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Friday, August 28, 2009

KT Alert....

Okay, it's getting late, but if you didn't see this on my Twitter page - it's a full-blown KT Alert! The 30 bolts of the new Kansas Troubles line "Vine Creek" arrived. There are also some more Charm Packs and a few Layer Cakes. Tracey had a great time cutting fat quarters and arranging them so beautifully under the counter like you see here. The picture is a bit blurry, but take my word for it...they are beautiful!

Otherwise, we did get a cute chicken group today, a couple of batiks, some red, black and houndstooth wool, lots of basic notions (anybody need a denim patch?) and a few Moda Marbles.

Tomorrow should be a great Saturday. We played with our turkey pattern and thanks to Alicia and Nan, he is starting to look like a fun bird! Take a look on the design wall....I'm going to have to declare him ready to sew soon and just dive in and go for it! Have a wonderful weekend all.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree...

This is a picture of one of the reasons I haven't posted in a few days. Our daughter, Lydia, the Reading Specialist has become our daughter the Kindergarten teacher due to budget constraints in the North Shore School District. So....Mom and Dad offered to help out with a few things to get her classroom set up. (Plus, I'm getting an education on Kindergarten "stuff"). This is a "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree". It's evidently a story that has to do with the alphabet. She just asked for a cardboard tube that some of my fabrics come on, but we volunteered to try and build her a tree. Came out pretty well, don't you think? Now I am making 28 Kindergarten "chair packs" to put important "stuff" in. It's been a lot of fun!

It was a good week here at Fab-Etc. Jan and I got all of the blocks laid out for a block of the month program we are going to start in late September/early October. It's coming out really well, we think. It's a 6 month program, so at then end of the 6 months you will have a great Spring wall hanging to celebrate the start of the season!

KT alert - looks like the 30 or so bolts of the new Kansas Troubles fabric shipped from Moda on Friday! How exciting! Should be here by the end of the week?

Okay...I am off to make a few more chair packs for the kiddos! Hope you have a fantastic Sunday.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pie, anyone.....

How darn cute is this Moda fall panel from Sandy Gervais? Look at the expression on that bird! We got the panel this week with four or five coordinates and charm packs. Hope to create something in the next week or so.

Well, tomorrow is the last work day for our Emily before she heads of to college in Iowa next week. All of us just keep saying how much we are going to miss her. If you're in the neighborhood tomorrow from 10:30-4:00, stop in and say good-bye. I know, she'll be back for Christmas and summer....but it just won't be the same around here!!

Well, we're going to make her work hard on her last day before college....we're rearranging fabric tomorrow and Linda and Harriet are going to come in to help. Hope my plan works. Tracey won't be able to find a thing when she gets to work again! Except, we are moving her beloved KT's back to the wall where the black and whites are/were. Speaking of KT's, you may have seen my Tweet - they won't be in until the very end of August or beginning of September - rats! Been working on an applique project or two. We'll be starting a new BOM in late September or early October and we're trying to finish the sample. plus we have some other fun stuff planned, so stay tuned.

Well, got to go and finish the laundry. Have a wonderful evening!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tea Party/Happy B'day, Jan....

Today was the first Wednesday of the month, so of course, we had a Tea Party! And not only was it Tea Party day, but tomorrow is Jan's birthday. Naturally, we all took that as a great reason to buy something chocolate and decadent and celebrate even more. Here's a picture of her in all of her loveliness today! We had such a good time. If you've never come to a Tea Party, you should join us some time.

After tea, we cleaned up and then Izzie, Emily, Jan and I set up for the very exciting Sizzling Summer Sale set to start tomorrow. It should be a fun day here. And we are even open until 8:00...Tracey and I are working the "graveyard shift", so stop in and see us! (It's actually a great time to shop...most of the fabric has worked its way back into the racks!)

Well, I printed some newsletters, class schedules (we added some classes this week) and of course, am finishing up on some laundry since I'll be working late tomorrow night! Then it's off to bed to dream of a fabulous day playing with fabric and visiting with all of our wonderful customers tomorrow. Hope to see you in the next few days at the sale!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Aren't you glad it's a wee bit cooler the last couple of days? WOW - that was brutal this week! We had a few folks come and join us in the air conditioned class area to cool down a bit. Remember, that's always available to you when nothing is going on back there. Hopefully, we won't have another one of those heat waves, but if we do, please feel free to come and "play" with us!

This is a picture of the class sample for "Applique the Tracey Way". That's what I like to call this method that Tracey has fine-tuned and made her own! Her class is scheduled for Friday, August 21st and there are still some openings left. You can learn the technique and have a fun Fall hanging to show for it!

Well, this should be a great week. Most of you have probably gotten your postcards about our annual Sizzling Summer Sale. Put down those car keys - it doesn't start until Thursday!! The sale is Thursday through Saturday. Lots of markdowns, plus 25% off all fabric. And...we are open until 8:00 on Thursday, too. So, I guess you know what we'll be doing at the beginning of the week...getting ready for the sale and having a fun Tea Party on Wednesday.

Hope your weekend was good. We took my mom out for Chinese food today and messed around the house doing chores, etc. Have a great evening and hope we see you this week!