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Sunday, October 31, 2010

They're ready.....

They're not only ready, they are purple! Aren't they cool?!? What are they? Well, they're USB memory sticks/flash drives/thumb drives. They have so many names for these little things, I've been having a difficult time describing them in my newsletter and to customers. But "a picture is worth....."you know the saying. Here's the deal. For $25 you can purchase one of these that right now is "loaded" with over 75 scans of our latest fabrics. But wait, there's more! Once you own this beautiful purple drive, at the beginning of every month you may come in to the shop and "trade" it for another beautiful purple drive all loaded with the newest fabrics since the last time. How long? Forever - well at least as long as we are getting new fabric around here! What can you do with them? Well, you can just open the files and look at all the beautiful fabrics. Or, if you have design software, you can import them and use the scans to create a "virtual" project before you cut! Don't know how? Well, Velina will be teaching a class this Saturday (Nov 6th) from 3:00-4:00 on importing fabric scans to EQ. You may bring a laptop loaded with the program or just watch the demo. She'll have written directions as well so you can do it again at home! Cost is just $5.00. Pretty darn purple cool!!

Well, we survived the Fall Fabric Frenzy Sale and lived to tell about it. It was a bit "frenzied" at moments, but I think a good time was had by all. Tomorrow, Linda and I will be trying to whip the place into shape. Jan has her 60 degree class on Tuesday and we have our monthly Tea Party on Wednesday, so we've got to get things squared away before then! We're expecting freight too, so should be a fun Monday at Fab-Etc!

Hope your weekend was good. I cleaned out a few pots, did some paperwork, payroll and bills, and of course, laundry. All in all a delightful day. Hope yours was too!

Friday, October 29, 2010


286 pounds, that is. As in 286 pounds of food we've taken to the local Food Bank so far. As my grandson, Lukas, would say, "AWESOME!!" Okay, I am going through my cupboards again tonight. I really am hoping we can make our 500 pound goal by the end of our Fall Fabric Frenzy Sale. How's the sale going? Pretty well! Lots of you have come in and taken advantage of the 25% off ALL fabric and lots of you have brought donations for the Food Bank and used your coupon for 30% off one item to get even more savings. THANKS, on both counts. We sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Not much in the way of "new" yesterday or today. Probably a good thing, since we've been just a tiny bit busy! However, we did get a new magazine from Quilting Arts with some fun projects and the new Mary Jane's Farm magazine. Oh, and a comical book with some great cartoons....gave Harriet a good laugh while she was having her lunch yesterday!

Okay, I need to finish a few things so I can get them to the Post Office in the a.m. Need my gift certificates and check for entry into Shop Hop 2011! Can you believe I have to think about that already!?! Hope your weekend is super. Pop in if you are in the neighborhood....we'd love to see you!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And this is another....

This is another really great project we've been "playing" with. This picture doesn't do it justice....you really need to look at it in person to get the full impact! Anyway, this is made using a new 120 degree ruler from Creative Grids. You make the strata and then cut with the ruler and voila - gorgeous topper or tree skirt. (We're not too sure that we can actually cut a hole in it for a tree skirt!) I keep telling Jan that I have a round table and it might be just perfect on there. This is another ruler that you might consider "renting" as we mentioned in yesterday's post. It's a bit expensive, and if you think you'll only use it once for such a project, then renting it might be the ticket.

Today, we set up for the sale. got everything pretty well organized and I even had time to run the vacuum tonight before my ride came. So, we are ready for you to come and enjoy the savings tomorrow! And Tracey and I will be there until 8:00 if you want to shop after work or when it's a bit quieter.

I think that means I need to think about heading for bed soon, so I will be bright eyed and bushy tailed, as my Mom would say! Still finishing up the newsletter and a few other things for tomorrow. Had hoped to finish my 3rd Quarter taxes, but that may have to wait until tomorrow night. See you soon.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This is just one....

This is just one of a few REALLY COOL projects we've been working on - which makes up for the one that I am having fits over!! Anyway....this is a Hunter's Star quilt that Diane made using, you guessed it, one of her favorite fabric mediums - batik. The method employed here is one using the Hunter's Star Rapid Fire Ruler. It makes the construction of this quilt a breeze. I have always wanted to make one of these, so when I get a few FINISHED projects under my belt, I plan on making one myself! I can't decide if I want two colors, or scrappy. I just got the hot off the press Rapid Fire DVD that we are the first on the West coast to have, since it is being released at Quilt Market in Houston this weekend. I watched part of it this morning and there was a scrappy version of this quilt behind Deb Tucker as she talked. I lost track of what she was saying as I imagined it in Kansas Troubles fabrics! I'll have to get back to the DVD. Hoping to set up the "extra" laptop so we can play some of the DVD for you during the sale.

Speaking of which, that's one of the things Jan, Izzie and I worked on today and Jan and I will finish tomorrow - setting up the Clearance area and clearing the counters to sell LOTS of fabric!! I helped sew some strata last night for Jan to finish cutting a project that is another one you are going to go crazy for! I'll take a picture tomorrow and put it up tomorrow night for you to see.

Now, both of these involve rulers and patterns that aren't part of the sale Thursday-Saturday. BUT, don't forget, you can bring a donation for the Food Bank and get a coupon for 30% one item (one/customer during sale). So...you could buy one of the Hunter's Star rulers (comes with the pattern) or the ruler needed for our other killer project. AND....we will be instituting a new program in the next few weeks called "Rent A Ruler". (My husband teased me about renting out royalty - kings, princesses, etc - very funny, John!) For $5/week (or $2/day) you can rent a ruler from us that you may only need once for a project. What do you think? Good idea or bad pizza?

Well, have to scoot. Need to get those coupons ready for you. Last year we gave 385 pounds of donated goods to the Food Bank - we are shooting for at least 500 pounds this year!! Have a great night.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cody is 2.....

Today was Cody's second birthday party at a pizza place in Lynnwood. All of his aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and a few more were there for the festivities. What a wonderful time we had! These are some pictures of the festivities. We ate pizza and Cody unwrapped gifts after he first very carefully opened each card! He did an amazing job considering all of the fun gifts he had to unwrap and not be able to play with right then and there! His grandparents, Rick and Babs from Spokane (Nikki's parents) got Cody his first bike helmet....and the bike to go with it! That's Rick giving Cody a spin around the pizza parlor. My sister Sandra even came from Eatonville for the afternoon. Needless to say, a good time was had by all! I didn't get a picture of them, but I made "The Three Amigos" (what I call the three cousins - Cody, Benson and Lukas) pillowcases from the Jack O Lantern glow in the dark fabric. I cannot wait for a report as to how they liked them tonight!

Back on the home front, Alicia and Harriet kept the shop running smoothly today for me. Looks like it was a busy day and they even managed to get a project ready to fuse on Monday! Also on Monday, if not tomorrow afternoon, I'll be hanging the Bonnie's Team quilts to be displayed this week. I'm working on an e-mail update that I am hoping to send tomorrow, so watch your Inbox for that!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend....sounds like we are going to have some great sewing weather tomorrow!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I know...I just posted last night, so I'll make this short and sweet. And sweet it is! This is the corduroy jumper complete with orange pin dot leggings and top that Harriet made for our littlest Fabette (her youngest granddaughter.) I told you it was stinkin' cute - I didn't lie, did I? It's made using a New Look pattern and one of our corduroys and newer knit prints. Be sure to look at it when you are in. We know her granddaughter will want to wear it soon!

We did get one more corduroy today, but the other two were back ordered - rats! This one is a kiwi green with brown dots. Pretty cute! And there were lots of basics today and then some more batiks, including a rayon batik that is just yummy. It's blue with turquoise/fuchsia dragonflies. We've been working on getting things squared away, but we've still got a ways to go!

Hope your day was good. Sorry to see the sun go away, but at least it's good weather to be inside at the sewing machine - right? Have a wonderful Friday!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Wow....we have gotten some pretty great "stuff" of late! These are just a few of the really good books and things that came in recently. (Actually, more came today, but I already had this picture ready to go!) The Hobo Quilts is a very interesting book about the secret language of "ridin' the rails". Quilts Without Corners Encore and Quilts Without Corners are two books featuring projects done with wedge rulers. Speaking of which, we had our first Spicy Spiral Runner class yesterday and there were some spectacular finished products! There's another class in November with a couple of spots left. At any rate, set yourself down on one of the stools by the counter and peruse the bookcase when you stop by - ok?

Today was just another beautiful day, wasn't it? I know it can't last, but it surely is nice. Jan and I had a good time unloading freight today and then "playing" with a few things. Tomorrow, Harriet and I will continue the fun. Sadly, my seed packet topper still hasn't found the perfect finish yet. Everything we try just kind of hums instead of singing! Oh well...something will work.

Certainly hope your week is good. I am only working 5 days this week instead of the usual six. Yesterday was our youngest grandson, Cody's 2nd birthday. so, Saturday we'll hop in the car and head to Lynnwood to have a pizza party with most of the family. FUN!! I'll try and get a cute picture for you - ok? Harriet and Alicia will be manning the store, so don't worry about not being able to get what you need. Hear it's supposed to be great sewing weather....probably not great "driving I-5 weather!" That's all for now, but I have on tomorrow's "To Do" list pictures of some of the things we've been working on. Harriet's project for our littlest honorary Fabette is stinkin' cute...stay tuned!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sew what's next.....

Well, it surely was another beautiful day today, wasn't it? I just love the clear crisp mornings and evenings and the sunny days! Sew....that's what we've been doing lately. This little project has had me going in circles. Not sure why. I had it in my head to re-create a little hanging that I did a couple of years ago with this seed packet fabric we got a week or two ago. First, I started making the "rail fence" blocks like you see here. Then, I put a few on the wall and didn't think it looked right. (Harriet was my wing man - cutting the seed packets off of the panel.....miracle I didn't drive her nuts that day!) So I reversed the order....hmmmmm....still doesn't look right, so back to the original plan. After rearranging the seed packets about 145 times, I decided to go ahead and sew them together before I tossed it all in the garbage! Okay - it's looking better to me tonight. But what's next? We had originally put a sunflower print as the border on the wall with a nice gold stopper, but then thought that looked too busy. Jan and I tried a couple of things before it was sewed together, but nothing seemed to click. I am really hoping that when I take it to the shop Monday in its current state of "togetherness" something will just fall into place! The seed packets are really well done and the colors are just warm and yummy. If you come by the shop, maybe you can put in your two cents worth!

Today was kind of quiet at Fab-Etc. Jan worked with me for a while. She had just gotten back from the Moonlight Quilt Guild retreat of which she was co-chair. She said they had a fabulous time! We played with picking out colors for something I think you are really going to like. And, she brought in a runner she had done with some more of those glorious Fall prints.

What are your plans for tomorrow? I am hoping to get a few of the pots next to the garage cleaned out and maybe go for a nice walk with John in the sunny afternoon! I brought home way more projects than I can possibly do.....in the words of my lovely and wise daughter, Lydia, "You really need to finish something, Mom!" Whatever you do, I hope it's relaxing and enjoyable.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Wasn't it just an absolutely glorious day today? I did have to be inside, but I got to go to the mailbox and the cardboard recycle at least! And Tracey and her Mom, Sandy got to have this beautiful day to set up their booth at the Lynden Antique and Craft Fair today. (I understand from a few folks that the weather isn't always this cooperative for that!) Tracey sent me a picture this afternoon of the booth. Doesn't it look great? I'm not sure if I will get a chance to visit the Fair, but it's always a lot of fun. I remember taking my Mom there the first year she moved here. She had just a wonderful time comparing some of the antiques to some of the things she had collected over the years. And the vendors have such wonderfully crafted items for sale. Hope you might get a chance to go...think they're open from 10-8 Thursday and Friday and 10-5 on Saturday. Be sure to stop and say howdy to Tracey and Sandy if you're there!

Well, Linda and I tried to tidy things up a bit today at the shop. She got more done than I did! And Mr. UPS brought us more flannel and a couple of wide backs. I worked some more on my geese projects and am pretty happy with how things are working out - although I was pretty friendly with my seam ripper there for a while. (Operator error..... it does help if you read the pattern instead of thinking you know how to do it!) And I did several notions and pattern orders that I just finished entering on line tonight. Hoped to finish quilting the border of that topper from last night and sew the binding on, but the clock is saying after 10:00 already - rats! Maybe I'll get up early tomorrow and do it before I open? Maybe.....

Tomorrow Harriet and I will move a few things around, tidy up some more and work on a few projects we have in mind. Hope your Thursday is equally enjoyable. Night all!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Geese....

Remember how I said I made extra flying geese so I could replace Tracey's topper? Well, this is as far as I could get tonight. You cannot really tell from this picture, but I started quilting it. I couldn't remember how Tracey had quilted hers, but Diane and I decided I should do kind of a tight stipple around the geese to make them "pop". Now, you have to understand that free motion quilting is not really my forte - ok? But I did manage to get the stippling done fairly well. Except I forgot one thing - the rusty red thread for the border. So....this is as far as I could go. Had hoped to sew the binding on tonight, but not to be. Thinking maybe a couple of straight rows of quilting in the narrow border to help it balance all of the tight stipple in the middle? Anyway, it's going to be a great sample and then will look super in the middle of my table after we're done with it at Fab-Etc! And I have to say the other project is coming right along. That center I showed you is surrounded by "migrating geese" and they are fun to make. The pattern designer has a very clever way to achieve the look. Take a look at it on the design wall if you're in the shop - ok?

Whew...busy day today! Lots of shoppers, a sales rep and freight. I know, you want to hear about the freight - right? Well, we got about 6 bolts of batik and 4 bolts of black/white (including music notes!) Yesterday, we got a notion shipment with books, patterns, calendars and other essential "stuff". Tomorrow, we'll try and tidy the place up so you can find things again. And who knows what else will arrive?

All right...it's definitely getting late and I am pooped. Going to go start the dishwasher and head for my pillow. Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Serendipity. That was the word for last week. Serendipity - "Good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries." Last Monday morning, Martha (who retired and now lives in Eastern Washington and works/teaches in the quilt store in Wenatchee) stopped by since she was in town. She had picked out a fabric on her last visit to go with a quilt. Monday she brought the quilt in to see if what she had chosen was "the perfect fabric" or if there might be something better. The quilt was very cool - a Hunter's Star quilt. Martha told me she had taught the class a few times in Wenatchee and it was made using a special ruler that made the job fun and easy. It used the Rapid Fire Hunter's Star Ruler from Studio 180 Design. I told her one of my notions reps was coming by that afternoon and maybe I could order it from her. She didn't think that it was "distributed" by anyone....rats.....Googling and chasing down the info when I got home seemed the answer to getting the ruler and patterns. Then it happened....yup....serendipity. Martha was right - my sales rep, Judy, couldn't get it for me through the notions company. BUT....she "just happened to be" the direct rep for Studio 180 Design and had samples and everything in the car - yippee! Long story short, we ordered the rulers and patterns Monday. Studio 180 Design called Tuesday. They arrived Priority Mail Thursday!

So, I'm guessing that you are looking at my project there and thinking that doesn't look at all like a Hunter's Star. You are so right! Deb Tucker (ruler/pattern designer) also has two flying geese rulers that do many sizes with one ruler. And this pattern is one she designed. It's called "Atlantic Flyaway". (She lives in Pennsylvania.) I'm making it using Kansas Troubles and it's been a lot of fun to play with. I hoped to get further before the blog unveiling, but you get the idea - right?

Can't wait to play with the Hunter's Star Ruler and patterns. Thinking maybe a two color quilt? Hmmm....what colors do you think?

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful day today. We went for a walk after our pot roast dinner. It was just lovely! All right - I might be able to play with my project a little more before bed? I made "extra" geese so I can re-create one of the runners from the Runners, Etc book. Tracey needed hers back to put in her booth at the Lynden Craft Fair this week. Wonder if I could fit the Craft Fair into my schedule this week? Sounds like fun!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

There's still time....

There's still time to make this great Advent Calendar before Ho, Ho, Ho month! It's made from a panel and goes together really easily. Both Harriet and Jan worked on this. But we haven't gotten any treats for the pockets yet. Know somebody that might like this at their house?

I also had to put up a picture of these beautiful dahlias. Lin popped in yesterday afternoon with these and left them for our table today at the Tea Party. Aren't they gorgeous? And did you see the "teapot" she put them in. How very clever of her. Thanks, Lin, they were a huge hit at the party!

Was today just a fabulous day or what? After we cleaned up from tea, Linda, Jan and I sat outside for a few minutes in our three chairs. What a treat. Hope you got a chance to enjoy it a little too.

What else has been going on? Well, we've all been having fun looking at a magazine we just got. It's called Scrappy Quilts, I think. What I do know for sure is that there are 22 fantastic patterns in this magazine! And this week I ordered some pretty fun patterns, books, and tools that will be arriving in the next week or so. We've been playing a little with one that the rep had an extra pattern for. Guess what? I am using Kansas Troubles fabrics for it - I know shocking ;-)

Washing machine just clicked off. Have to go....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Want to learn....

Want to learn how to use the 60 degree ruler to make these great runners or toppers from a striped fabric? Well, there's still a spot left in Jan's class this Tuesday, October 5th. Just shoot us an e-mail or give us a call and we can save a place for you! These are just a few of the fun samples she'll have to share with you.

Well, we survived the 91 Mile Yard Sale and lived to tell about it! It was lots of fun and it looked as if all of the participants were having a great time too. We've got more than a few things going on this week, so it's going to take a while to put things back in order. (Translation: the front of the store still looks like a yard sale, but that's good for you, because you can still take advantage of the bargains left on the table!)

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. Things are good here at our house. I managed to do my laundry, bookwork and pay all of my bills, so now it's just tidy, tidy, tidy time! Hoping to finally have a chance to put my sewing room back in order and get back to some of my projects. Don't know about you, but spending time sewing/creating seems to keep me on a more even keel. Have a great day!

Friday, October 1, 2010

I remembered....

I can't believe I actually remembered tonight to take a picture of one of our Yard Sale tables! But I did! And here it is. Not sure you can read any of the signs - Shop Hop Blocks for 50 cents; 1/2 yard cuts for $3.75 and lots of great other stuff. There's still LOTS of great Clearance fabric left at $3.99-$4.99/yard (minumum cut 1/8 yard). Only one thing. You may have to shop for it on the outside table tomorrow. We have our regular EQ classes scheduled (two sessions) tomorrow morning and they need the tables in the back. So, first thing in the morning, I'll have John help me haul out a table or two before he heads to work and then I'll move most of those bolts out to the table. (I figure if I don't quite get all of them out there before the students start arriving, they'll just have to help me - right?) Anyway....Day One was a lot of fun! Hope you get a chance to make it tomorrow.

Freight? We got our order of 10 degree wedge rulers for Phillips Fiber Arts, along with two of their books. The rulers are used in the "Spicy Spiral Table Runner" class that Heather Rogers will teach later this month and again next month. It's a very fun runner and there are some great projects in the books. Some would be fabulous with our new ombres.

Okay...dishes to do and bills to pay. Have a fantastic weekend!