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Sunday, April 29, 2012

And a good time was had by all.....

How was your weekend?  Did you enjoy the dry weather and get a few things done?  To the left here, are pictures of one of the fun things I got to do this weekend.  Remember the bib I showed you a few posts ago that I made for our Elliana's first birthday?  Well, the retired guy and I got to go to her first birthday party Saturday afternoon!  Harriet and Linda  worked that afternoon so I could go ~ THANKS you two!!

The first picture is before things really got rolling.  You see, she took a nap and things were just fine.  Then, when she woke up, the house was jumping with friends, cousins, aunties, uncles, grandmas and grandpas.  What's a girl to think about all of that?!?  The next picture is Ellie sitting on her Aunt Lydia's lap, modeling the bib so Grandma Carol could "get a picture for my blog"!  At any rate, a good time was had by all.  (I have scads more pictures, but I won't do that to you!)
Saturday was off to a great start at the shop when I left for the party.  Sharon was teaching her Beginning Hand Quilting class to a group of students.  There were folks in from all over looking for fabric for their projects.  And it looks like things kept hopping after I left too.
This week will definitely be a very busy one.  Did you get your postcard?  We are having our Spring Cleaning Sale Thursday-Saturday.  Sew....we've been going through everything getting ready to mark down fabrics and clear out patterns, books, samples.  I'll be sending an e-mail tomorrow to remind you as well.  And of course, Wednesday is our Tea Party too, so what a full week we will have!
Okay.....got to finish e-mail; pay some bills; work on newsletter, etc.  Happy Sunday night!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Dinner is served.....

Sew....remember the darling little girl bib I showed you the other day?  And remember how I said Jan was making one for a little guy?  Here it is!!  Can't you just see some little cutie sitting in a high chair at a restaurant or family party all decked out like this?!?  There are two other styles in the pattern and she's going to make the one with the *businessman* tie next ~ and in patriotic colors!  I'll be sure to post pictures.

Well, this has been a great week so far.  Tracey and I had a little bit of a break for an hour or so today, but other than that, we stayed pretty busy helping folks with their projects.  Not a lot of freight today ~ some re-ordered vintage pin dots in a few colors.  I managed to get the flash drives ready to be updated for April, so I'll finish that over the weekend.  I wanted to finish the hand sewing on some placemats Jan finished, but not to be.

Tomorrow, Sharon is teaching the Beginning Handquilting class.  And Harriet and Linda will be taking over in the afternoon so the retired guy and I can go to Miss Ellie's first birthday party!  I'll try and get a picture of her in the new bib. And I made three quick Batman pillowcases for the three little boys that will be there tomorrow ~ wouldn't want them to feel left out now, would we?  Can't wait to see everyone.  Then, it will be back home to work on that end of/beginning of month *stuff* and my 1st quarter taxes ~ nothing like waiting until the last minute!  Oh well......

Hope your weekend is a fun one.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


WOW....that was what Harriet, Jan and I kept saying when Judy brought this project in yesterday!  We had seen a few bits and pieces as she's been working on it, but hadn't seen it all put together.  It's really amazing.  I guess an on-line group she belongs to had the idea of making some of the blocks at this Harry Potter fan site.  They were going to make them at the rate of two/month.  All of the blocks are paper pieced, which Judy had never done before.  She was quickly hooked and making blocks like crazy.  Interestingly, she had never read any of the Harry Potter books, so had to get one to see what some of the blocks were all about!  We're encouraging her to put it in the Fair this summer so everyone can see it.  She's at the quilting stage now...should be great.  Here's the site with the blocks if you're interested http://www.fandominstitches.com/p/hp.html#POD

Been another busy week here!  My goodness, I don't know if it's just the cooler weather this week or what, but you guys are sewing up a storm!  That's okay, we can handle it =)  Jan and I had a busy day today.  We had been collaborating/obsessing over a placemat panel we'd never done anything with yesterday.  Then Alicia popped in with a darling bag made from one of our new patterns (that's a future post!)  Sew, of course, we had to drag her in on it!  We finally made a decision this morning and Jan got most of it done....pictures to follow.  I've been trying to clear a path in our back storage area with limited success.  I'll be tackling that again tomorrow before I turn things over to Harriet and Linda when the retired guy and I go off in search of a little girls' plastic tea set for Miss Ellie's party on Saturday.  Oh, how fun!!

Hope your week is a good one so far.  If you're in the sewing mood, stop by and let us help you play too!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Here kitty, kitty.....

Diane brought this critter in on Saturday with the announcement that he is now her favorite of the Helene Knott Garden Patch Cat series!  His name is "Le Arti-Chat".  I played a bit but couldn't get the colors quite as good as they are in person, so you'll have to go and take a look at him the next time you are in!  This is #22 in the series.  Diane is so great at this technique and has been such a trooper to make every single one of them.  We have quite the *rogues gallery* in the back class area thanks to her!

Sew, did you enjoy the sunshine this weekend?  Get your hands dirty playing in your gardens?  I did a little around the yard in between bookwork and *stuff* for the shop.  I finally finished the binding on the little topper made from the 30's group Adeline.  It's actually hanging behind the counter.  Jan did the quilting and most of the work on it....looks super.  Speaking of whom, Jan's working with me today and I'm wondering if she'll bring the little guy bib she was working on so I can show you a picture.  It's too cute!

Well, I've got to run.... couple of things to do still before I head to the shop.  Hope your week is good so far!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Now it's working.....

Okay.....sorry if you already saw this on our Facebook page.  *Google Blogger* wasn't happy with my current web browser, so decided not to let me play with them anymore until I switched to their browser. Oh well.  Sew.....this is a picture of a very cute bib I made this week ~ hooray, I finished something!!  It's going to hang at the shop until Saturday morning.  Then, it's going with the retired guy and I to Miss Ellie's first birthday party!  Is it just too cute, or what?  I'm going to try and make another one to leave at the shop for a sample.  The question is....should I make it the same as this one, or try another one of the cute fabrics we have?  Hmmmmm.....I am thinking about the Riley Blake "Apple of My Eye" group.  I have to tell you that there's a little guy pattern too.  Jan is making her grandson one from that.  She's doing the one that looks like a little tuxedo first.  Pictures soon!!

Hope your weekend is going well.  Alicia and I were busy today!  The Applique Society met this morning.  WOW... Patty M was there showing the group how to make Panamanian molas.  Her work was magnificent!!!  We are so fortunate to have them meeting at the shop with Jan B leading the group ~ then we are able to see all of the fantastic *show and tell*.

Hope you get a chance to enjoy the promise of sun and warmer weather tomorrow.  I'll be doing some office-type work, running a few errands and hoping to play a bit with some flower pots.  Have a super Sunday!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Measuring up......

Look at what we have! This is a twill tape made to look like a measuring tape. Isn't it just fun? You may or may not ever have a use for it, but we have it in case you do! As for us, we'll probably tie up some half yard or fat quarter bundles with it....or maybe some jelly rolls or kits. I think it must have been designed by someone who is used to the metric system, though.....numbers go from one to ten and then start over. Oh yeah, I guess that's most of the rest of the world, huh? Anyway, thought you should see it.

How's your week? Gosh, how did it get to be Friday already? Don't feel like I've accomplished much, but I guess we have. Got the e-mail sent this week, which is always a pretty big job ~ did you get yours? And today, I am going to finish something....I'll show you a picture this weekend ~ okay? Harriet and Linda manned the fort yesterday afternoon and I did get some groceries and cheer the retired guy on as he put the fence back up after we made room for the *new to us* little travel trailer.

I see the first bolts of Shop Hop fabric arrived yesterday....guess that means we need to start thinking about getting serious with our block kits one of these days! Guess I better make a sample block for the shop and start planning. Hope your Friday is a good one.....hear the sun is supposed to shine this weekend. Enjoy!

Monday, April 16, 2012

New week.....

Here's to another fun filled week! Last week was full of fun as well. I celebrated what I called my *Beatles Birthday*......you know, "Will you still need me, will you still feed me....yikes....I'm 64!" It really doesn't feel like I am that old until I try to do way too much ~ or look in the mirror =)

And at Fab-Etc we had just a super week that ended on a very busy note Saturday. I kind of thought that since the weather was going to be soooo nice it might be a little, shall we say, dead, on Saturday. Oh my....not the case at all. Diane and I were just hopping all day. Fortunately, Tracey had come in to use the design wall, so she jumped in and helped too. Thanks, Tracey! I thought I would be getting lots of other *stuff* done, but it just didn't happen. I was going to get my e-mail update ready and the mail list all caught up and some blocks sewn together for my Shasta project. Oh well.....there's always this week!

Today, I went to the Tri-County Meeting bright and early this morning. We had a grand time critiquing the Quilt Tour and making plans for our next few things on the radar. I got to see almost all of the quilts, since all of the shop owners brought theirs. You all were right ~ very creative job done by everyone! Harriet and Diane held things together while I was gone. This new Quilts and More magazine arrived today, but I only got a minute or two to browse through it. Looks like some good projects, as usual. And then we stayed busy until I closed the doors at 6:00.

Tonight I'm catching up laundry and hoping to get that email ready to send Tuesday. Tomorrow, Jan and I will have a grand time working on some projects and helping customers. What is your week looking like? Sewing? Gardening? Or......?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Please pass the muffins....

Okay....I've been wanting to show this to you, but had a hard time getting the pattern in again! But 9 of them arrived this afternoon ~ yippee!! Alicia made this fun little "bread basket" last week. It's from a Legacy pattern called "Bread, Steam & Serve". She's had the pattern for a while and just got the super idea to make it out of the blueberry muffin fabric we have. But wait....there's more! If you were to open this up, not only would you find the *food* fat quarters we put inside there, but the other side of the flap is blueberries! How fun is that? She says the pattern is super simple to make and doesn't take much fabric or time. Take a look at it the next time you are in....it would make a wonderful wedding or shower gift paired with a cookbook or muffin tin, wouldn't it?

This has been a great week at Fab-Etc. We are catching up on a few things and starting a few more! I caught up on all of the April fabric scans for the flash drives today. Not a ton of freight came in this week...mostly just re-orders on some basics. I'm sewing the binding on a topper we started too long ago. I also am working on a free pattern that came with the "Shasta" group of fabric from Clothworks. Harriet's been making books, with one more to go, I think. We're eyeing a couple of new groups and thinking mother/daughter aprons.

Tomorrow? Well, Tracey's coming in early to play with a project in the design wall. I am meeting a sales rep early too. Then Diane and I will be tidying and helping customers the rest of the day. What do you have planned for the weekend? Something outdoors? Supposed to be pretty darn nice! If you're in the neighborhood, pop in for a visit!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Elvis has left the building......

Did I get your attention with that one? Good.....Elvis really wasn't here ~ surprise! Okay, The 2012 Shop Hop block for Fabric-Etc has left the building, though. I swear, I agonize over these doggone things more very year. You would think it would get easier as the years go by, but no, it seems to be getting harder! I don't have a block to show you. We will have to make another one for a store sample....maybe next week?

Sew....after the envelope left in the mail, I managed to get out Miss Ellie's birthday jacket. I only had some topstitching, buttons and a little handstitching on the lining left to do. Hip, hip hooray! It's a done deal. You have to imagine the face of a darling one year old granddaughter (in a couple of weeks) under that hood! Until her birthday party, I'm going to hang it in the shop. The pattern is by Jackie Clark and is called "Cute As A Button"....which it certainly is. Can't wait to see if it comes close to fitting her. The sizes go all the way from newborn to 4T, so you really get your money's worth.

Today, the second group of Just Takes 2 met at the shop. They're having fun with the blocks and it's great fun to see how different everyone's projects are. Jan and I are in a *finish* mode this week. She finished the books that Harriet started and now is quilting on Adeline and close to finishing that too! Feels very good to get something accomplished!

Hope your week has been good so far. More to come later this week. Thanks for being interested in our fabric journey and thanks for listening to my ramblings about it! Have a pleasant evening.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Material girl.....

This is a panel we got this week. It's been a pretty HOT seller already! It's from the Pickles comic strip and has some great lines - "You knew I was a material girl when you married me!" I haven't been asking people what they are going to do with them....one gal bought one for herself and then a couple more for friends. It puts a smile on your face, so maybe they'll just hang them up in their sewing areas! =) And I must tell you that we have gotten some of the cutest prints in lately! Yesterday, the entire line of Riley Blake's "Apple of My Eye" came in. It is SUPER cute. Can't wait to get that Shop Hop block in the mail so I can play some more!

Speaking of putting a smile on your face....the weather was pretty darn nice today, wasn't it? I took the afternoon off and managed to clean the bathroom, wash clothes and vacuum in between popping outside from time to time! Last weekend the retired guy and I made a trip to Tacoma to look at a *new to us* little travel trailer. The thought was, maybe we could go a few miles down the road every now and then and I wouldn't be tempted to work too much! We found a great little one that had been well taken care of. Now....we have to wait for the hitch to arrive so we can go retrieve it next week. But, this also meant tearing out the fence and making a gravelled pad for it. So, that's how the week has been around my house. How are things at your place? Okay....got to go and *supervise* the outside work =) Have a lovely weekend, whatever you have planned!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm all ears.......

Happy Wednesday all! And....because it is the first Wednesday of the month, it was our Tea Party day. Nancy, our *southern Canadian* (lives in Canada, but is from the southern U.S.), brought us these bunny ears to celebrate the season! I snapped this picture of Linda and Jan to send to Tracey. She couldn't make the party today, so we had to show her how much fun she was missing! And, yes, I wore my bunny ears too. You have to envision the whole table sitting there with bunny ears and sipping their tea and eating scones and most definitely laughing!! What a grand time we have each month. Always great Show and Tell and just fun catching up with everyone. Hey ~ you should join us sometime!

This is a picture of the latest Quiltmania magazine that arrived this week. And, boy, no freight earlier in the week ~ that's cuz it all came in today!! We got some spring-y colored prints, some dragons, Northwest native American prints, Asian fabrics, wool batting, and some basics to boot! Tomorrow, Harriet and I will try and find some homes for a few of the new fabrics we've received. We'll also be working on some new projects, too.

How's your week going so far? Wasn't the sun a nice touch today? Wonder if it will stick around at all? Well, I better get to some book work and hopefully, just a wee bit of sewing. Have a lovely evening!

Monday, April 2, 2012

New fabric...new runner.....

Remember I told you we were working on getting new samples? Well, this is a runner made with one of our new fabric lines "Fruit Slices". Isn't it fun? The picture didn't really turn out all that great....no matter how I tried to tweak it in Paint Shop Pro, it just wouldn't be as perky as it is in person! Guess you'll just have to stop in and see it for yourself! The runner pattern is called "Fundamentally Fun" I think and is from Tiger Lily Press. It uses kind of an interesting technique to get this wavy look...no curved piecing! You cannot tell from the picture, but I still have about 6" of binding to sew down =) Later tonight!

It's been a fun few days at the shop. Diane and I were hopping both Saturday and again today. Friday, Harriet and I worked on some projects. She's trying to put some of the new book panels together and I was working on the aforementioned samples. Not TONS of new fabric last week, but a gorgeous sweet pea and lilac group in lavender/purples came in. That was probably the fabric highlight of the week.

Tomorrow, Jan will be back from her Applique Society Retreat. Can't wait to hear all about the fun she had last week. We have to get a Shop Hop block figured out this week and in the mail next week - yikes! Hope your week started out well....I'm off to sew those last few inches of binding.