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Sunday, October 26, 2008


I promised a picture of the great new pincushions we are carrying. This isn't a very good one...maybe my dizziness is affecting the focus of my pics?!? Anyway, these are a few of the ones we picked up last week - aren't they great? You still need to see them in person to appreciate how fun they are. Would make a wonderful gift! I got one as a gift and have it by my chair at home...I love it!

Plus....the charter members of the KT Klub will receive one of these pincushions (in Kansas Trouble fabric, of course) as a part of their membership package. Here's the scoop on the Klub. They will meet every other month. One group is meeting on the 3rd Wednesday evening of the month beginning in November (this group is already full). The other group will meet the 2nd Saturday morning of the month beginning in January. They will be bringing machines and having a "sewing bee" working on a small project that Tracey will pick. Cost of the year's membership is $40. Members receive a KT Klub membership card which provides them with 10% off all KT fabric (not to be combined with other sales, etc), the 6 patterns that will be done throughout the year and other "goodies" as they become available. There are still a few spots left in the Saturday group.

Our Saturday at Fab-Etc was a lot of fun! In the morning, Tracey walked some of the BOM participants through the next four blocks, and then Betsy Sauther taught a machine quilting class in the afternoon. I sat in for some of it....I need more practice!! We have a few Fab-Etc team projects going at the moment that are very fun - a Christmas quilt on the design wall, 3 small ornament hangings, an advent calendar and some other things in the works. Hope you can stop by and take a look. Oh...don't forget that the Bonnie's Team quilts stay up until Friday and if your fabric has pink in it, it's 20% off until Friday the 31st!

Sunday here is wading through paperwork and household clutter, a trip to the post office to mail the BOM envelopes and a pot roast in the oven - yum! Might go outside to clean up a bit, but those antibiotics are taking their time working - remember, she said 10 days!! Better work 'cause we have plans to see Cody next Sunday! Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mr. Cody....

Our newest grandson, Cody, arrived in Kirkland Sunday morning! This is his picture. I told him that I was going to "blog" him, and as you see it was another "sweatshirt adventure" for me. He was too comfortable on the inside, though, so my daughter in-law had to have a C-section. Mom and Dad and baby are all doing fine. Isn't he just beautiful? He was 7 Lb 11 oz (same as his mom weighed at birth!) and 21 1/4" long. So, Cody joins his cousins Lukas and Benson to make 3 grandsons for us! We are blessed to have all of them in the family.

So, what's happening at Fab-Etc? Got some new coffee fabric and some new fruits for the "food section" this week. I am making trees for our Christmas quilt project and Diane is just the best - she made a gazillion little red/green half square triangles for the inner border. It's on the design wall in the back, so take a look. Got a few new interesting books. Got the larger Gypsy Gripper and expecting the small ones today, I hope! Also got the teapot jigsaw puzzle in again! Some of the folks interested in the KT Klub met last night with our "facilitator" Tracey. I'll synthesize the consensus today and post it in the next day or so. It sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun. We picked up the most wonderful little pincushions to sell in the shop. I have one at home by my chair and just love it! I'll put up a picture next time.

Okay...I need to get to work and open the doors so we can play with fabric again today! (And for all who have been asking - I went back to doc yesterday because I'm still a dizzy dame with a stuffed up head. She prescribed some antibiotics and other stuff and pronounced that I would feel better in 10 days. I'm holding her to it! But then what will be my excuse for all the ditzy things I do?!?) Have a fabulous day!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family Tree....

Benartex has this great "Family Tree" panel. Diane put this together for me - the Fabric-Etc Family Tree! Isn't it great? You can click on this picture and even see all of our names! It comes with the tree and the little name tags that you can print or embroider the names on. I have a new machine, and she managed to get our names done on the tags for me. (I am still on the learning curve as far as knowing how to do the alphabet!) And then Diane added the "frame", complete with mitered corners! I have always told everyone that the reason we have such a fantastic staff, is because I have to be very careful to only hire the best people because I could never fire anyone. So I have been teasing all of them and saying if they come in one day and their name isn't on the family tree any more, they might want to look for work elsewhere....as if that would ever happen! Anyway, isn't it fun? Why not make one for your family?

It was a fun week here. We started a Christmas quilt project and got some great fabrics, including some of the new Mary Engelbreit fabrics. I'm looking forward to going over to the store and hanging the nearly 30 Bonnie's Team quilts tomorrow...it's always so humbling to see all of your hard work and support. Emily and I tried to get everything ready this afternoon....I didn't want my husband up on a ladder waiting for me to decide what goes where and having him move them 6 times before I got it right...guys don't always appreciate that!
We are also on "baby watch" at our house - our son and his wife are having their first child, Cody, any day now down in the Bothell area. Pretty exciting! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

You're taking the class....

That's what everyone was saying to me on Tuesday! Jan manned the counter so I could take Mary Ann's "Gucci Bag" class. It was great fun! Here are pictures of my bag and pictures of Orleta's bag made with Asian fabrics - it was gorgeous!! Mary Ann says she'll teach it again, probably after the first of the year, since she'll be gone for a while this Fall. Several people have already voiced an interest, so let us know if you want to be added to the "call me" list. BTW, look at the fabric in my bag closely, then check out our new ironing board cover! (Hint, we love leftovers here at Fab-Etc.)

What else is new? We got two bolts of "The Fruit Ladies"! Lots of folks have asked if we were carrying this fabric, and I had to confess my stupidity. When my sales rep showed me this fabric, I said how cute it was, but I didn't think I could sell a whole bolt of it - WRONG! Oh well, isn't the first time, and won't be the last. You'll have to come and see the fabric - it really is pretty fun. The newest Asian Fabric magazine came and there are a few Quiltmania magazines left.

We spent the day working on projects that we haven't been able to get to. Moved a few things around, cleaned some things up and started cutting for a Christmas project. Looking forward to hanging the Bonnie's Team quilts on Sunday afternoon (unless our new grandson, Cody, has arrived by then and then we will have to take a road trip to Kenmore before we hang the quilts!). We got some fantastic quilts again this year - you guys are the best!

Have a great evening....it's looking stormy and that always makes for great sewing weather!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Trick or Treat Bags....

As promised, here are pictures of both sides of the Trick or Treat Bags. They are fun, aren't they? And not so big that your little ones will get too much sugar!?! They go together very quickly. Wished I would have embellished a bit more, but like I said yesterday, this project had ended up in the box of unfinished stuff and I was so excited to be able to actually get something done, that I skipped the embellishing phase - oh well.

It was a fun Monday! I got to meet with my fabric rep, Jane. She sells fabric for Timeless Treasures, Free Spirit, Northcott, Clothworks and In the Beginning - whew! After she's done setting out all of the new "stuff" it's a veritable fabric mountain. Later in the day, I ate a Dove chocolate...one of the one with sayings inside. Believe it or not, it actually said, "Break a bad habit today"!! I said - too late, I already bought fabric! Found some great stuff, so stay tuned as it actually trickles in until next June - even Christmas 2009 - believe it or not.

The other fun thing we did today (among others) was to replace the ironing board cover. I know, doesn't sound like all that much fun, but the old one was a bit , shall we say, gross! So, we picked out a fun 54" home dec print and whipped out a new one. Then....we made a Teflon and flannel pad to tie on the top to keep it looking nice! You'll have to stop and look at our new creation. I know....how about a picture this week? Okay.

Getting late. I got my payroll tax deposit ready for tomorrow and paid a bill or two. Hoped to play with some fabric, but maybe not? I kind of thought if I had the pieces cut out (from the leftovers of the ironing board cover!), I might be able to sneak back and take Mary Ann's "Gucci Bag" class tomorrow. I might still be able to pull it off. See you soon!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

October 12th - Columbus Day....

Today is Columbus Day. Being "classically vintage" I remember when October 12th was celebrated as Columbus Day - the day Christopher Columbus discovered America. I was telling someone the other day what I remember most about Columbus Day as a kid growing up in Tacoma - the "Columbus Day Storm". It was a huge windstorm on a Friday night in 1962. My sister and I were in junior high and my folks were in a co-ed bowling league that played on Friday evenings. So Sandra and I were "home alone". What I remember most, was doing the stupidest thing imaginable (looking through mom eyes now). We went outside and stood in those 60+ mph winds! Pretty dumb!!

Anyway, today is a gorgeous day in Whatcom county, isn't it? I should really go out and fiddle with some of my pots that need cleaning. But I am looking forward to playing a bit with fabric today sometime too....woke up a bit on the dizzy side again, so we'll see.

This was the latest thing we finished at the shop. Started it B.D. (before dizzies) and Jan helped me finish it this week. It's a fun panel from Clothworks that we added a couple of borders and binding to and we have something fun for the season! It's quick and easy, so you still have time to make it and hang before the 31st! Tomorrow, a picture of a quick and easy Trick or Treat bag - ok?

Okay, better get to the paperwork, laundry and "other" stuff. Have a great Columbus Day all!!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Today was a Monday! Things were good, however, you could tell it was Monday. But we did get some fabric...and that was a good thing on a Monday. We got 10 bolts of Hoffman batiks and a bolt of monkeys! (Is that anything like a barrel of monkeys - I guess not, but it's still a fun fabric.) I did manage to finish the Halloween Trick or Treat bag from a panel that Emily got started for me before the "dizzies" hit. And Diane was helping us put together the Benartex Family Tree panel - we're making the Fab-Etc family tree!! How fun...

Here's a picture from the next class we have scheduled - Amy Butler's "Birdie Sling". Velina's going to teach it and she's trying something new. She's offering two sessions. As many of you know, she's an expert at embellishing and embroidery. As you can see from the picture, she did some beautiful embellishing on this bag. So....she's offering a class just on "making" your fabric for the bag. Don't think you need to have a fancy embroidery machine to take the class - you can use the regular stitches on your machine, do some free motion quilting, add an applique, quilt a grid...it's wide open. Then a week later, she's offering the construction phase of the class. You can take one or both of the classes. Come and have some fun and learn a lot from an excellent teacher - you won't be sorry!

Okay, it's getting late and I am still sending out the Fab-Etc e-mail update. Good night all!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Classes, etc....

You could probably guess that since I haven't posted since my "Dizzy" post, that I'm still spinning and wobbly! It's getting better, but ever so slowly...hurry up already - I have "stuff" I want to do!

It occurred to me yesterday during the laughter of the Toothbrush Rug class that I need to find a better way for folks to "see" what our classes are all about. I know it can be difficult for you to get in to the store sometimes, so I need to find a way to show you what we're doing. I'm going to attempt in the next few days to put up pictures of the class samples we have in chronological order - ok? Remember, you can "click" on the picture and get it larger!

First up is a very cool bag class that Mary Ann Womac will be teaching next week -Tuesday, October 14th. Here are a couple of pictures of the bag done in two of our fabrics. This bag has a great handle/strap in that you can carry it as a purse, or pull the handle up and wear it as a shoulder bag. The beauty of wearing it as a shoulder bag is that due to the construction of the bag, no one can open it while you're carrying it this way - pretty cool, huh? Plus, there are loads of great pockets for your "stuff". Many have asked, as I did, but sorry, there is no commercial pattern for this bag. Mary Ann will be bringing the handles and bag base the day of the class. There's still some room, if you're interested!

Well, I have still lots of catching up to do - where does all of the paperwork come from?!? And of course, there's always the laundry! I did bring home some sewing projects that I would like to be able to see straight enough to do while the clothes are washing - we'll see!

Next up on the class schedule - "Birdie Sling" with a twist! Enjoy your Sunday all!