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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shop Hop Block 2009

Been promising to put a picture of our Shop Hop block for this year up...here it is! I don't think you can tell from this picture, but it's a seed packet, complete with a 3-D flap, button and floss tie! We are pretty happy with the way it turned out. We sent the 2 blocks in a couple of weeks ago to be put in THE QUILT - the one they use in the poster. We need to make one for the shop....soon! Now we are down to the fun part of figuring out a cutting scheme, writing patterns and cutting 2,000+ block kits by June 24th! Wow - that sounds kind of daunting when I put it that way.

What else has been happening? Well, Diane started her Beginning Quilting Class last week with some pretty excited new quilters. Jan taught her very popular Beginning Needleturn class last week - they all finished their project! WOW! And this week, we will spend Monday and Tuesday getting ready for our Annual Spring Cleaning Sale. It's Wednesday through Saturday - 25% off all fabric, lots of other markdowns and more 5 yds @ $19.95 backs, to name just a few things.

Today, John and I went to Cody's baby dedication at a church in Shoreline. He's such a little charmer! Then, we met our oldest son, Pete for a bite of lunch and got to hear about his recent business/pleasure trip to Germany, Italy and Spain - he loved it! And wasn't the weather gorgeous? The drive was great down early this morning, but lots of traffic in Everett and then LOTS of traffic by the tulip fields in LaConner/Mt. Vernon on the way home this afternoon.

Well, trying to get the May newsletter and May/June calendars ready, got my 1st quarter taxes done and mailed (hooray!) and working on an e-mail to the Fab-Etc list. Hope you had a very pleasant Sunday at your house. More later from mine!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday....

A typical western Washington Easter, isn't it? Rainy. cold and windy! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. We got to see most of the family earlier in the week, so we're just taking it easy today. Well, sort of. I have a Shop Hop block deadline and a design disaster going! I thought I had the block all figured out, so yesterday I was at the shop and tried to put the block together using some "it kind of looks like this" fabrics. (We only get so much of THE FABRIC to play with, so it's a good idea to try it in something else, before you start cutting THE FABRIC for the two required blocks.) To make a very long story short, the block didn't look good at all! So....literally, back to the drawing board. Last night I came up with a version of the original that I think is going to work. Tried it just a few minutes ago, and it might need a little more tweaking, but I think it's going to fly! Hooray!! The two blocks have to be in the mail by Wednesday, so, if not tonight, tomorrow will be the day to get them done and gone.

This is a picture of the apron and recipe card fabric I think I mentioned last week. Isn't it just great? We are thinking of doing "an apron thing" in honor of Mothers Day next month. I've got a Kwik Sew pattern cut out and ready to go, Jan has another one in the works, and we'll be looking to do some more in the next couple of weeks. Should be fun.

Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful! Off to "play" some more.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bunny eyes....

Well....this is the bunny I've been working on! Isn't he cute? At least, I think it's a he. I thought I would get it done today, but a few other things happened. First of all, I forgot the pink thread to use on my bobbin. And then, I cannot decide which eyes to put on him. That is why I have the three pictures. And don't ask me why bunny #3 is laying down on the job...I cannot get the picture to upload like I

saved it. I'm sure it's operator error somehow. And then, of course, the sun has been shining today, so I went out and played in the dirt with my pots next to the garage. I planted a few seeds and put a couple of plants in pots that needed transplanting. It was glorious out there. Hope you got a chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine a bit.
Okay....I'm planning on dinner, then over to the shop to get pink thread and after that wrasckly wrabbit is quilted, I'll have to make the eye decision. Let me know if you have a preference - click on the pic to see it bigger. Tomorrow, we go to see the kids and grandkids....fun! John's outside washing the old Mustang!! More pictures and reports then, plus bunny eyes!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring, maybe.....

I took most of the day off from the shop today. One of the things I asked Harriet and Emily to do was to cut some fat quarters of the Spring/Easter fabrics. They gussied up the display and cut lots of pretty spring-y fabrics. Doesn't it look great? And then, wow...the weather even cooperated and it almost felt like spring outside! Made me want to go and play with my sad looking pots next to the garage. Maybe on Sunday? Heard the weather was to be wonderful for the next few days. We are going to the Lynnwood area on Monday and Tuesday to see most of our kids and grandkids....I can't wait! We may have to bundle up and put the top down on the old Mustang "just because"!

It was busy today! Things were hopping before and after I got there. And speaking of hopping...I got the borders on my wraskly wrabbit and tonight I think I'll embroider his whiskers. The pattern gives directions for doing it by machine, but I thought I might try it by hand first? I'll let you know and hopefully have a picture for this weekend!

Looks like we got a few new Kansas Troubles fabrics today - the backorders from the first order! I already e-mailed Tracey, so it's safe to let the rest of you know! :-) Earlier in the week we got a great apron print, recipe cards, new veggies and a chicken print!

Well, I'm off to find embroidery floss for whiskers....not sure if black will be too harsh...maybe a dark, dark brown? Look for the color in this weekend's picture. Have a glorious weekend all!