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Friday, February 24, 2012

Monkeyin' around......

We seem to get a fair number of requests for monkey fabrics and we've been fresh out for a while! Sew.....when my sales rep showed me this monkey fabric a while back, I jumped at it! Isn't it just too cute? Can't you see a little person quilt out of this?

I also chose the title to this blog post 'cuz I have been monkeyin' around today! I actually took the afternoon off today and yesterday afternoon too. I'm not sure if buying groceries counts as monkeyin' around, but it was nice to be able to do it during the day, instead of after work! And today, I've been doing a little of this and that, including getting all of the parts ready for the last two Tri-County Quilt Tour blocks up on my design wall in the basement ~ woohoo!! I might still have enough energy to go down and start sewing the "parts" together later. If not, I'll just take all of those squares, rectangles, flying geese and half square triangles with me tomorrow and put them together in between customers.

Since I wasn't there for UPS delivery today, not too sure if we got anything of interest. Mr. Fed Ex brought another roll of the man-made faux leather look in a lighter brown. And we've gotten a fair number of notions and "basics" this week.

Okay....dishes are done and I've just got a few things to do up here at my desk still. Then, it's either sewing or reading until lights out time. How's your weekend looking ~ other than wet and windy? Hope you have a good one!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Fat Tuesday in pictures....before....during....after (other than the tired shop owner ~ not pictured!) And a good time was had by all! Thanks so much, all you fabric lovers =)

Not many left.....is it bedtime yet?

Monday, February 20, 2012

12 hours from now....

Okay.....they're all "resting" in their little nests, tucked close to one another sew they'll be cozy overnight. But, in less than 12 hours, we'll open the doors to lots of you wanting to adopt these fun fat quarters and take them home to live with you! Here are a couple of pictures I snapped today when we were getting the tables set up. Those boxes on the counter are only a few of the more than 30 boxes we had to set out. We had almost everybody on the staff working on this job and we got them put out in record time this year ~ under two hours and we were done!! I got the coffee table all ready, in case you need refreshment for those early hours. I never sleep that well the night before Fat Tuesday ~ I keep worrying that for some reason the alarm won't go off and I'll oversleep! That would not be a good thing!! Sew....we'll be all ready to open the doors for you promptly tomorrow morning at 6:00.

What else happened today? Well, first of all, we got some new fabrics! I didn't eat breakfast, and
had very little lunch today, so when those fabrics with pretzels, ice cream, blueberries, and even blueberry muffins arrived, I think my tummy started growling!! We did manage to get them all checked in and out on the floor for you!

And the other thing I started doing today was one of my fav things about Fat Tuesday. As you can imagine, we have to find a spot to stash all of those over 30 boxes of fq's! Our back room gets pretty crowded by the time Mardi Gras rolls around each year. We get pretty creative about finding spots for the boxes, but I just love getting my shelves back for a while, anyway! Sew.....I tidied a bit in the back room this afternoon. I even found the top of my desk again! WOW!

Okay.....a few things to do and then I need to wind down and set my alarm for tomorrow. Hope to see you for the fun!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Leftovers are our 99 cent friends.....

I have a saying when it comes to dinnertime ~ "Leftovers are our friends! =) Did you know we have a "99 cent bin" at Fab-Etc? Yup, it's over in the Clearance area. Right now, we have two and a half 99 cent bins!! Why? Well, what usually ends up in the 99 cent basket is the leftover last 6 or more inches from the bolt or a mis-cut or "leftover" from a project we may have been working on. Sew....because we had our Anniversary Sale a few weeks ago (and emptied a fair number of bolts!) and then we just finished up from a year of cutting over 30 boxes of fat quarters for Fat Tuesday coming up on the 21st, our 99 cent bin overfloweth! The gals from Applique Society were here on Saturday, and they usually take a minute to peruse the 99 cent bin for some finds for an applique project. Kiddos like to look there for fun little fabric projects. Sometimes, you just need smaller pieces of colors for a scrap quilt. Anyway, it's a fun place to look if you've never been there!

Yesterday was indeed a busy, fun day @ Fab-Etc! Sharon's Beginning Hand Quilting Class was great! Diane and I were hopping with customers and rolling a few more FQ's for Fat Tuesday ~ it's really hard to stop! Tomorrow, there will be a time when the whole staff will tell me to "just step away from the fat quarters and no one will get hurt!" =)

Today? Been kind of a quiet day around here. We were going to meet our youngest son and his family, but he wasn't feeling too well. So no Ellie and Cody grandkiddo fix for this Grandma today. Sew....a little laundry, some bookwork, tidying and now time for a little stitching? How's your Sunday been?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Here kitty, kitty......

This is the latest of the Garden Patch Cat series by Helene Knott called "Concord Kitties". Diane just finished these cuties and brought them in this week. She has declared them her favorites so far. (Shhhh....don't tell her, but I just read that there are going to be at least 28 in the series. We thought she was stopping at 24!!!) Aren't they just as cute as can be? And Diane does a phenomenal job at putting the colors together, don't you think? I haven't found them a spot yet in the "rogues gallery" along the classroom wall, but will next week, if not sooner. We do have a few of the patterns left, if you're interested.

We've been keeping really busy this week @ Fab-Etc. Do you have your alarm set for Fat Tuesday on the 21st? We've been finishing up a few more boxes (over 30 now) of fat quarters for your pleasure. Monday it will be all hands on deck to set up the back class area and put out the thousands of fat quarters. It literally takes hours to put them all out!

Besides that, we've been having fun working on our quilt for the Tri-County Quilt Tour next month. We're pretty happy with it so far and think you'll like it. Some new fabrics have arrived this week too! This morning, we got some great "guy-colored" flannel, Ford trucks, African animals and a new placemat panel/food group. Diane taught her Lemoyne Star ruler class yesterday ~ there were some stunning combos! Tomorrow, Applique Society meets in the morning and then Sharon is teaching her Beginning Handquilting class in the afternoon.

Hope your weekend is promising to be a good one. I know some of you probably have a long one coming up! I'm going to be finishing up the tax info for my "year end guy" and doing some more blocks for the Tri-County. How about you?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Can you say cute.....

As promised, here's a picture of the apron Emily finished last week. Can you say, "CUTE!" Isn't it darling? Of course, she and I agonized over the fabric choices. We really wanted to use these fabrics from the latest Lakehouse series we have. Think we did okay after all of that trial and error with small strips of fabric. The name of the pattern is "Chore Girl Apron". It went together really easily, Emily said. Would be cute on you, or a great gift for somebody!

How's your weekend been? Yesterday, Linda and I worked on another box of fat quarters for Fat Tuesday. We had someone cutting on the Accuquilt for a darling small tumbler quilt she's making as a baby gift. It's going to be precious! Seems like I should have gotten more done yesterday, but it just didn't seem to happen. I did work on a couple of notions orders on line. Then, tonight when I went to finish them up, one of the carts mysteriously was empty. Grrrrr. Will have to wait now until tomorrow to finish up that one, since the info is on my desk. Oh well.

Looking forward to another great week @ Fab-Etc. Tomorrow, one of my sales reps that I don't get to see very often is going to pop in for a visit. Andy carries lots of different notion-y things, including Dill buttons. Sew....he's going to get me all fixed up in my button display! Then, the rest of the week is going to be some serious concentrating on getting our Tri-County quilt ready for Tracey to quilt. We won't be hanging it until March 15th, but we want to not have it hanging over our heads at the last minute (we'll see how that works out for us - seems like we just get more ideas the more we get into it!) Jan is back from her trip to Florida, so we'll call her expertise into play this week.

Okay....got a bit of sewing to do and an e-mail update to be working on sending to a lot of you this week. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday @ Fab-Etc......

Well, it's Friday! Yes, for many of you , the start of the weekend. I have one more day to go before my "weekend" happens. What a super week it's been here. These are the two new magazines we got this week. I confess to not having much time to look at either of them. Maybe I should take them home tomorrow night for my weekend reading?

Today, Alicia and Tracey helped at the shop. We had quite a few customers to wait on, so it was nice to have both of them working with me. I got the newest fabrics all scanned in for the virtual fabrics on the flash drives! Woohoo. the newest were "Lewe (the Ewe)" and Laurel Burch's Flying line. I cannot wait to show you the apron Emily finished yesterday ~ super cute. I didn't have a chance to get a pic, but I will tomorrow and put it on the blog this weekend. Tracey helped make a couple more blocks for our Tri-County Quilt Tour. Feels good to have some momentum going on that! Next week will be full steam ahead on the rest of the blocks.

Tomorrow should be another fun day! Linda will be working with me and we'll be finishing another box of fat quarters for our Fat Tuesday Sale coming up on the 21st. We really have some GREAT ones this year. We think you'll be very pleased!

Okay.....that's all for tonight, folks! Sweet dreams.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What do you think....

What do you think about this. Our dear customer and friend, Nora Jean gave us this Mary E calendar for 2012. What do you think about today's "inspiration"? Can you read it, or is it too small? It says, "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." It's a quote from Maya Angelou. Sometimes, when I'm under tons of pressure to get LOTS of stuff accomplished, I feel like maybe that creativity is non-existent. But, then at the most interesting times (sometimes, not so interesting, like 3:00 in the morning!) "inspiration" will strike! I'm sure my employees cringe often times when they hear me say, "I've got an idea!" Probably because sometimes they are pretty good ideas and sometimes they wonder what I ate right before I went to bed!! =) What do you think about creativity? Is it a "use it or lose it" proposition? Can you cultivate it by using it more and more?

It's been a quieter week here at Fab-Etc. The sunshine kept some of you outside earlier in the week, I think. Good for you! We got some beautiful fabrics this week already! Some more of the Shabby Chic line; a couple of Easter prints; another group in soft greens and coral-y pinks; more batiks; and a very cool Asian group in soft taupe, teal and grey ~ gorgeous! I am all caught up on my scans for the "virtual fabrics" on our flash drives! Woohoo! But, I know that the newest Laurel Burch "Flying Colors" is going to arrive tomorrow or Friday, so I will no longer be caught up! Oh well. And, Emily and I obsessed over a few fabrics for a cute apron that she started at the end of the day. She works again tomorrow, so I'll get pictures soon.

Well, the laundry basket is full here, so I am off to the basement to throw a few loads in. Hope your evening is a good one!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nighty, night......

Almost bedtime! Wouldn't you love to sleep in this darling nightgown? It's a Kwik Sew pattern and Velina is teaching the class. Sewing clothes is really a lot of fun! Kwik Sew patterns fit well to begin with, but Velina is excellent at helping you get the fit you need ~ not that a nightgown needs that much super fitting. Which makes it a great project to get your feet wet, so to speak. She made hers out of a rayon batik, but if that's not your thing, any cotton print would work just fine. She trimmed it with a cute ric rac and it's darling! Take a look at it the next time you are in ~ it's right as you come in at the north door.

How did your weekend go? Too fast, I can hear you all saying! No kidding!! I made some decent progress on my Tri-County idea. Now to put it to the fabric test and see if it flies. Of course, there was the usual laundry, bookwork, an order or two, and of course, the Super Bowl commercials! The retired guy is putting an addition to our fence, so I cheered him on and messed around with some pots that I hadn't completely cleaned out when I should have. This week should be great at Fab-Etc. Have two reps coming to show me fabric (wouldn't want to run out!) and lots of other fun "stuff". Hope your weekend was good. Nighty, night!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just Takes 2......fun.....

Today was the first meeting of the group that's doing the Just Takes 2 mystery quilt from Sentimental Stitches and Dear Jane. What a fun group!! It was great to see the different fabrics everyone was choosing to do theirs with. And lots of great tips. This is a picture of Sharon, whose brainchild it was to have the group to cheer one another on. I'm not sure whose blocks these are, but she's taking pictures of everyone's progress. (Edited Sunday....here's a link to her fun blog that has some block pics from yesterday http://grassrootsquilting.blogspot.com/ )Wish you were involved? Wanted to do it but there was "no room in the inn"? Well.....Jan B. has volunteered to lead another mid-week group. Sew....anyone who would like to be a part of that group just needs to give us a call at the shop and we'll give you the scoop. (Haven't gotten a chance to tell the retired guy the particulars, but it'll be on the website soon.) They will meet the second Tuesday of the month at the shop from 1:00-3:00, which will be February 14th. If your name was on the waiting list, we'll be calling you next week!

Emily and I kept really busy today! Customers seemed to come in busy "clumps"! But that was good 'cuz then we had time to tidy up in between "clumps". It's been a week with lots of fabric coming through the door. We managed to find homes for most of it and I even got my scans up to date! Hooray!! We're starting to work on the Tri-County Quilt Tour and we're rolling Fat Tuesday fat quarters in our spare time!

Oh....dinner with our daughter and grandsons was soooo wonderful on Thursday. Sorry, it was too dark in there to get any good pictures (even for this Grandma). Hope your Sunday is a good one ~ sunshine in the Pacific Northwest tomorrow!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

To the rescue.....

Remember those empty looking spots in the last post? Well......this is just some of the fabric that has come in since then to "rescue" us from any bare spots!! Didn't take long, did it? There are still a few "holes" left to fill in. There are 3 rolls of batting scheduled to be delivered on Monday and then some more white on whites in a week or so. What's new? Well, there's this really great Lakehouse grouping in very bright and cheerful colors. And then in the same genre is a group from Riley Blake and one from Moda. 19 bolts of French General arrived yesterday ~ they are GORGEOUS! There's a fun giraffe kiddo print in citron and gray colors. And two barbecue/chef apron looking prints from Michael Miller.

What else? Well, we've placed our orders for Shop Hop fabric and we'll get the sheets ready for your pre-orders soon. And, we've just gotten the ball rolling on our Tri-County quilt for next month. They are traditionally pieced 9" blocks. Theme is "Sew Northwest". Should be fun! We're still rolling Fat Tuesday fat quarters for the 21st ~ close to 30 boxes ready for your pleasure!! And Saturday, Sharon will host the first Just Takes 2 get together. It's full, but if you want to call in and let us know you're interested, we may set up a mid-week group for the "overflow".

Why am I writing in the middle of the day? I am taking the afternoon off!! So, who knows what will arrive while I am gone. I am finally at the end of the bills, payroll, newsletters, etc for the end of/first of month thing. So, I am rewarding myself! In just a little while, the retired guy and I will get in the horse car and head south to meet our daughter and two of our grandkids at the big bird (Red Robin) in Smokey Point. I am soooo excited to see them ~ it's been way too long! And I am so sure you'll want to see a picture of our fun, I'll try and snap something with my phone.....well, at least for me, anyway =) Hope your Thursday is a joyous one!