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Monday, June 15, 2009

Me and Mary E....

You know what they say...a picture is worth a thousand words! Well, I tore the page off of the Mary E calendar NoraJean gave me for Christmas to this face. If she'd had gray hair, it would almost have been like looking in a mirror! Okay, I guess it's not that bad, but I am having a bit of Shop Hop stress. I know it will all get done, and if it doesn't ALL get done, that's okay too. But every now and then that little bit of terror runs through my veins. So, thanks, Mary E for making me laugh at myself a bit today, and not take it all soooo seriously!

That being said, it really was a good day today. We got lots done and Harriet gave me my promised birthday gift from a couple of months ago and came in and cleaned and straightened my messy back room! She is a saint!! Now we have a spot to put our Shop Hop pre-orders as we bag them up this week. And we'll actually be able to find them! I'm on the binding stage of a couple of projects - I'll show some pictures this week!

Hope your weekend was good. Our daughter, Lydia, and her two boys came up Sunday and we had a good time. Went for a walk, found giant pine cones, saw some chickens in the neighborhood and had a nice dinner in the back yard with four generations present!

Okay, laundry going and I have an early wake-up call - dentist appointment at 7:00 a.m. More fun stuff later in the week!

Friday, June 12, 2009

AQ picture...

Hmmm...this picture doesn't show the AQ (After Quilting) very well. Anyway, this is "Emily's Easy Tabletopper". She made one for her mom using this pattern she created. The original was a bit (okay, quite a bit) more "subdued" than this. She and I thought that some of our fun "Amy Butler-type" looks would work for a very fun toppper on someones kitchen table! So we had a great time picking some fabrics and Emily made it before she got swamped with her finals. (We are soooo proud of her - a week from today she will graduate with her high school diploma and an AA degree from Whatcom!) Anyway, I gave it to Betsy from Nautilus to quilt and she did some VERY fun stuff with it - you 'll have to stop in and see up close and personal. And...you may notice that I am using the Great Gadget - Binding Clips - to hold my binding in place while I sew it down. See...I really do use them! FYI, I am finishing up the free handout on how to make this topper if you are interested. We may "kit it" for Shop Hop, and are hoping to maybe get another top together before the Hop.

Our "freight intensive" week continues. I was so happy to see our friendly UPS driver emerge from the truck carrying only my extra Shop Hop posters today!! We've been busy "squishing fabric" this week to make room. I have a plan tomorrow to give more of it a home.

The "Krakow - What Was I Thinking?" Challenge has been pretty popular! Lots of you have picked up fat quarters and entry forms. Can't wait to see what you come up with! We wanted to give our customers first crack (no pun intended) at it before we let the Shop Hoppers loose. Shop Hop...we're getting closer to having our 2,000 kits done - Hooray!!

Well, more AQ pictures to come! Dani Fisk brought back a couple of quilts this week too. You saw the French Farmhouse BQ, but it is gorgeous AQ! And she did a batik quilt Diane made and we're kitting for Hop. Plus she's finishing the most fun cat foursome Diane made. You cat lovers will like this one. And Nikki is working on my Counterpoint quilt made form that soft aqua/blue/white group next to the counter (the one Tracey calls "spa-like"). Betsy also brought back Jan's triple Irish chain done with wool batting - wow....gorgeous quilting and the batting is so light, with a very nice loft. So, lots of AQ to see at Fab-Etc lately!

Okay, getting late. No laundry, watered the pots already, so time to sit and sew a bit more binding on Emily's topper. Have a glorious weekend all!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun and Deadlines....

I have become "deadline driven" of late! Had to get the BOM blocks done by the 23rd of May. Shop Hop "stuff" had to be ready. Then, we started tackling a few projects that we wanted to be ready for Hop, so to make me even more driven, I made deadlines for them to be given to various of our professional longarm quilters! That's what this first picture is about. I bought the line of French Farmhouse from Andover with this quilt that I saw in the book in mind! Well, the fabric came, but minus three pieces - arrrgh! So, last week I found out that the missing pieces were coming out of New York, so I figured it was safe to start the quilt! Cut out last Sunday and finished the top today - because I told Dani Fisk that I would have it ready tomorrow....still have to cut the batting and put two pieces together for the back, but that will be a piece of cake - right? There have been a few others like that previously, but I neglected to get pictures BQ (Before Quilting!) So, I'll try and show them AQ. We're shooting for a new look around here soon.

Another "deadline" of sorts was our middle grandson, Benson's 6th birthday party last Saturday at Jump Planet in Bothell. Wow - what fun!! 20 or so 2 to 6 year olds bouncing on large inflatable "stuff". Our daughter, Lydia, had this great idea. She had each person come up and get their picture taken with Benson when he opened their gift and then she enclosed it with the Thank You's. You might be able to tell from the look on his face that ours was at the bottom of the stack! My job was to take that paper plate and write down the gift and giver. We got to see all of our kids/grandkids in one afternoon - what a special day!

Hope your weekend was wonderful. My mom came over for a pot roast dinner and we had a great visit. And I've traded laundry all the time for watering my pots in the evening! Well, I did do some laundry too this weekend. Hope your week is good....me? I'm off and running to make the next deadline!