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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Scalloped Apron.....

As promised, this is a picture of a darling apron Linda made. The pattern is from Paisley Pincushion and has sizes from little girls to adults. Doesn't it just look so spring-like? This is a new group of fabric we got in a few weeks ago. She also made a potholder from the *leftovers* using the Easy Foldy Potholder pattern. Be sure to take a look at this duo the next time you are at the shop.

Well, we've managed to get just about everything back in order around Fabric-Etc. There's some fuzzies on the floor by the new elephant fleece that I need to vacuum up and a pattern rack that needs moving, but other than that, it's looking pretty good around here! Today, Diane had a class for the Spelling Beasts. All of the students were making DOG. Pretty cute! We're on a mission to get some samples up using some of our new fabrics. I started a fun runner made using some interesting techniques. Hope to finish that ASAP!

Supposed to be a pretty *breezy* night around here. Hope you've got everything tied down at your place. Just finished some paperwork and now might try and sew a bit before I grab my book and hit the hay. Hoping the first half of your week has been a good one!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We noticed a lot of you were pretty happy with the addition of the charms to the Tour this year. I forgot to show all of you what ours is. This is a picture of it. Says, "I love quilting". You may remember from a few posts back, that we made our "charming" Fabette to showcase the charms you could collect from each of the shops with a $10 purchase.

Yesterday was "clean up" day after the Tour. Diane and I just kept plugging away in between customers to get the shop put back together. It doesn't look too bad right now. Linda will help me *fine tune* it in the next couple of days. Diane is teaching her Spelling Beasts class again this Wednesday, so we need to have the class area looking pretty good by then!

We got some great new prints right before the Tour that don't really have homes yet, so I'll be fiddling around with those. And I am really behind on scanning in all of the new prints for our flash drives that need to be ready by the 1st of April! Today, I know on my list is to get a picture of the darling apron Linda made from a Paisley Pincushion pattern. The sizing is all the way from children to adult. You'll really like it!

Well, better get a move on here and get over to the shop. Hope your Tuesday is a good one!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Last Tour day....

"Sew Northwest" Quilt Tour 2012 is but a pleasant memory this evening! We had soooo much fun with all of our visitors over the last few days. I had to show you this picture from today. This is the amazing raffle quilt from Moonlight Quilt Guild. They're calling it "Baltimore Meets Bellingham" since it's a takeoff on a traditional Baltimore Album quilt using *nontraditional* fabrics. It is truly amazing! Tickets were for sale during the Tour today.

Hope some of you got a chance to visit a few, if not all, of the 13 shops that participated in the Tri-County Tour this year. The charms seemed to be a huge hit. FYI, we do have some left and will be selling them at the shop beginning next week. Ours was the "I Love Quilting" charm.

Okay....I am officially tired. A little paperwork, tidying around here and then bed. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

2012 Quilt Tour.....

Here we were....all ready for our guests on the Quilt Tour 2012! We've got our quilt on display; patterns ready to hand out; and see our *charming* girl waving at you? We've got patterns for the charm bracelet idea; patterns for our quilt and LOTS of other fun stuff. And then, lots of you showed up to Tour!! We've had such a grand time visiting with folks from around the area and across the border. Thank you so much for coming! Every year it's fun to hear you all say how much you enjoy this event ~ seeing the same 13 blocks used in 13 very different quilts. And the charms? You all seem to love that idea! Today, Lin was at the shop selling baked goods to raise $$$ for the 3 Day Walk in Seattle to find a cure! YUM. Tomorrow, she's going to be up at Tangled Threads, so look for her and get some goodies for a coffee break. After all, one must keep one's strength up!

Sew....there are two days left. Gather a couple of buddies and head out for a fun trip. Harriet, Tracey, Alicia and I will be there tomorrow to welcome you. Hope you can come join in the fun!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Charmed, I'm sure....

Sew.....we were sitting around the table at the beginning of last week having a binding party for THE QUILT. Harriet, Jan and I each had a side and Alicia was refereeing the control of the thread and scissors =) "Sew," I said. "Let's think of a way we can show off the charms that we'll be giving away with a $10 purchase during the Tour." Since we'd all been working really hard on THE QUILT, we got kind of silly with ideas, one of which was trying to find a hand mannequin. "WAIT....that's it!" "Alicia (our resident artist), draw me a hand!" Sew, Alicia drew us this hand and Jan and I managed to find some fabrics, get it fused, stitched, quilted and bound. Harriet went to work on her charm bracelet with all of the charms from the shops. Bling! She needs bling! We found a great button on the rack for her finger! And those fingernails....too cool! For your pleasure, we have a few kits to make her and also have patterns for sale in case you'd like to have a very fun way to use those charms you're going to collect. Don't you just love our newest Fabette!?! We have her in the back by the quilt, so you'll have to take a minute to check her out. We've been coming up with some fun things for her to say and putting them in some little "speech bubbles" like in the comics. Maybe we'll have a few blank ones there so you can add one of your own.

That's all I have for tonight. Still have a bit of printing to do. Would love to see some of you in the next few days.....will report on day one of the Tour tomorrow night!

Fabric-Etc's "Sew Northwest"......

Ta da!! Here's the Team Fab-Etc quilt for the Tour this week. As I said in the last post, we built quilt shops around each of the 9" blocks designed by the shops ("Sew Northwest"!) Remember, you can get a bigger picture by clicking on the image. Since there were 13 shops, we made our block four times and ended up with 16 blocks. We "floated" them and then went to a spool border (Sew Northwest!) We "floated" that border and then went to an appliqued border with a vine and notions ("Sew Northwest"!) Jan was our official "Border Babe". She used her expertise to help us figure out the vine and place it and the appliques before we had to sew the borders on. Harriet helped "nail the appliques down" with the iron. Then Jan, Diane and I loaded our machines with one colored thread and worked on stitching the appliques down and then we sewed the borders to the quilt. The appliques are just so fun! We have spools of thread, scissors, buttons, thimbles, pincushions and a special pincushion too. We sell these darling pincushions that are made locally. Some of them are made in teacups. First, we were just going to use a teacup in the border because we have a once a month Tea Party at the shop. But then, Alicia, Jan and I got the idea to make a teacup pincushion in honor of Sandy's pincushions. We loved it!! Harriet and Linda made all of the "stitch" marks on all of those buttons. We handed it off to Tracey (Sew What) and she beautifully quilted it.

We'd love to have you come and see it *up close and personal*. Each of the shops is open from 9-6 Wednesday through Saturday for the Tour. Remember, you'll get a free pattern for each shop's block and get to see a wonderful Quilt Tour featuring 13 very different quilts all from the same 13 blocks. I'm going to blog the other fun thing Team Fab-Etc has in store for you in just a few minutes - okay?

"Sew Northwest" Block Party 13......

Okay....nobody left but us! This is our block and this is what we did with each of the blocks. We designed a house block in EQ7 and used each of the 9" blocks to build a quilt shop. Alicia used her embroidery skills and embroidered the names of each shop with the year they were established. (Bet you were wondering how I knew all those years I was quoting lately!?!) Fabric-Etc opened in 1997 as Fabric Expressions in Barkley Village. It moved to its current location in 2000 and became Fabric-Etc in 2006. Hope you can come and see us for the Tour this week! I'm going to unveil THE QUILT in the next post. And then, another fun thing we have going tomorrow. Be back in a minute or two!

"Sew Northwest" Block Party 12......

This is the last block before ours and the *unveiling* of THE QUILT. I'm at the shop, so this will have to be short and sweet, since Jan is having to man the counter and help the customers in here by herself! This block is from Calico Country just up the road a piece from us! Calico Country has been in business the longest of all the shops in Whatcom County ~ since 1983! Mary's shop used to be in downtown Lynden. Right now it's just before you get to downtown....close to the Fairgrounds in the Fairway Shopping Center. She has a wide selection of fabrics, and like us, she carries some apparel-type fabrics like fleece. There are so many great things to do in picturesque Lynden and places to have a bite to eat, be sure to plan enough time to visit all three fabric shops there and grab some pie at Dutch Mothers' Restaurant! (I miss my mom and being able to take her there for bumbleberry pie.)

Okay....off to finish setting things up for tomorrow. Our block and quilt tonight!

"Sew Northwest" Block Party 11......

Did you know there are two fabric stores in beautiful downtown Anacortes? If you read this blog, you probably did, but I had to ask anyway =) But did you know this? Fabrics Plus has been in business since 1971!! WOW! I'm not sure how long Joan has been the owner....I'll have to ask her at our next meeting. Her shop has loads of great fabrics. Many of my customers have told me that when nobody else seems to have what they are looking for, they find it at Fabrics Plus. This is their block. It was the first block I made when we got ready to try out our *idea* for the fabrics and setting of THE QUILT.

Okay, I am off to the shop in just a little bit. I would add the last photo right now, but it didn't turn out....it's on the bottom row of THE QUILT, sew when we move the *stuff* around it this morning, I can get a good picture and post it this afternoon. Tonight ~ pics of THE QUILT and one of our newest creations! Stay tuned.

Monday, March 19, 2012

"Sew Northwest" Block Party 10......

About 25 miles or so south of Bellingham is Calico Creations in Mt. Vernon. This is their block. (When I see it all by itself, and not in THE QUILT, it looks kind of patriotic, doesn't it?) Cinda's shop is located in downtown Mt. Vernon. I've always been envious of those tall ceilings she has ~ she can and does display some really awesome quilts with that longer wall space! And fabric? She has some great fabric lines and a wonderful selection of patterns and samples to go with them. Our Tri-County meetings are held in the space she rents next door that is used for her classes and I think she rents it out for "mini retreats" too. Sew, after the meetings, we get a chance to see what she has done since the last time! If you're going to the Tulip Festival next month, you need to pop in and look around.

What a busy day today! Lots of customers, plus getting some of our *stuff* ready for the Tour. Tonight I am printing some more of my block patterns to hand out and putting the final touches on the pattern for THE QUILT. It always makes me nervous to write up a pattern....did I miss anything? Sew....before I hit *print* I like to go over it a few dozen times =) Okay, that's what I am off to do. Last two blocks and then the unveiling of THE QUILT!

"Sew Northwest" Block Party 9......

Good Monday morning! Let's zip down I-5 to Everett ~ okay? This is the block from The Needle & I. I've seen it called a T block, 4 T's or Capital T's. Georgia opened her shop in 2006 and this year she's Madame President of the Tri-County group. Needle & I is a Bernina dealer. I know after our local Bernina dealer retired and before we had another one, many of my customers found out that they provided excellent service in Everett. Not only do they have machines, but they have fabric! What a super combination ~ right? I've noticed that they also offer a wide variety of classes there too. Sew....next time you're whizzing down the freeway, you might consider hopping off in Everett and visiting them.

I'm off to Fab-Etc in just a bit. Diane and I are going to box up some charm squares and roll some fat quarters of Kansas Troubles fabric, in case anyone is inspired by our quilt. And then, we're going to see about finding homes for some of the fabrics that have come lately. Poor things are left sitting on the floor!! Have a good day.....I'll be back later with more blocks.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Sew Northwest" Block Party 8......

The sun came out for a while today! Yippee!! That made me think that it might have been a great day for a trip over to Anacortes. No....I couldn't go because I am in the middle of printing and writing "stuff" for the Quilt Tour on Wednesday. But this is the block from The Quilt Shop in Anacortes. The Quilt Shop has actually been in business since 1987. I didn't know this, but it was originally in Stanwood! Not sure what year it moved over to Anacortes. Maybe you could ask Cathy or Mary when you visit. The shop is full of wonderful fabrics and they have some great classes to offer there too. I always ask customers if they've looked in Anacortes when they are searching for nautical fabrics. And I think they get lots of tourists from all over too, since they are on the glide path to the ferry! Hope you get a chance to pop in there during the tour. If not, then maybe in April for the Quilt Walk, Tulip Festival or their local guild's quilt show April 6-7.

I told the retired guy I wouldn't call him a Fabette, but Team Fab-Etc is indebted to him for his computer/tech-y skills today. I had some *stuff* I needed to put in the pattern for THE QUILT and he worked his magic and made it look super and simple for me to use!

Okay, it's Monday tomorrow, in case you hadn't noticed. Guess I should finish up here and call it a night soon. Last few blocks in the next two days and then the Fab-Etc unveiling. Night all!

"Sew Northwest" Block Party 7......

As long as you were over at Two Thimbles in Bellingham last night, you should definitley go the 8-10 blocks and stop at Fourth Corner Quilts on your way to the freeway! This is their leaf block ~ sorry about the angle....kind of chops the corner off some of the edges, but I didn't seem to get my camera straight on =( But the leaf definitely makes you think *Northwest* and Fourth Corner defintely makes you think *Sew*! Julia opened the business in 2003 and now Fourth Corner Quilts is our local Janome and Handi Quilter dealer. They also have a really wide selection of Kaffe Fassett and Amy Butler fabrics, as well as other contemporary lines.

Sew....that puts us over half way through the blocks. I'm going to check back later in the day with one or two more. Any snowflakes at your house? None here, but south of here my daughter had a few this morning! Off to do some chores! TTYL

Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Sew Northwest" Block Party 6......

The newest of the 6 (you heard me right ~ 6) shops in Whatcom County is Two Thimbles and this is their block for the Tour. Lee opened her shop in 2007 just on the edge of downtown Bellingham. She has a super selection of Civil War prints, including a Jo Morton corner! They also have a fun pincushion each month that they feature with both kits and patterns. The store isn't just Civil War prints, though. She brings in contemporary lines and nationally known teachers. If you get to Bellingham, be sure to pop in and check them out!

Whew....I am still winding down from a very busy Saturday at the shop. The gals from Applique Society were strong in number this morning and having lots of fun. I just love it when you hear, "WOW....ooooh..." from back there. That means we all need to poke our heads around the corner and see who's got show and tell held up for all to see!! Diane and I kept hopping today helping customers and trying to tidy things up. We did pretty well. Alicia popped in and cheered us on for a little while too!

How's your weekend looking? Me? Well, I have a pattern to finish for our Tour quilt setting; some printing to do; and definitely some laundry to catch up on. In fact, the dryer is about to shut off. More Quilt Tour blocks tomorrow!

"Sew Northwest" Block Party 5......

Just up the road from Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop is The Quiltmaker's Shoppe in Arlington. A little over a year ago, Marty and Kim who started the Shoppe, decided they'd like to "retire" and spend more time with family and those darling grandkids! Enter Deb, who took over the reins (with lots of help and support from Marty and Kim). Last year was her first year participating in the Tour, but she's a seasoned veteran by now! Their fun block has a spool in the center with a measuring tape around it. You can't see it very well in the picture, but the tape is embroidered with inch marks. Pretty darn cute and "Sew Northwest-y". If you find yourself in their neighborhood, be sure to take the time to visit Arlington. There are great shops, bakeries, restaurants as well as fabulous fabric @ The Quiltmaker's Shoppe!

I am off in just a few minutes to finish setting up for Applique Society and getting the coffee and hot water going for this fun bunch. Hope your Saturday is a good one, albeit a wet one so far! More blocks tonight after I get home again!

Friday, March 16, 2012

"Sew Northwest" Block Party 4......

Let's jump up to Smokey Point for the next block. This is from Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop just north of Everett. Carrol's shop is a little over a block off of I-5 ~ that's Carrol with two r's....not like me with just one r =) She has a very fun atmosphere in her store that even includes an espresso machine!! How could that not be a great shopping experience? She is also a "needleturn applique queen" like our Jan and she has the quilts to prove it! She was the president of our Tri-County Quilt Merchants' Association last year and is acting as vice-president this year. Hope you get a chance to stop in on the Tour and say howdy!

Today was soooo busy. Harriet and I were putting together some of the fabrics we cut up yesterday and trying to tidy up. That last part didn't happen! I ended up running back over to the shop after dinner tonight to do a little straightening so I would be ready for the gals from the Applique Society meeting @ Fab-Etc in the morning! Part of the *mess* was the fact that we got more of the darling elephant fleece/minky today and of course, as soon as it came out of the box folks were wanting to buy it! (It tends to *shed* a bit when you first cut it!)

Tomorrow? More fabric fun as Diane helps me finish the tidying process. Plus...more Tour blocks for your pleasure! Night all.

"Sew Northwest" Block Party 3......

Okay....let's jump to the other end of the Tour. This cute basket block is from Keepsake Cottage in Bothell. Julie has just a wonderful shop in the Country Village there. It's really easy to find and they have a super selection of fabrics. I have to tell you that when my daughter, Lydia, first graduated from college with her teaching degree she started "subbing" in the North Shore School District. She decided that she wanted to teach there when a job came open. Sew....she's been teaching at a school right down the hill, up another hill around the corner from Keepsake for quite a few years now. When she first went down there, she excitedly told me about this fabulous shop that I would have to visit...aka Keepsake Cottage. She was definitely right! And, you can thank Julie for spearheading the charms for this year's Tour. It's going to be a fun addition to an already fun event!

Well, I am sipping my morning coffee as I type and then it's off to Fab-Etc. Harriet and I will finish up our KT fabric chopping; I'll finish sending the e-mail update; and then we'll start tidying up in anticipation of Applique Society tomorrow. Hope your day is as fun! More blocks later today!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Sew Northwest" Block Party 2.....

As long as we're up in Lynden, let's show you the block designed by the gals at Tangled Threads ~ Thelma and Sharylann ~ two very fun ladies!! They have a wonderful store with scads of great fabrics and creative projects. Sew....after you stop at Folktales and say hi to Linda, you can scoot up the road a bit and visit them.

We had a super day today @ Fab-Etc. I finished up some ordering and then, Linda, Harriet and I worked on getting a few things ready for the Tour next week. You may be noticing that we are using Kansas Troubles fabric for our blocks this time. If you weren't aware, we have a wonderful selection of them, if I do say so myself! Sew....we are cutting some fat quarters and other *stuff* for you in case you are interested in picking anything up during the Tour. We also are working on another Team Fab-Etc collaboration, but it's top secret right now. I can't hardly wait to be able to blog it....I'll put it up next Tuesday with our *unveiling*!

Okay....need to finish the e-mail update going out tomorrow and sew a bit on the top secret project. Hope you have a wonderful evening!

"Sew Northwest" Block Party 1......

As promised, I'll be "blogging the blocks" from our Tri-County Quilt Tour 2012 until the night before the event, when we'll share our version. Sew....some of the blocks I show you may end up looking a little *cropped* shall we say? That's so it will be more of a dramatic unveiling next Tuesday ~ okay? Since the theme was Sew Northwest, thought you should see Linda's cute block from Folktales in Lynden. Isn't her tree very northwest -y? She has a super shop with wonderful wools and stitchery projects, as well as great fabric. The other thing she has is a *road rage issue*! No....I'm not trying to start gossip here.....they've been working on the road by her shop for what seems like FOREVER!! But, there's an easy way to still get there from here =) She brought by some info we have at the shop, so be sure to pick that up when you are on the Tour, or if you're headed up to Lynden to see any of the three wonderful shops there.

I'll be putting up another block later in the day....got to go to the "happy place" as Tracey calls it. Harriet, Linda and I will be tidying and admiring THE QUILT today after the retired guy and I hung it last night. I'm also getting ready to send an e-mail update today or tomorrow, so watch your Inbox for that (or maybe your Spam folder, since some Internet chip somewhere thinks I'm Spam!) Stay tuned for more Quilt Tour 2012 sneak previews. Happy Thursday all!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's bound to be.....

Eventually, with each of our quilting projects it's bound to be binding time! How are you at binding? Ever get stuck on some of those odd angles? How about scalloped binding? How do you join the ends so they don't look lumpy? We have always wanted to do a class on binding at the shop. Sew....when local longarm quilter/artist Jo Baner stopped in one day with this super DVD she had produced, we were thrilled! It's sometimes easy to forget exactly what you may have learned in a class...especially if you don't have occasion to use the skill again right away. Sew....for less than the price of a class, you can take this lesson home with you ~ start it and stop it when you need to ~ and be a pro at binding! This is our Nifty Notion for the month of March. Regular price is $19.95, but it's on special all month for $14.95. If you go to our website www.fabric-etc.com there's a link to a video clip from the DVD so you can get a feel for the excellent information it contains.

I am pleased to say that I am sewing the last few inches of the binding on our Tri-County quilt ~ woohoo!! We'll be hanging it on Thursday and I'll start "blogging blocks" then. We are thrilled with it. Tracey (Sew What) did a super job quilting it!! And then, yesterday, Harriet and Diane trimmed and squared it up. Today I sewed binding on to the front and then Jan, Harriet and I had a "binding party" sitting around the back class table. We almost finished it at the shop, but I ended up taking it home for the night to finish it.

Okay....doing laundry and need to finish sewing that binding. Have a wonderful rest of your evening!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Sew.....next Saturday is March 17th ~ St. Patrick's Day. Do you wear green much? I don't look so hot in a lot of greens....turquoise or teal-y greens aren't too bad, though. Consequently, St. Patrick's Day is always a challenge in terms of "wearin' of the green". (Wouldn't want any of you coming in and pinching me!) This year, we have a few St. Pat's fabrics for you. There are the leprechaun hats and some shamrocks with a stripe and plaid to match. This is a picture of the fabrics and one of our pillowcase kits for the occasion.

Yesterday was a super day @ Fabric-Etc. Linda and I had our usual "to do" list going. We were really busy with customers, but guess what? We finished everything on the list ~ woohoo!! Boy, did that ever feel good. I am finally caught up on all of the fabric scans for our *virtual* fabric flash drives too. My goodness, we've gotten a lot of fabric lately! One of the newest groups is right by the counter ~ "Poetica" from Art Gallery Quilts. It's gorgeous!

This week will be spent getting things spruced up for the Tri-County Quilt Tour the 21st-24th. We will be hanging THE QUILT on Thursday. We'll be working on some new projects and tidying the place up. I don't know about you, but I am already missing that hour we *lost* overnight, but I'm sure I'll love the longer daylight hours it will create! Have a super Sunday all!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New fabric.....

Well, Mr. UPS and his brother, Mr. FedEx have both been bringing a lot of fabric lately!! I just had to get a picture of this one that came this afternoon. How stinkin' cute is that? OMG....do you remember patterns that looked like that? (Okay...most of you probably aren't a "classic" like me, so you may not be familiar with this kind of a look.) You probably can't see it in this picture, but one of the patterns says Price: 50 cents (60 cents in Canada ~ why do you guys always have to pay more up there anyway...doesn't seem fair somehow!) There are three other coordinates that go with this, including the pink dot pictured here. What do you think? I am feeling that dots are just a *basic* like solids! Works for me!

Other than oohing and awwing over new fabric today (including a Snoopy/Peanuts/Charlie Brown group), we had another fun Tea Party! It was a smaller group, but we managed to enjoy the scones and company and catch up on everyone's latest projects.

I also must tell you that it was "mission accomplished" with our Tri-County Quilt Tour project. THE QUILT has left the building and is in Tracey's capable hands for machine quilting! I miss it already, since I had been spending so much time with it of late =) It will be hung in the shop on March 15th. I'll also start "blogging the blocks" on the 15th with the final unveiling in blogland on March 2oth ~ day before the Quilt Tour starts.

Well, laundry going and I confess to being pooped.....late night last night getting ready for the quilt hand off today. How's your week going so far?

Monday, March 5, 2012


Okay....I've been a slug about blogging the last week and a half. I haven't been just sitting around and eating bon bons either, though. In my usual inimitable way, I am also a slug about getting our Tri-County quilt done for the Quilt Tour later this month. Okay....it has to be done, quilted, bound and hung March 15th. I've had the idea for what to do since the first of the year. But, you know, there was the Anniversary Sale (which meant post cards printed, mail lists to the bulk mail guys and stamps and addresses for the Canadian cards). And then there was Fat Tuesday a couple of weeks ago (33 boxes of fat quarters cut and rolled). And then there was the pesky end of month/first of month stuff (newsletters, bills, payroll). I really had already started on the quilt way before that. I even took quite a few afternoons off to work on the blocks. And Tracey, Diane, Emily and Jan helped make blocks too! But, I had this *idea* in my head about how it should look. And that's when the wheels came off the wagon. Usually, I can figure it's going to be about twice the time I think it will take, but this has taken five times longer! But, as Team Fab-Etc keeps telling me, "It can't be just a quilt, it has to be THE QUILT....OUR QUILT!" If it were just about me, it wouldn't be so bad, but Tracey is patiently waiting to get it so she can work her magic on her longarm quilting machine. Jan and Alicia even took part of their Sunday yesterday to help me get somewhere. Well.....I am happy to report to you (and to Tracey) that tomorrow is finish up day! Harriet, Diane, Jan and I WILL get this done tomorrow! Woohoo! We are absolutely thrilled with the way it looks and can't wait to share it with you all.

But, what are these pictures about? Not about fabric, you say? Nope....my daughter, Lydia texted Saturday night (as I was sewing on THE QUILT) that she needed some family time. Boy, so did I! Sew....we met all of the kids (except our oldest son Pete and the lovely Heidi who had other plans) at the halfway point of Red Robin in Smokey Point. I worked at the shop with Jan and Alicia until 4:00 and then ran down to meet them. What a fun dinner we had. And it was just what the Dr. ordered! I had new energy for more borders when I got home =)

In case you are at all interested, that's a partial picture of all of us. Lukas, who got a "clicky pen" from our waitress with four or five colors of ink! Mr. Cody double drinking his milk and water. And the retired guy "bonding" with his granddaughter, Ellie. (Look.....she's wearing the jumper I made her for Christmas!)

Sew....after tomorrow, I will try and catch you up on some of the new fabrics, etc that have come in. And then in a week or so, I will start "blogging" the blocks to our quilt. The Tour is March 21-24 and you can get free patterns, charms with a $10 purchase and a quilt show of 13 different quilts all made from the same blocks.

Okay...if we are going to finish up tomorrow, I need to get some sleep! Night all!!