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Thursday, March 31, 2011


This book, "501 Quilting Motifs" has been super popular since we got it in a couple of weeks ago. I've reordered twice and now I think it's in reprint. (Titles - Do you ever wonder why they just don't stop at 500? Guess 501 sounds a lot more impressive? I always tease Harriet and say we're going to write a book about 100 things you can do with dental floss.....maybe you've heard some of her stories! Guess we might name it 101 Things To Do With Dental Floss!!) I am getting off topic - right? Anyway, there are some fabulous motifs in this book for either machine or hand quilting. Some could probably even be translated into applique? Today was just a wonderful day at Fab-Etc. The sun came out in the afternoon and it gave us the feeling that Spring really will arrive! Linda was on a tidy up mission (THANKS!!) I was getting the demo piece ready for our new Cool Tool for April. I just realized that I forgot to bring it home so John could take a picture and put it on the website - rats! Tomorrow will have to be good. It's The Binding Tool and makes that part when you go to join the two ends together work just slick! Ask to see our demo piece if you're in. We got a few basic notions and no fabric today. Yesterday, we got the long awaited white and natural colored toweling on the rolls - hooray! Okay....I need to finish the April newsletter and load the rest of the flash drives with the March fabrics. Hope your evening is grand!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lilly's quilt....

Well, the Tri-County Quilt Merchants' Association Quilt Tour 2011 is history. We had a great time seeing lots of people come through and "touring". Hope you all enjoyed it. So....instead of putting my feet up and doing lots of nothing, I got to go to a baby shower yesterday in Shoreline. It was for my darling daughter-in-law, Nikki and our first granddaughter, Lilly (her big brother will be our 2 year old grandson, Cody). She's to be born in May and we had a wonderful time "showering" them both with gifts. This is a picture of my gift - "Lilly's Quilt". The picture isn't quite as cute as we all thought it was. I actually brought it back home with me because a few people were interested in making one like it. So....I cut just a couple of kits and will have the quilt for another week or so to show off. I found a free pattern from Crazy Mom Quilts blog and "tweaked" it a bit. http://beesquarefabrics.blogspot.com/2009/03/how-to-make-zig-zag-quilt-without.html Jan made one too for her new grandson, Kaleb. She used bigger strips to start and also made it out of Minky - how cozy is that?!? The construction is fun 'cause there's no Y seams! We wanted to "float" our zig zag and Jan figured out how to do that. I've had a hard time drawing the layout, but I kind of got it finally and hope it's good enough so I don't have to make another one for a sample =) Diane and I tidied up today. We got our Winding Ways die for the Accuquilt and had somebody cutting it today. That was fun! Got the next blocks ready for Paris in the Fall to hand out Friday. And I forgot to mention that we got another bolt of the "chefs" stripe and apron panel....know lots of you were interested in making a 60 degree runner and aprons. So, now I think I'll put my feet up and do some nothin' for a while. Good night, all!

Friday, March 25, 2011

2011 Quilt Tour....

Well, you might have guessed after a marathon of two plus weeks straight blogging, I slowed down! Anyway, Verna asked today about that "scrappy" project I kept mentioning. This is a picture of it. Wish I could say I got it quilted and bound, but, not to be. It is up on the design wall by our Birds of a Feather quilt and we have a pattern for sale. It's nine of our birdhouse blocks done up into a little topper with a fun scrappy border. After I recuperate from the Tour, I'll get it done - right?

Tour....it's been loads of fun having lots of "guests" from all over come and visit us! Everyone seems to be having a wonderful time, and the weather has even been cooperating up here in Whatcom County, at least. (Remember the first year we did this and it actually snowed - yikes!) You still have one more day to come and see the 14 fabulous quilts!

Okay, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tired. I am. And I still need to finish something my son and daughter-in-law asked for the new baby's room this weekend. (We're expecting our first granddaughter in May!) So....a little sewing tonight and then my pillow. Hope your weekend is super!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2011 Quilt Tour Fab-Etc Version.....

Here it is... the Fabric-Etc version of the 2011 Quilt Tour "Birds of a Feather! Remember, you can "click" on the picture and see it larger. Sorry...I didn't get a really good picture - the sun (I'm not complaining!) started coming in the window before I got the camera out. Anyway, we decided to build each 9" block separately and then build a tree to button each little quilt onto. Tracey beautifully quilted the background to make our tree "pop" and Jan quilted each of the little quilts to make them stand out. THANKS! And then, after we got the tree, we could see that it definitely needed some leaves. And of course, it should be growing in some grass. And maybe a kite would get stuck in the tree. Of course, if we had a tree and birdhouses, then it was logical to have a few birds hanging around. And maybe a few butterflies? And of course, maybe someone should carve our name in the trunk? And then.....we needed to stop and hang it up!!

Hope you like it. And hoping to see you in the next few days at the Quilt Tour. Reminder: we are open those days from 9 am to 7 pm and at each shop, you'll get a free pattern for the block they designed. Grab a friend or two and hit the road for some fun times!

Update: OMG....I just got this e-mail from SewCal Gal "You have been recognized for your contributions in making our world of quilting so wonderful, having been nominated by quilters throughout the world for the 2011 Golden Quilter Awards. Like the Oscars, we hope you are honored to be nominated as you are truly appreciated for your talents and contributions. The specific category you were nominated for is: Best Quilt Store (Physical)"

WOW...say it backwards WOW....say it upside down MOM...I AM honored!! Thanks to whoever nominated us! Here is the link to all of those nominated in the different categories. http://sewcalgal.blogspot.com/2011/03/vote-for-your-favorite-nominees-for.html

Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 Quilt Tour Block #14.....

This is the last block on the tour of our Birds of a Feather quilt. This little birdhouse is from The Needle and I in Everett. It's kind of hard to tell, but it's done in a crazy quilt block. Remember how I said this cute cat may show up again? Well, here he is looking out the door of the birdhouse! We added the flowers and the bird and of course the grapevine wreath. And we felt it should have an address. So, with this hungry kitty looking out the door, what better address than Bye, Bye Birdie Lane?!?

Tomorrow, Jan and I will take THE QUILT from it's spot back on the design wall and make sure everything is still in tact and then hang it from a board in a better vantage point for the Quilt Tour participants. When it gets there, then I can get a good picture of it for you and I'll put it up tomorrow.

Diane and I had a great day today crossing things off of our To Do list! We got some notions and patterns and managed to put those away. And Tracey finished quilting my Paris In The Fall quilt! It's gorgeous. I won't get the binding on before the Tour, so I did trim it and hope to hang it up during the Tour and then sew binding on.

Well, I still have some paperwork "stuff" to do, so I'm going to sign off. Night!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

2011 Quilt Tour Block #13.....

This is a fitting block for the first day of Spring, don't you think? This beehive birdhouse was designed by one of our neighbors to the north in Lynden, Calico Country. The block is just the beehive, but Harriet thought it needed a name. Alicia and her embroidery machine created these two cute bees and Harriet dubbed it the Honey Bee Inn. Do you like it, Harriet?

How's your Sunday? I've gotten a few things accomplished today. John noticed what I was "creating" on my design wall and gave it two thumbs up - I'm pleased! So....I got him to take a picture for a pattern that we'll have for sale starting at the Quilt Tour. I'm putting the finishing touches on the directions and pattern cover now.

We tried to go for a walk later this afternoon - when did I get to be such a wimp? The wind was blowing and it wasn't very warm. We tried walking faster, and that helped a little. So the walk wasn't super long! Hope you had a lovely first day of Spring at your house. Last block tomorrow and then the unveiling of the Fab-Etc quilt.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

2011 Quilt Tour Block #12.....

We're nearing the end of our tour of the Fabric-Etc quilt for the Tri-County Quilt Tour "Birds of a Feather". This cute spool birdhouse is from one of the other shops here in Bellingham, Two Thimbles. Their block is actually just the spool pictured here. The bird was drawn, digitized and stitched out by our very talented lady, Alicia. Isn't it absolutely darling? You'll have to wait a couple of days to see why it's holding that pink string - ok? A few folks have stopped by that have only seen the pictures on the blog, and when they see the whole quilt, it's a big "WOW". I'm getting anxious to show it to you! Two more blocks and then the unveiling. You'll have to try and come to see it in person next week (Wednesday thru Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm).

Hope your weekend is good so far. It's starting to feel more like Spring just like the calendar says it should! The sun is supposed to shine tomorrow....maybe I'll get a chance to go out and enjoy it. My yard could use some help, all right.

Today was super at Fab-Etc. The gals from Applique Society were having a lovely time in the back this morning, and then Jan and I had lots of fun customers later in the afternoon. AND....our very own Emily who is home from college this week, stopped in for a visit!! It was WONDERFUL!! She'll be back in less than two months and maybe we can convince her to work every now and then for us this summer? We'll have to wait and see about that.

All right....think I shall go sit in my favorite chair and stitch on a binding. Have a super weekend!

Friday, March 18, 2011

2011 Quilt Tour Block #11.....

We're getting to the end of the tour of our quilt....this is Block #11 from Granny's in Stanwood. I confess to not recognizing the birdbath right away here....what can I say? So, it looks like there's a cat birdhouse sitting in the birdbath. And notice the evil twin "shadow" cat hanging in the tree waiting for some unsuspecting bird to drop in? How do you like the fabric we used for the bottom of the birdbath on the teapot? Fun, huh? It's from this great vintage-style cat fabric we got a month or two ago. You may see it again before we're done here!

Another great day at Fab-Etc! We got a shipment of more ICU Readers (magnifying glasses) including some more of the ones with "bling"! And the soy/cotton and bamboo/cotton battings arrived. There was also four bolts of nautical fabric from Andover, but I was too busy to get them out of the plastic and check them in...there's always tomorrow, right? Tomorrow will be the gals from Applique Society in the morning and then working on finishing some kits in the afternoon.

Hope your weekend is looking good - Spring arrives Sunday - right? And I hear the sun may shine! Yippee!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

2011 Quilt Tour Block #10.....

Oops...didn't take a new picture for tonight, so you'll have to settle for our block. Was thinking of saving it to the end, but oh well. This is the free pattern you'll get when you come by Fabric-Etc next Wednesday thru Saturday. The block is made using a courthouse steps block for the main living area and some half square triangles for the gables. Then, we appliqued the roof on top and added the ric rac for some "gingerbread". And a cute button for a doorknob completes the block if you want!

Linda and I were busy today! But....I did manage to get the binding sewn on my "It's a Girl" quilt and it's sitting right now in my chair waiting for me to hand stitch it down. Linda helped me with my scrappy project and now I'm all ready to put the border on....the border's scrappy too, so look out Alicia....I'll be pulling you into the scrappy obsession thing tomorrow! We got some fabric today - watermelons, ants on gingham, little footballs, a companion to the knitting sheep, another sheep fabric and some chocolate kisses.

Tomorrow will be another fun day of getting ready for the Quilt Tour....tidying, setting up for Applique Society Saturday, making a few kits, etc. I better remember to get a picture of another block too. Hope your Friday is GREAT!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 Quilt Tour Block #9.....

Here's Block #9 on the "tour" of our Birds of a Feather quilt. This cute "two holer" birdhouse is from Calico Creations in downtown Mt. Vernon. (Every time I go in her shop, I always wish I had those fabulous high walls to display things on! Plus she has a real front window to use for display too. I digress.) Anyway, this was a fun block to make....isn't the picket fence cute? We thought about adding a little bird sitting on the fence, but so far haven't found just the right birdie for this house.

Jan and I had a super day today! I met with a sales rep this morning and then she asked if she could rent the Accuquilt Studio for a couple of hours to cut tumbler blocks. Of course! So, Jan worked on a 60 degree runner from the Chocolat line, I quilted on my "It's a Girl" quilt and we visited with our Studio renter in between cutting fabric for customers and answering the phone. A couple of gorgeous rayon batiks came in as well as a darling blue kiddo flannel group - sheep and numbers and a farm scene. Cute!

Ok....off to the laundry and sew a bit while it's washing!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 Quilt Tour Block #8.....

Here's the eighth block on our Birds of a Feather quilt this year. This cute little penguin is from Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop in Smokey Point. (Okay, I admit when we got this block we did some research and found out that, yes, a penguin qualifies as a bird and I guess his house could be an igloo!) To make him fit in with our color theme, we decided to make a pink igloo and give him a pink UltraSuede bow tie. I saw Carrol's quilt she did at Aunt Mary's - it is stinkin' cute! If you go to her blog http://auntmarysquiltshop.blogspot.com/ you can see it too, and I think you'll agree!

Jan and I were really busy today at Fab-Etc. Thought we might get some more done, but somehow it got to be quitting time before we realized it! She's working on a new 60 degree runner using the Chocolat striped fabric and I was quilting my "It's a Girl" quilt and lots of folks were looking to buy fabric for their projects too. But then, we got a special visitor this afternoon. Jan's 5 week old grandson, Kaleb (and his mom, Jaisha) came to spend a little time with us.....it was so special, and he's growing so quickly! He's just a gorgeous little guy - you can say gorgeous even when it's a boy baby - right?

Okay, it's late. We bought groceries after work and then I was down sewing on my scrappy project - pictures soon! I think it may work out after all....I just need someone to add and extra few hours to each day for me! Hope your week is good....another block pic tomorrow. Night all.

Monday, March 14, 2011

2011 Quilt Tour Block #7.....

Block #7.....guess that means we're halfway through the quilt now! This cute little tent birdhouse is from the gals over in Anacortes at The Quilt Shop. We thought it looked a bit like a circus tent, hence the "Peep Show" signpost Alicia made for us. Pretty fun, don't you think?

Well, today was the Monday after the busy Saturday. I felt really badly when Diane walked in this morning and took a look around at the mess we'd made over the weekend. But by the end of the day, we'd managed to get things a bit tidier. Thanks, Diane!

I'm still plugging away at my scrappy project, hoping to be able to move it to the shop tomorrow. And at the shop, I'm quilting my "It's a Girl!" quilt for my soon to be granddaughter's baby shower in a few weeks. It was a free pattern that we tweaked a bit, so hoping to get that written out and maybe a kit or two? We'll see.

Okay - back to the scrappy thing. I think I'm making progress, though. Have a great evening!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 Quilt Tour Block #6.....

How about another block from one of the Whatcom County shops? These cute little eggs are from Folktales just north of us in Lynden. I guess a bird's first house would be an egg - right? We added the little butterfly with 3-D wings to jazz it up and fit in with the rest of what we've got going. Isn't the aqua dotted fabric perfect for eggs? Remember, we used it in the Fabrics Plus block for eggs too.

Well, it is really windy at our house right now! I've been hanging out mostly down in my sewing area and listening to the wind howl. It made for some comfy sewing....as long as the lights stay on! I've got this idea for something that I'm playing with - my husband says I'm "creating". I sure hope he's right and I'm not just down there wasting time and fabric! It's something scrappy, so who knows how much obsessing I'm going to do over this. I know....I'll take it to work on Tuesday and Jan can obsess with me!!

Okay....got a few more things to do before bed tonight. Stay warm and cozy!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

2011 Quilt Tour Block #5.....

Gosh....I almost forgot the "blog a block a night" thing this evening!! So.... without further ado, this is the block from our neighbors at one of the three Bellingham shops - Fourth Corner Quilts. They designed a gourd birdhouse, complete with a little bird and a branch to hang it from. I'm sure that you're starting to see a color scheme, so you can see why we chose this fabric for their block! I did have a hard time deciding on the fabric, so I used a little trick that Jan likes to do in these cases. I photocopied the pattern and then cut out the part that was the gourd so I could see what the fabric would look like in that shape. Then I wandered around the shop laying the "template" over fabrics trying to decide what would look good. This was the winner and we really liked it! I had just a little bit of the fabric that's the hole for the birdhouse left from another project. In order to have something semi-consistent in our quilt, we used that for as many of the birdhouse doors as we could.

Boy - Linda and I were really busy today at Fab-Etc!! I had a sales rep stop by this afternoon for a little bit and the "door bell" kept ringing and ringing as lots of you came to get "stuff" for weekend projects. The weather certainly has been perfect for sewing, hasn't it?

I'm sure all of you are as saddened as I am by the devastation we see in Japan on our television and computer screens. I'm finding solace in working on some of my quilting projects, but thinking about and praying for the many people who have lost not only "things" but loved ones in a land so far away, but connected by the human spirit.

Friday, March 11, 2011

2011 Quilt Tour Block #4.....

This is the block designed from our friends at the shop furthest south from here on the Quilt Tour - Keepsake Cottage in Bothell. My daughter, Lydia, teaches school only a mile or so away from Julie's shop. When Lydia first started substitute teaching there after college, she was excited to tell me that there was a GREAT shop I needed to come and see when I visited. And she was soooo right! Anyway, we had fun making this block....our bird has a little UltraSuede beak and a micro mini button for an eye.

Tracey and I had just a wonderful day today at Fab-Etc. We placed a reorder for the Cool Tool -ICU Readers (magnifying glasses). And I think I decided which ones I want.....I'll take a picture when they get here - ok? Plus...they told us that the "leashes" were due in next week. Those are the really cool glasses holders (chains) so I won't constantly be looking for where I put my glasses - woo hoo! Not a lot of freight today. One batik that had been back ordered, a fun cat print from Alexander Henry and 3 gorgeous 108" backing fabrics. I managed to get the new wool cut in 10" and 5" squares and the rest for sale by the yard. We had so many customers in today that were having just a grand time. A fun group was headed to Birch Bay for their annual retreat - sewing, laughing, fun and relaxing. Another group was headed to LaConner and then to the NQC meeting tomorrow in Lynden. Tracey and I thought perhaps we should close the shop and go with them, since they were going for lunch too!

Tomorrow? Well, the Baltimore Halloween Quilt class is meeting in the morning and then my Moda sales rep is coming in the afternoon. So....you know where we are if you need anything for a weekend project!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

2011 Quilt Tour Block #3.....

Like I said, we're putting these blocks from our Birds of a Feather quilt up in no particular order this year. This cute little nest is from the folks at Fabrics Plus in Anacortes. We liked the fabric for the eggs, don't you? And we decided to make the leaves and flowers 3-D, just for fun. And doesn't that black and white nest fabric work well? I tried cutting it out a few different ways before Diane just took it and said that this is the way it should be.....thank goodness, or I might still be obsessing over it. (But we do the obsessing thing so well here @ Fab-Etc!)

Today at the shop, Izzie put the few leftover fat quarters from the Fat Tuesday sale to bed. She's going off to college in the Fall, so her Fat Tuesday rolling days are coming to an end around here. Freight? We got the latest addition to the Kona Bay "Garden Elegance" collection. We get 5 bolts each month, and they have been great fabrics! I caught up on all of my fabric scans for the flash drives today and cut the last borders and the back for my Paris in the Fall quilt. Hoping to hand it off tomorrow, but we'll see.

Speaking of which....I need to go down to the sewing area and see about at least making the back before tomorrow. Not sure my work area is big enough to safely size/sew borders. Hope your Thursday evening is a wonderful one!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 Quilt Tour Block #2.....

Here's the second block from our Birds of a Feather quilt for this year's Tri-County Tour. This one is from the girls up in Lynden at Tangled Threads. Can you see the "threads" at the side of the block? Jan stitched down the leaves and vine after I made the block. We decided to make the petals on the flowers 3-D, as well as the leaves. Then Diane worked her magic with some decorative machine stitching. Lastly, Linda, who embroiders beautifully, made those perfect little French knots for us! Pretty cute, don't you think?

Well, today was the day after the day before (Fat Tuesday sale!). Jan and I confess to moving a bit slower today. We managed to get the many empty boxes put away in the back room and some things tidied up. The leftovers from the sale are awaiting our Izzie to box up tomorrow - she'll be pretty happy 'cause there are hardly any left!

We got some beautiful Hoffman batiks today, some new books from Martingale and a great black and white print. So....laundry is ready for the dryer and I brought home my Paris in the Fall quilt to work on getting the last few things done before I hand it off to Tracey to quilt. She's making one too, so I told her she could practice the quilting on mine before she has to do her own!

Another block tomorrow....wonder which one I'll pick next?!?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2011 Quilt Tour Block #1.....

Okay....here we go on the Quilt Tour of the Fabric-Etc's Birds of a Feather quilt for 2011 Tri-County event! I'm not going to do these in any sort of logical order....maybe put ours up last? Maybe not? Anyway....this is the block from The Quiltmaker's Shoppe in Arlington. The former owners, Marty and Kim retired a few months back, but there's a new owner, Debra. They titled their block, "Coop Queen". We dolled her up with a pink UltraSuede comb and beak. Her scarf is 3-D, too. She looks pretty good, don't you think?

Well, I got to work this morning at 5:15 a.m. The parking lot started to fill up around 5:45 and Harriet arrived shortly thereafter. At 6:00 we opened the doors to a full house! There were fat quarters and shoppers galore in the class/work area of the shop! Tonight, when I closed up there were just about 5 lonely boxes of fat quarters left on the tables, where there had been 40 or more earlier. One customer that was there at 6:00 a.m. stopped in after work and was amazed at the sight! What a fun day!! So many people having so much fun with fabric. Tomorrow morning John and I will go early and take down the extra tables and return things to as normal as they ever are around Fab-Etc!

Okay....I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tired tonight. Tomorrow will be another fun day with yet another Birds of a Feather block to blog. Night all!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fat Tuesday....

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) and so it's our annual Fat Tuesday 20 Fat Quarters for $20 Sale! We've been doing this for about ten years now. This is a little bit of what we put out this afternoon for your shopping pleasure. There were over 30 boxes of fat quarters we've been chopping and rolling (thanks, Izzie) for the last year. Linda, Harriet, Diane and I spent quite a few hours setting them all out this afternoon, but we got it done! Those are just some of the empty boxes under the tables. I picked up a few donut holes and will make a pot of coffee if anyone needs a boost in the morning!

That's pretty much all we did today....get ready for the sale. We tried to straighten up some of the fabric racks; and we did get a new magazine today.....one about using pre-cut fabrics like jelly rolls, charm packs, etc.

Well, I am headed for my pillow soon, although I know I won't be able to sleep very well. You know how it is when you have to get up for a special occasion....especially one you cannot afford to miss. I'm always waking up and looking at the clock all night long! Hope your week is a good one. Tomorrow I will start "blogging blocks" from our Tri-County Quilt Tour Birds of a Feather quilt -ok?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Here comes Peter Cottontail......

How darn cute is this? We've had this pattern for a while...Diane decided to take it home and "play" with it, as only she can. Didn't it turn out wonderfully? The pattern is by Jeri Kelly and is appropriately called "Cottontail". We also have the stand pictured here that works well for this pattern and some of the other "little quilts squared" we have in stock right now. Tonight, I still have several of the Cottontail patterns left, but they're going quickly! Jan had to have one so she can maybe make one someday for one of her daughters who has a pet "Jack" rabbit!

Today was such a fun day at the shop. The first Saturday of the month is always EQ class. Velina had two fantastic classes today and there were several "oohs and ahhs and WOW" moments! She used the program to show us how we could make little quilts to use in a pattern we have for the "Casserole Kimono". This would make such a great gift. Alicia has a few weddings coming up and thought this would be perfect!

We added a some more fat quarters to the over 30 boxes we have ready for all of you this Tuesday, and did a little tidying up. John and I will go over tomorrow afternoon and set up the tables so on Monday when the gang gets there we can set up all the trays of Fat Tuesdays and put them to bed for the night so they will all be ready for your adoption on Tuesday!

Well, I am getting ready to send an e-mail update tonight and tomorrow, so back to that. Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Take a closer look.....

This is the picture my husband put on the website for our Cool Tool this month. They are readers from icu eyewear and we actually have all of these pictured, plus more. But as you can see (no pun), they are not just your run of the mill readers. These are FUN readers! A few years back when I was working on a project in black and using black thread at night, I discovered that John's readers made all the difference in the world. So I got my own pair, but not as cool as these. We have great colors and fun prints. I'm getting ready to do a re-order and trying to decide which pair I want for myself. They come with a wonderful little case and everything! They're 25% off for the month of March.

This has been a whirlwind of a week - I cannot believe that tomorrow is Friday already! We got our Birds of a Feather quilt up on Tuesday. I'll start blogging the blocks next week after Fat Tuesday. Speaking of which, we've been on our last push to get the last of the thousands of fat quarters cut for that. And we had a really fun overflow crowd Wednesday for our Tea Party. Lots of laughs and fun along with great "show and tell/bring and brag". What a happy time.

Tomorrow, Harriet and I will be attempting to tidy the place up and set up for our EQ classes Saturday. We've gotten a few things in this week...including more patterns for the Cottontail project Diane has made. And today, Erin, my sales rep was able to order another bolt of the Daily Special apron and the stripe we used for our runner that everyone wants. Should be here next week.

Well, several folks remarked that I looked tired today, so I should head to bed at a reasonable hour for once. Have a wonderful evening!