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Monday, September 28, 2009

Set the table...

Our Linda spent most of the summer in Alaska. While she was there, one of the local quilt shops had this pattern she picked up and shared with us. Isn't it great? And very quick and easy, but looks fabulous! We're having a hard time keeping the patterns in stock. We have some right now and I just ordered a dozen more. Haven't tried the napkins yet, but they look pretty neat too. Take a look at these the next time you're in.

It was a good day at Fab-Etc. Diane and I finished bagging up the next BOM. I don't have a good picture yet....that's on tomorrow's "To Do" list! It's a spring wallhanging. Just 6 months and if you start in October, by March, you'll have a great Spring-thing to hang up! Wool batting has been on backorder, but arrived today, along with the latest Country Register.

Tonight was session 2 of Diane's Beginning Quilting class. Tomorrow, Jan and I will start gathering and sorting things for the 91 Mile Yard Sale. I've got a cute apron cut out, but just cannot seem to find the time to put it together! Working on the October newsletter and be watching your e-mail for a Fab-Etc update in the next day or so. Okay....finish cleaning up and then bedtime for me. Have a great Tuesday!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bellingrath in Bellingham....

This is a picture of a fabulously dramatic quilt top! The pattern is called "Bellingrath". Evidently, Bellingrath is a garden in Mobile, AL that is picturesquely beautiful. The original pattern was appropriately done in magnolias. Diane had seen the original and wanted to do it, but could only get it as a kit. She did make it and it was stunning. Then, we discovered that the pattern was finally available. Alicia and Nan were sewing in the class area a month or so ago, and started playing with color choices for this quilt. This is what they came up with and Diane (already having made one) quickly put it together. It's a real "show stopper", isn't it? We have the pattern and we have a few kits left, if you are interested. It's made with mostly Hoffman fabrics.

This has been a great week, hasn't it? We started two new classes - Beg Quilting and Embellished Crazy Quilting. We got LOTS of new fabric - where to put it all - yikes! That 91 Mile Yard Sale cannot come soon enough! I almost have the new Block of the Month ready for Monday. And the weather - wow!

Tomorrow is cleaning, laundry, clean out a few more flower pots, turkey soup, pay a few bills, and then some fun sewing! I'm working on an applique project and an apron I have all cut out and ready to put together. I'm also working on the October newsletter and signage for the Yard Sale....plus, if I don't vacuum the sewing room floor tomorrow....well, let's put it this way - it's not pretty down there!! Hope your Sunday is fantastic!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

KT Klub display....

Last week, Tracey (our KT Klub Facilitator) put out the word that since we were at the end of our Klub year, she'd like to display some of the projects that people had been working on this year. As you can see, she has made a fabulous display behind the counter! Thanks to everybody who "shared" in this. (Remember to click on the pic and get a bigger size) If you are interested, we'll be having an informational meeting Wednesday, November 11th at 5:30 to discuss the plans for KT Klub 2010!

Things are humming along at Fab-Etc these days. We've been doing some rearranging and trying to make room for the truckloads of fabric we've been getting lately! Speaking of which, we just got the 100" flannel backing fabrics and they are very nice. I forgot to bring a piece home tonight to wash and see how much it will shrink (as flannel has a tendency to do!) I'll do that and report back - ok?

Well, the weather has been pretty phenomenal, hasn't it? I've slowly been cleaning out my flower pots and trying to get ready for the next season. Been having fun with sewing projects too. Just finally finished the quilting and binding on my Veggie project - it's up on the wall, so take a look. It was a lot of fun! And ask me about the backing fabric - ok?

Time to clean up around here, do a little applique and off to bed for a fun Fab-Etc Friday! Hope yours is too.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

And the winners are....

As lots of you know, we had a "challenge" going on at the shop. It was involving the Krakow fabric line from Mark Lipinski. I had bought the whole line, but then couldn't come up with anything great to make out of it. So, we issued the "Krakow - What Was I Thinking?" Challenge. And the winner is.....drumroll, please..... Jan Furrenes! She receives a $100 gift certificate from Fabric-Etc! Congratulations, Jan. This is a picture of her winning entry. All of the projects were wonderfully creative! Thanks to everyone who entered and voted. You can see all of the entries on the Fabric-Etc website www.fabric-etc.com

So what's been happening? LOTS of fabric seems to be happening at Fab-Etc! We've been taking down most all of the samples and I think I may just live with bare spots until I get a "feel" for what should go where!

Panel Play class was great on Saturday. If you're interested, there's another one in October. Tomorrow is Diane's first Beginning Quilting class of this series. And Tuesday night is Suz's Crazy Quilting. Should be lots of fun here this week!

We had a great day at the Stewart's! Cleaned out some pots, cooked a turkey breast that needed to leave the freezer my Mom (aka the Produce Queen) came over to help us eat it! Of course, there was a bit of laundry happening. Now, I'm ready to do a little stitching, pay a few bills and call it a night! Hope your weekend was glorious!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Safari So Good.....

"Safari So Good"....wish I could say that about my EverGreen Quilt Show booth preparations! Set up is Thursday, and I am not very ready. Somehow, Team Fab-Etc will pull it off, though! Anyway...lots of fabric has been arriving and I'm going to try and put more pics up before it's all sold! This is a very cute jungle-themed kiddo print from P&B fabrics called "Safari So Good". Aren't the colors and prints great?

Today was a good day. We were really busy all day, but Jan managed somehow to quilt our tweaked turkey and sew binding on. I brought it home to see how far I could get hand stitching it to the back. Right now, I'm writing out our "tweaks" 'cause lots of people want to know what we did to him! Think we may kit a few for the show if we have time.

John's got my turkey beak and feet ready to put on my directions, so got to run. Have a great evening!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Predidential Pardon....

"Presidential Pardon" - That's what this Sandy Gervais pattern is called using her Gobble Gobble charm pack from Moda. When we got the pattern, Jan and I said...."Looks good, but it would be cuter if we tweaked it just a bit!" And then when Harriet put it out up on the design wall, she said, "Looks okay, but it would be cuter if we tweaked it just a bit!" A few of our customers thought he was okay, but agreed that he would be cuter tweaked a bit, and they joined in the fun. (Thanks, Alicia and Nan!) So....guess what? This is a picture of the "tweaked turkey". (Bet you can't say that five times in a row fast! You'll have to take a look at the original pattern and see what we did. He's not completely done in this picture. Still needs to be quilted and his feathers permanently stitched and his eyes are just taped on for the photo shoot! Goal is to get him done for the EverGreen Quilt Show Friday and have our "tweaks" written up for anyone who might want to make him. We'll see.

Hope your Labor Day is going well. Around here, John's nursing a cold/sore throat thing and I am trying not to get it! Otherwise, I'm headed to Fab-Etc to hang the Krakow challenge pieces and tidy up a bit. Trying to finish up the loose ends before the Show.....seem to be moving at a snail's pace, though! Last load of laundry ready to fold - have a super day!