be available.  The PUL was first developed in hospitals, so can stand up to the many washings needed for most of these projects.
How was your day today?  The sun was out and we are due for more and more of that, plus a little more warmth to go along with it!  I am excited about that because almost all of the family will be gathering in the backyard this Sunday!  Our house is on the small side, so it's always great when we can *spread out* a bit!  I took the afternoon off and brought in some provisions to feed everybody.
Tomorrow, Harriet and I will be having fun at the shop.  I see some new books have arrived and a few more of the "bling" lanyards.  I've got a couple of projects partway done, so I REALLY need to get them finished!  The kiddos from 4-H will be meeting in the back in the afternoon, so it promises to be another action-packed day @ Fab-Etc.  Pop in if you need anything....we do have some *stuff* for Mom's Day gifts and as always, have gift certificates!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Right on cue....

Right on cue yesterday, the FedEx and UPS trucks pulled up with about 25 bolts of new fabric!  Thanks again for helping us make room for them last week.  What did we get?  There are "Funky Kitties" in sherbet colors.  A couple of warm brown/rust tone groups.  Another Christmas line "Poinsettia".  How about cupcakes and some *sprinkles* to match?  Pink/orange Contempo Dots and a great lime/black group from Benartex's new line Kanvas.  And then, the latest from French General "Petite Odile" (charm packs too).  They're all out on the table there 'cuz Diane managed to get them cut for me and I got them all scanned for the May virtual fabric flash drives!  Woohoo!!

Today?  Well, Alicia and I will be tidying again.  Have to move a few things around and then Jan B will be leading the Tuesday Just Takes 2 group in the afternoon.  Both Alicia and I have machines here today, so we thought we might sew on some store samples too?  We'll see.

Okay....got to go and open the doors for all of you fabric lovers out there.  Have a terrific Tuesday all!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Whew....that was a very busy few days we had at Fab-Etc!  LOTS of you came for our annual Spring Cleaning Sale ~ thank you so much for helping us make some room for the new fabrics we have coming in.  We usually have the sale a week or so earlier, but Miss Ellie's birthday party took precedence this year.  I'm sure you all understand that family has to come first....especially when they are as cute as Elliana  =)

This is a picture of the placemats that Jan made from a panel we have at the shop.  She, Alicia and I agonized over what to put with it to make it absolutely perfect!  Doesn't it look great?  And how quick and easy they are to do!  There are even still some left after the sale!

How was your Sunday?  Hope you enjoyed the day and the sun!  The retired guy and I took the horse car out for a run this afternoon.  We stopped in Fairhaven for some halibut and chips at the Fairhaven Fish Co.  Yummmmm.  Then, we rode down Chuckanut to Larrabee State Park to scope out good campsite numbers and then, did the same at Bayview State Park.  At Bayview, we went down to the beach and sat in the beautiful sunshine for a while.  It was a low tide and we watched the tide come back in and then came home.  Ahhhhh...... 

Tomorrow, Diane and I will be putting things back where they belong after the sale.  Hope your week is starting out to be a good one!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Cleaning 2012 ~ Day One.......

Sew....this was the first day of our annual Spring Cleaning Sale.  Here's a picture of what the Clearance table looked like when we opened the door to LOTS of shoppers this morning.  Okay....it doesn't look much like this right now =)  We had lots of fun today and so did our customers!  They loved taking advantage of the fabrics and *stuff* in our Clearance section.  Not to mention the 25% off the rest of the fabric in the shop.  We took quite a few empty bolts to the cardboard recycle today!  But not to worry....there is still some fabric left for you if you want to stop in!
We did get a few new bolts of fabric today.  I got some of them checked in.  There's a new wool, a sweater fabric and a gorgeous jersey weight knit in green.  A poinsettia group is here from Clothworks that will go out in the morning (second prize in the earliest Christmas group!)
Tomorrow, we have the pleasure of our RN Emily joining the rest of the Fabettes to work!  She has a little bit of spare time in her new job and on-line studies, so will be helping out from time to time this summer.  We cannot wait to catch up with her!
Hope you get a chance to stop by and take advantage of the sale.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring cleaning.....

Well, just one busy day left and then it's time for the Fabric-Etc Annual Spring Cleaning Sale!  This is a picture of the newest Quilt Sampler magazine that arrived yesterday.  I need to grab my copy today, because they always disappear very quickly!  And with that many folks through the store this week.......
The last few days, I've been looking at every bolt of fabric and every magazine, book, pattern, sample and tool to see if it still needs to live here or go home with one of you  =)  I've got over 200 bolts of fabric up for adoption (well, you don't have to buy the whole bolt, just at least 1/8 of a yard!)  Plus, we've got the aforementioned patterns, mags, books, etc.  Plus, all the other fantastic fabric will be 25% off. And, we are open until 8:00 Thursday!  All this, because we need to make room for more fantastic fabric!
After our monthly Tea Party today, Jan, Linda, Diane and I are going to set the place up for the sale.  It will be a fun week!  Hope to see some of you.  I'll try and get a picture this afternoon after we get set up.  Happy Wednesday!