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Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Loose Change"...

No, I'm not asking for any loose change you might have on hand! This is a picture of a Christmas runner Team Fab-Etc has almost finished. It's from the book "Loose Change" which uses mostly "nickels" (5" squares) and "dimes" (10" squares). Now, before you run into the shop for the book, Jan and Harriet must have been raving about it while I was away Tuesday, because I can't find any and assume they sold all of them! But not to fear, we have more speeding our way from Martingale. There are quite a few other projects in the book that I think you might like. Anyway, today I got the borders on and now I am hoping to layer it up and quilt it!

So, you say, Carol was away on Tuesday? Yup, Grandpa John and Grandma Carol went to Kenmore to pick up our grandson, Benson from kindergarten and spend the night with him while his mom (our daughter) and brother, Lukas were having a test done overnight. We had a lot of fun with 5 1/2 year old Mr. B!

Our Gift Boutique has gone really well. It's going to be up for a few more days...need to take it down for our first Wednesday of the month Tea Party. You should come - it's lots of fun. Anyway, we may leave a few things out after that, but not set up quite in the same way.

This week, we got some new 30's prints, a few more batiks (we overfloweth again!), armed forces fabric, and some "fill in" stuff! We're getting ready to help you with those last minute things and will be putting out some of our usual "Fabric-Etc Quick and Easy Gift Ideas"!

Hope your Thanksgiving was good....ours was, but I ate too much and stayed in the kitchen too long. So Christmas will be simpler with more family time! Okay, off to layer and quilt, plus laundry, of course...have a wonderful Sunday!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday @ Fab-Etc

This has been just a great week @ Fabric-Etc. (Hey, Jan and I have been telling people this week that the "c" in etc stands for cute! Guess it's because we've been playing with lots of "cute" projects....wait until you see her "Postcard Cuties for Winter" by Bunny Hill - darling snowmen!)

Last night we had our first meeting of the evening session of the new KT Klub led by our "facilitator" Tracey...she did a fantastic job of "facilitating" a lot of fun! It's going to be hard to wait two months to have another KT sewing bee. Think there might be one spot open for the Saturday group, if anyone is interested.

Earlier in the week Diane (who is headed to Europe on Saturday - lucky duck!) brought in another of her creations using a Bigfork Cotton Co. pattern. Aren't these horses amazing? She has such a talent for making the fabric work for her to "paint" a picture, doesn't she?

We got some notions this week....no more holes in the thread rack! Filled in some zippers, got some new books, flannel, Australian fabric and who knows what Mr. UPS will bring tomorrow?

Okay...need to sew a binding and maybe make some 1/2 square triangles tonight. Tomorrow we have a great list of fun sewing, cleaning, BOM kits to package. Can't wait for another fun day at the office!! Have a great evening.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hey - sorry I haven't posted in a while. Last post was just before our annual Fall Fabric Frenzy Sale - it was good. But, you know, I just haven't been able to shake this sinus congestion/infection/dizzy thing. So, another call to the doc who put me on some stronger antibiotics this time. We're hoping this does it once and for all! I've heard from many of you that this nasty kind of a bug is "going around". Enough, already - right?

But, life at Fab-Etc keeps rolling along! We're still playing with some projects. This is a picture of an Advent Calendar Harriet's been working on. You would still have time to put one together to use this year. We thought we'd put some sewing "goodies" in the pockets of ours! I'm making some more piano key borders today for our Holiday Lights project. And depending on my courage, I'll be trying to quilt the Country Angel today so we can bind her up and finish her off! (Have a different machine these days and not too confident on my quilting yet....well, I was never super-confident!) Next week we'll be going through the depths of "the back room" to find the samples we are going to sell at our Fabric-Etc Staff and Family Gift Bazaar that starts on the 24th....check us out for some great ready-made gift ideas!

On Friday, I went to the AQMS (After Market Quilt Show) in Tukwila - a group of fabric reps rent a spot and show those of us who didn't go to Quilt Market in Houston the newest fabrics. It was a long day....lots of great fabrics to see...best part was I got to stop on the way home and see ALL of my kids and grandkids in one visit!!

Here on the home front, it's going to be a clean-up kind of a day. And then some fun with fabric. Think we're taking my mom out to dinner, so that should be fun. Hope you have a fantastic Sunday!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Country Angel...

As promised, here's a picture of our "Country Angel. Except, I forgot to take a new one this afternoon, so imagine her having eyes, buttons and a nice inner border in red tones - ok? This is a fun pattern from The Wooden Bear, who does the Turkey, Santa and Scarecrow that we have "hanging around" the store! She just needs that inner border stitched down, some quilting, binding, blush and her buttons sewn on. We think ours looks a bit better than the one on the pattern....you look and see! Of course, she's done in Kansas Troubles fabric, so how could it go wrong??

Well, today was productive. Jan helped fix that inner border on the angel. Izzie folded newsletters and helped set a mean table for our Tea Party tomorrow! I met with a fabric rep and bought a little fabric...wouldn't want to run out. We selected a fabric for the green electrical cord on our Holiday Lights hanging and got a brand new magazine - Stitches (I think) from the Quilting Arts people. Looks like a good one!

Tomorrow is Tea Party and "get everything set up for the sale" day. Tonight, we watched the election results and I am finishing sending the Fab-Etc e-mail about the sale. I brought home a bunch of stuff to do, but I'm pretty tired....can't seem to get used to the Fall back thing this year. Been waking up at 4:30 instead of 5:30 and not able to drift back to sleep. Probably all those fun fabric projects dancing in my head!

Ok...a few more e-mails to send. Have a great evening all!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Only God can make a tree....

but I am having lots of fun making some fabric ones! This is one of the "Team Fab-Etc" projects we are working on right now. It's a great Christmas quilt by Alex Anderson. You can make it in a few sizes...we're doing the wallhanging size - which is still plenty big. As you can probably see, the background of our scrappy trees is black and white! So, needless to say, when I saw this, I just knew we had to do it. Jan and Diane helped cut for the trees and Diane made the fun red/green 1/2 square triangles for the borders and I've been playing today with "piano keys" for the outside edge. It gets a neat green cord with lots of colored light bulbs and even a plug! Be sure to watch its progress on the design wall when you come in.

We are getting ready for our Fall Fabric Frenzy Sale Thursday-Saturday with bonus shopping hours until 8 pm on Thursday and the sale continues Monday the 10th (think some of you may have that day off). But first we will have tea - Wednesday is our Tea Party day. I even have a hand project to bring and work on, if I remember!

Hey...no new fabric today. That doesn't happen very often. Wonder what tomorrow will bring? Speaking of which, don't forget to vote, if you haven't done it yet. John and I turned our ballots in this morning. They have folks out there that make it really easy to just do a "drive by" vote. You even get an "I Voted" sticker!

More to do still tonight, but wanted to share the trees with you. Tomorrow, our "Country Angel". Have a wonderful evening!