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Monday, December 28, 2009

KT Klub is.....

KT Klub is starting up again in just a few weeks! This is a picture of just some of the glorious Kansas Troubles fabrics we have available. Remember that great display Tracey put up at the end of KT Klub last year? Well, this year, she has a wonderful sampler quilt up her sleeve (well, actually in her EQ program!) We had soooo much fun last year. Think the Tuesday night group is full, but there's still some room in the Saturday group. The Klub meets every other month, includes the patterns for the blocks (or projects), usually some "extras" and a membership card entitling you to 10% off all Kansas Troubles throughout the year. Why not join us this year?

Well, Diane and I were pretty busy today. Got some freight, tried to tidy the place up a bit, and worked on rearranging a few things. If you're interested, the "Saggy, Baggy Elephant" book came in today! There were also 10 bolts of batiks, along with a few other odds and ends. Whew...where to fit it all in! The Christmas fabric is disappearing quickly at 50%off, so if you want some, don't wait too long. And believe it or not, we're onto the next holiday and working on a Valentine's display and project!!

Okay, it's late and I am off to bed. Tomorrow all of the staff is going to get together for dinner - lots of fun, since our Emily is home from college and we can hear all about her first semester adventures; and Diane might bring some pictures of her recent trip to Italy! Should be a good time!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hostess gift....

We have a great idea for you if you need a New Year's hostess gift next week. I think I mentioned either on the blog or Twitter that we were designing this wine (or "whatever") gift bag using the upholstery samples we have. It took some tweaking, but this is the final outcome. It's super simple and quick, inexpensive and would be wonderful to bring a hostess gift to your New Year's Eve celebration. I'll be writing up the directions tomorrow and have them read for you on Monday at the shop.

Today was fairly quiet at Fab-Etc. I ended up leaving the Christmas fabrics where they were. I took out the Valentine's fabric that had been living there as the rack had gotten more devoid of Christmas prints. Then, I gathered all of the Christmas books and patterns and panels and marked the whole rack at 50% off through Saturday, January 2nd, 2010 - 2010 sounds weird, doesn't it? I tried to tidy some things up a bit, but the rest will have to get done on Monday, I guess!

Well, I brought home a project to play with and I still need to put my sewing room back in order a bit since we ended up using it for our Christmas dinner area. Of course, that meant some rearranging and a few things camouflaged under a pretty quilt! So, guess I'll head down and fool around with that for a bit. But, no laundry tonight. Have a great Sunday all!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas....

If you celebrate, I hope your Christmas was wonderful. Everybody left a little while ago, and a merry time was had by all at our house! We ate too much and laughed a lot. This is a picture of my middle grandson. One of the gifts we had for him fell through at the last minute, so at 2:00 Wednesday afternoon, Grandma cut out a Batman cape and hood to construct! (He and my oldest son, Uncle Pete, had been bonding over old Batman TV shows recently.) He had lots of fun swooping through the house to the amusement of his 1 year old cousin! I promised some of you that popped in Wednesday and Thursday to post a picture.

Okay, I am pooped, so I think I'll go sit and stare at the Christmas lights for a little while, listen to the dishwasher run and then head for bed. Tomorrow, I need to get all of the Christmas fabric off of the rack and I think I'll put it on the table in the class area and mark it 50% off! So, if you're interested, come by and see me - okay? Have a wonderful weekend! I think tomorrow is Saturday - right?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

These are always good....

These are always a good thing both to give and to receive! Fabric-Etc Christmas Gift Certificates. We've been selling lots of them this year, so lots of you will be happy!! We'll be open until 4:00 on Christmas Eve in case you need to swing by for something.

Well, this weekend I spent a lot of time in "Santa's Workshop" (aka my downstairs sewing room). I got a few things accomplished, but not as much as I had hoped. I kind of got sidetracked last night by some sewing themed fabric I brought home. Been trying not to get these ideas and then not follow through. So....I made some little valances and a "curtain" to cover an open storage area under the stairwell. John helped me hang them today and it was "a nice touch" he said. Then, it was back to the matter at hand. And since I'm not sure if any of my kiddos reads this, I won't be sharing what transpired in Santa's Workshop today!

Tomorrow will be great at Fab-Etc. Diane is back from her trip to Europe and she'll be getting reacquainted with the new fabrics that have arrived since she's been gone. She already popped in and took a look at "her batik row"!

Hope your weekend was good. Off to see if John and I can figure out this carpet cleaner I've only used once or twice....wish us luck!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Gift Idea Countdown.....

Well, the calendar says December 18th. Guess that means Christmas is just a week off, huh? I know the vast majority of you are all ready for the holidays, but if there are any of you out there in cyber-blog land like me, that haven't quite got it all together yet, we thought we'd offer a few last minute suggestions over the next few days! This is one of our old standards - pillowcases. We have a free handout on making a pillowcase from two or three fabrics, plus, we have some great fabrics to choose from! (You can't see the one on the right very well because of the glare from the flash, but it's a great "fish with personality" print.) And we have some kits already made up for you. And the other part of this idea, is that the kits themselves make wonderful gifts. Maybe you know someone who'd like a project to work on, or perhaps a beginning sewer? These make great gifts for them.

So, that's one thing Harriet and I started on today - the pillowcase kits. Perhaps Jan and I can work some more on them tomorrow. We were BUSY today!! Had a couple of other projects lined up to do, but they quickly got shoved to the back burner. UPS brought us some more of that wonderful hemmed toweling in white and natural. Hey...another quick gift idea. Sew a strip of fun fabric at one or both ends, hem both ends and voila - great gift!

Well, since I am a bit behind, I'm off to my sewing room to play with a couple of projects. Have a wonderful evening....another gift idea tomorrow - ok?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snow what....

So, it was snowing a bit at our house....at yours? In my younger skiing days, we called this stuff corn snow. At least that's what seemed to be on the ground just now when I took the garbage out. Anyway, this is a picture of what I am doing while it's snowing. We got some Thomas the Tank Engine fleece in a week or two ago and I cut out a blanket for my oldest grandson, Lukas, who LOVES Thomas and all things "train". I know my serger could finish the edges, or I could just cut it and call it good, but I am enjoying blanket stitching the edges with some pearl cotton with the snugly fleece wrapped over my legs while I think about Luke. So, let it snow!

Other than that, I managed to get to the grocery store early this morning and then put in a pot roast for dinner. John's going to go spring my Mom out of her condo that she's been holed up in since the cold weather and she'll come help us eat it.

Jan and I had a fun day yesterday at Fab-Etc. We made sure we had the block kits all ready for Month #3 of our Gracie's Garden Sampler block of the month. Weather permitting, Jan will be coming in tomorrow to have her Applique Workshop for anyone who's interested. Otherwise, we were busy helping customers and tidying. We did rearrange the Bookcase Boutique and moved the Great Gadgets of the Year display to the back class area.

Okay...a bit of de-cluttering, laundry and a possible sewing project before Mom gets here. Stay warm and safe today!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh my gosh....

OMG.....I just had no idea this would be as popular as it is. Not to say it isn't pretty darn cool, but OMG! Almost every other person through the door this week has wanted to see and buy not just one, but two, three, six of them!! So, we do have LOTS more coming next week and are taking names to hold them when they do arrive. I think more guys will have these for their tool boxes than us sewing enthusiasts. I know my husband has dibs on the "demo" model that lots of you have wanted to purchase. Anyway....our webmaster (aka my husband) will be announcing their arrival on the website www.fabric-etc.com as soon as they hit the shop!

Other than the lighted, magnetic pin picker upper frenzy, we've been really busy this week! Some gorgeous new fabrics have arrived and we're trying to find room for them. And the newest Mary E fabric arrived - Attitudes, I think it's called. Pretty fun in the traditional Mary E colors. EQ has been a popular item lately and we have some great software and books, plus we just added a third session to our classes! Gift certificates have been a popular purchase and tomorrow Jan and I will be rearranging the Bookcase Boutique for your shopping pleasure!

What do you think, will it snow? I'm going to bring home the fabric for my sons' traditional boxer shorts for their Christmas stockings to work on Sunday...just in case! Okay, off to start the dishwasher and tidy up the place before tomorrow is here. Have a great weekend!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Now, set the table...

I did get it put together! Take a look at this fun and super-quick project. It's a great placemat or center-piece made using just three diamonds and some ribbon. One of our customers showed us this last year at the holidays, and we almost forgot to share it with you this year! This really took very little time to create and looks great on a table - don't you think? One of the gals at the Tea Party last week had a fantastic idea. Why not make it look like a birthday gift? Could be a special placemat you bring out for the Birthday person each year! And we thought that if you couldn't find the right ribbon, you could use a bias tape maker and make your own ribbon to match.

Well, I was right - Saturday was a fun day! Two EQ classes and all Velina's students came away very pleased with what they had learned. Harriet came in and worked a few hours in the afternoon and we got a few things "squared away". Linda will be back tomorrow and I'm sure she'll be bringing some of her and her daughter, Sharie's things for our Bookcase Boutique. I'm going to continue to try and clean things up around here....Tidy, Tidy, Tidy is on the "To Do" list every day!

Hope you were able to stay warm today....it was sooo cold and windy here. Guess it's supposed to be downright frigid tonight and tomorrow. Good time to hunker down with a sewing project or two - right? Speaking of which, I think I'll get up from this desk and go down to my sewing room and see if I cannot cross another project off of my list. Stay warm and safe tonight!

Friday, December 4, 2009

And under those lit tress.....

And under the tree, how about a new, quick, easy great-looking tree skirt? We had this fun, bigger Christmas stripe in two colorways this year. Jan made a 60 degree runner out of one and then Harriet and I made this super-simple tree skirt. It's the same idea as the placemats that so many of you had made after the 60 degree runner class, but you just "super-size" it! You could easily do this in an evening. One of our customers thought she might skip the hole in the center and the split and make it into a table topper for the holidays!

Today was so much fun. Suz had her "Make It and Take It" portfolio class this morning and then Tracey had the final class for the Victoria Bag. Both classes had some fantastic finished projects! I had hoped to make the portfolio, but it was just too busy. Good news, though! Suz has drafted patterns for the cozies we made last week and the portfolio covers from this week. We have them for sale at the shop if you're interested.

And....we got some of the new Heather Bailey "Nicey Jane" fabric today. I LOVE the dots! There are soooo many things I want to play with. How do I squeeze some more time out of my day?

Okay, I need to finish cleaning up the kitchen, do the books and maybe sew for just a few minutes? Tomorrow will be another great day at Fab-Etc. Velina's teaching two sessions of EQ. I'm hoping to eavesdrop on some of it! More pictures of what I am working on later this weekend. Try and stay warm....I know, wrap up in some of your wonderful fabric!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Light up those trees.....

I was trying sooooo hard not to make this the three year Christmas project, but I don't know if I can pull it off or not! We started this fun Alex Anderson quilt last year. I was determined to get it done this year, and actually it is further along than this picture shows! Jan helped me get the green cord and all of the light bulbs placed. But I still haven't stitched down the cord and finished the last few black "sockets". Betsy has even said she'd work it in to be quilted for us. Somehow, life just kind of happened the last week or so and progress has ground to a halt. Maybe next week?

So, what has been happening? Tomorrow, I'll put up a picture of a great tree skirt we made using a 60 degree pattern. Quick and fun! Then, Saturday, I'll put up a picture of something we have on the design wall right now, but I might actually get it put together before the picture.

Otherwise, we've been selling fabric, cleaning up messes and trying to give the new stuff a home! We had a great Tea Party yesterday with probably about 20 or so party-goers over the 2 hour stretch. What fun! Everybody's been loving our Great Gadget this month. There's a picture on the website.

The next couple of days should be loads of fun. Tomorrow, Suz is doing the portfolio covers for Make It and Take It (I'm hoping to get to do this one!) And then Tracey has the last class for her Victoria Bag. Saturday, Velina is teaching two "Do You EQ?" classes. And we've been trying to get our Bookcase Boutique set up - there are lots of great gift ideas and some wonderful things made by the staff and family!

One or two more things to do before I hit the hay. Have a great weekend coming up! More pictures tomorrow!!